Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You have got to check this out.
Just link throught the title. I heard it mentioned on Electric Sheep.....
Kept me laughing... OMG, the Easter Bunny! LMAO

Incidentaly, yes I am knitting geek stuff, and it is almost done. I will post soon.
Hope you are all having a great winter, and have a Merry Christmas!
Go to the link and get some laughs!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wave your Geek FLag!

I have always considered myself a geek. Nothing wrong with it.

I don't speak Klingon, never been to a Con... or dressed as my favorite anime character.
I have seen every incarnation of Star Trek, love Star Wars (the ones made in the 70's) and can totally tell you what is wrong with the storyline in the x-men movies. Actually.......... don't get me started on that one.

Podcasts have become part of the little geekhood that I carry around everyday with me. I mostly listen to knitting, craft or literature casts, but Brass Needles bridges the gap in craft and si-fi for me... LOL
Lately it's alot of talk about Star Trek DS9...... but it's intresting.

Episode 34 mentioned a podcast that I had to go check out. Wil Wheatons' Memories of the Futurecast 

So go give it a listen if you, like I, remember Wesley Crusher fondly. This is a podcast with excerpts from his book Memories of the future... check out his synopsis, it's much more direct than I could be here.

I really like this podcast, but I have to say that finding Radio Free Burrito was the best score. Check that out too......

Next post.... the geeky knitting I can't wait to show off! I have to get farther into the project so you can see the true glorious geek of it, but I promise pics! See you soon...... go geek out!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Intresting things afoot and a confession.

This Challenge thing I talked about... may not work out this month.
Seriously..... December? What was I thinking? If I had been gift knitting since July.... sure. Now? Nope.
Silly me.
That is my confession. Not suprising I know.

Anyhow.... knitting.

I won a contest. Knitpicks has a podcast... and they have a question at the end of the new episodes. I won.... two skeins of Stroll handpainted. The blue is Lullaby and the purple/green is Make Believe. I asked for these colours because I love them... really not a suprise.. I have alot of those colours.

I have been knitting alot of gifts... pictures of those later in the month of course.

Also I went to the fantastic Dressew!! Yarn on for 1.99.... seriously.... Regia sock yarn.


And tons of other goodies.

You should totally go. It was amazing.
Hope you are all well, just wanted to pop in a update. Prehaps I will have a challenge that is sane for myself in the new year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knit on!

Fantastic week... very rainy but knitting has happened. That is a good thing!
My knitting is moving forward, and I keep adding to my pile. Startisis? I am not sure.... I am not just adding random things. I am knitting small gifts and finishing projects that I have had sitting as I mentiond in my last post. I plan on having more progress on my projects this week too. I am looking forward to completing gifts for family and friends, so much that I keep casting on these gifts.  Here is a neck cowl, only missing the buttons.

So I don't seem to have other images of the projects on the go. I think I shared them all last post. I will tke more for the next update.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A good fall weekend

Hello... I just keep wondering how it got to be the middle of November! So much to do and only so many hours to do it in. I am very certian that I am not alone in this! LOL

I have been considering a few things lately and I think that I will be giving myself a personal challenge this December. I have been pretty slothly on the 100 Ball challenge so you you may wonder why I would consider a new challenge. Not that I haven't been knitting for that challenge. I never seem to record it. I try to wait until a project is finished before I actually add it to my tally and several big projects like my
CPH sweater and a baby blanket are progressing a bit slowly, so I have a really low count so far. It is a bit discouraging. I think that I will take this challenge on again in 2010, but with a modification on my record keeping. Stickers or something in my daytimer I think... not really sure yet. Any way the challenge I am going to set for myself this December includes all aspects of my crafting. I have to say that I kinda keep thinking about Toni's method of working through a project that she has on the go until her WIP's are gone. She bagged them, and pulls a new one out each month. Congrats Toni on being 4 project away from your goal!!

So I took my own steps..

Say hello to my WIP's bin. All kinds of things from knitting to embroidery. Looks pretty packed huh.. but it isn't really. Some things are a bit bulky, like the extra dog bed I am making. My December goals will include working through this bin. Now... I am not excluding working on new projects in December, and gift knitting will be happening as well. I just don't want them hiding in my wardrobe, or some corner of my room.. until I totally forget that I ever started them. I want to work on them. I spend my money on crafting supplies, and sometimes I never get around to the project. I want to make sure that I am making use of, and creating the thing that I have been inspire to, not to wast money on a project I will never get around to. So working through my stash of WIP's is going to help with that. I do want them done by the end of december... and if I start now, maybe that will happen.

Some knitting I am currently working on is the Magic Yarn ball project. It's a bit akward. I gotta admit, I unrolled the ball and got all the goodies out....... because the stuff kept getting caught and snagging me mid-stitch! MMMM chocolate.

I am knitting an Yvaine but I have no idea how much yarn it's going to take up. Luckily there are two skeins of the Araucania... so I can choose later. So far I really like the look of it! Seems simple doesn't it... but there is some garter and some stocking sts in there too.

So that is in the works, which I think will be ideal work knitting... easy to put down and pickup.

I also started a Minimalist Cardigan and a new pair of Endpaper Mitts. The cardigan is for me... I am knitting the body in one piece, back and forth... as I have totally relised my seaming dislike! LOL Next sweater... maybe back to steeking! The mitts are a gift. I see myself making a few more pairs again this year for those who didn't get them last year. At leas it's fast. I am rocking on mitt number two and I have really only been working on them a couple of nights this week... good progress. Having the pair done by tonight or tomorrow would be great!

Oh and I did a bit more dyeing. With koolaid. The picture really isn't exciting. I am knitting a gift with that so I will update you when there is progress. I did get up to one thing yesterday morning that I totally reccomend, Pumpkin Muffins. The recipe is from the Stitch It podcast blog. I did not add the fruit or nuts... I may try next time, but I usually don't like that in my muffins. I also did not make the glaze...... but the muffins were yummy! Funny thing though.... in Canada Pumpkin comes in 14 oz. or 19oz........ oh well. no 150z can for me! Happy weekend everyone, and bake something yummy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Time of Remembrance

Remembrance Day, to Canadains

Vetrans Day, to Americans

Armistice Day, to UK folk

A time for remembrance......
Lest we forget.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some pics and Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a lovely fall Thanksgiving day! the sun has been shining all weekend, so I have taken some pictures of recent stuff for you!As you can see I have made some stash enhancement. The two dark skeins at the bottom were purchased at the Thanksgiving sale at 88 Stitches.. another LYS. Berroco ultra Alpalca Fine and Malabrigo Lace in Purple Mystery.

The top three were dyed, and in the case of the pink/red overdyed the other night with some friends... who knew a dyepot party could be so fun! mow all I want to do is buy more white to dye it! LOL. The pink is Orangi Filati Merion Oro. The pink wasn't me, I bought it to match the Hanami stole pattern, but that is a mistake huh... never buy the yarn colour the pattern is in unless it is flattering! LOL

The other two are a Patons Classic Merino and another Berroco Ultra ALpalce Fine. They turned out very bright... but I love them. The flashes of white, and the pop of purple. Fantastic!!

This has been my easy "on the road "project but it is at the end so I am moving on soon. The was an experiment in log cabin. I made it off centre, but I am unsure if it was succesful or not. Glad I tried it though.

I also have a Multnoma shawl on the go in a green skein of West Coast Colours dyed by the owner of Knitopia the other lys. I was planning on making socks or a baby jacket, but the colours are a bit more suited to this project. This shawl has been a bit of a hit on Ravelry and I think that I would make more, maybe with some modification. I do really like it though. The begining is all garter stitch with increases that are very easy to follow. I think that I have been knitting this in the car and at work primarily in the last week, because it is really so easy. The Manic Purl Podcast has been talking about it too. The host has made two, in a larger size. Check hers out.
So a pal of mine has mentioned that a group she is in in Ravelry are having a finishing month. No new projects, just completion. I like the idea, but I won't comit to it, I really am trying to finish off all the outstanding projects on my needles, but what fun is it if you can't cast on something new when you feel like it! LOL
I suppose, because I have been frogging and einishing fairly wel; recently, I am really not too worried about this. I will be completing finishing on a few projects this week for sure, and that is always a nice thing. to use the items, or pass them on tho the rightful recipient.
Hope fall is treating you well and you are cozy with a pot of tea and some great knitting... maybe a book too. Have a great week and a holiday for those of us up in Canada. Take time to be thankful! I know I am!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So what's up?

What happens in your life that tears you away from your blogging life? LOL
Real life!

So I have had a busy summer, visiting, working, canning and some knitting. A bit of drawing too.
It's been great and I think that this season of the harvest will be just as busy. When the hubby is working on a Saturday, I have been canning with friends, or my Mom. Jars of pie filling, jams, pickles and jalapeno jelly line the pantry, and boy does that feel great. There is more to do though, my parents have some great grape vines in their yard, and two apple trees that always give fruit. This year they are all full! So more pie filing and preserves are coming up!

Someone at work asked me if my sister was as "domestic" as I am. I was stuck a bit, but being as I didn't really want to get into it.... I said "not really"

My sister I think is more domestic, she has a child and a group of ladies she sees on a regular basis. She is a great mom already, and I love her to bits.
I guess I always saw my hobbies as self-sufficency, not the dread domesticity. Why I dread it I cannot say at the moment... suffice to theorize that it has something to do with the second wave of feminism that I was exposed to before I could really understand it.You know the idea. They didn't like knitting either. So I guess as a third-wave feminist, I am embracing the things that give me pleasure and make me feel connected to the earth and self-sufficent. I knit, I can fruit, I jam,, I raise a veggie and herb garden, I bake (occasionally but, not from scratch yet.)
I also practice archery, target shooting and am going to hunt this year with my husband. I have a bachelors' degree in art and love the ideas that go along with that.

So is that domestic? If so I am a domestic goddess.... I embrace it all.

Next on my list.... learning to roast a chicken well..... and maybe talk the hubby into getting me a bee hive this spring ;) I also think that running is something I should take up... or rowing.

Hope all is well with you and you are doing things away from work that make you happy.
To friends I haven't seen in a while, I will try to drop you a line for dinner or breakfast soon. Hope your autumn is shaping up nicely gang. I realllllly do want to show off some FO's and almost FO's. That is the next blog goal. Comments and thoughts are awelcome and encouraged. Talk to you soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear lord I missed two months!

Hello, I am well, and knitting... I have been having a bus summer as I am sure most of you did as well. I will update more this weekend!

With pics!

Hope you are all well. I will check in soon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a great idea!

Hey there gang... I am so happy that it is cooler here in the Lower mainland! Summer is great but heat is not my thing! Don't get me wrong, I love the sunny days, I just enjoy the cooler days too!
So I am happy to also report that I am making good progress on the baby kimono, I don't know if this pattern is the best way to do this, but hey.... gotta try things out. I am using way more yarn than the pattern sggested, and as you may know that is a bit of a concern. I don't feel like the size of the kimono is extrordinary so I don't think that I am making the "amazing humongous baby jacket" I promise to update on if that happens or not.
I was also making great headway on a purple blanket that I was knitting, and then I ran out of a yarn.... but a friend of mine is going to be saving my ass from having to buy more yarn! This is going to be a gift blanket, and it knits up so quick... as I am using huge needles and double stranding the yarns. A great baby or child blanket. Honestly it is a great blanket, and I have made several for gifts, they have several great things going for them..... washable, cushy, and warm. Double stranding means that I use up more of my stash in less time!
My plan for stash busting, is going okay. The last couple of months I have felt that I have not made as much progress as i wanted to. Som months were really slow! I have a few projects that I am knitting in pieces so I don't finish a ball as I finish a piece..... so I am making progress on my projects but not knocking down my stash. Oh well I am keeping up with my goal for knitting my stash down.
Now that 2009 is half through (yikes!) I am going to count all yarn used. purchased recently or not. I will start that next month. I don't think that it will have much bearing on my tally, as I am still planning on knitting from Stash primarily. the link in the title and the image at the top.
I have been listening to some new podcasts, and the KIPing It Real podcast is a new one for me.
(more on new podcasts in another post)
Anyway the host mentioned an intresting project that she had hear of. The 3-50 Project is basically an idea for supporting the local Brick-and-mortar stores in your local area. You budget 50 dollars each month and split it between three local shops that you would HATE to loose in this economy. Thereby supporting the locals but not breaking your monthly budget! I encourage you to pop by and check it out. I have already tried to begin this idea, but I wasn't supporting three stores..... just my LYS. :D Let me know what you think.. I would be intrested.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying to keep up...

but the world is going so fast!!!!


So here I am again with cute animal pictures!

I have several things to babble about, but I have no idea if I will hit you with it all at once. I am having a mini vacation this weekend. I am off four days in a row. We were camping this weekend already, but there was much rain so we came home this morning instead of tomorrow morning.... well that is sometimes how it goes!

We do camp in a lovely area.


Pretty. Aside from the sad state of the dead pine trees due to the pine beetle infestation here in BC. This area is about 2 and a half hours north from home here in Langley. The spike buck you see in the upper photo thought we were pretty intresting to look at, he visited every day! LOL Even the dog didn't bother him.

Okay enough of that. I have completed the Crimson and Coccoa baby Blanket. Thank goodness! I am seriously falling out of love with this blanket style, but I have to admit they look great and don't take too much time. I think the verrigated yarns are the best to use though, they keep your interest longer. When I finally got to the border, I felt very put upon! lol but I wanted to finish it off so I can get it in the mail soon.

Speaking of mail... I have several packets to get out. Sorry guys, I suck and I have a small amount of play money at the moment. The will be gone before the next month. I apoligize profusley, and you know why!

I am working on a Baby Kimono for my niece at the moment as well as the Central Park Hoodie, Hunters Vest and the other straggler projects! The Kimono pattern is one I have never knit, so it has been intresting so far. I think the pattern is very clear and so far so good.. seperation for the fronts and back is mere centimeters away.

I think that I will be re-starting the blanket for my pal James. I don't know where I am in the thing, and I think that is what is keeping me from completing that paticular project. oh well.

I am feeling a bit of Startitis coming on... two shawls are calling to me. That may be bad! LOL oh well, gotta knit for myself a bit this year! I plan on using the rest of tonight and a bit of tomorrow to get ahead on the CPH I think, and maybe cast on a new shawl! :D

I am a bit tired so I will leave you with that update. Hope you are all well and more productive than I!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting things done!

No really!!

I steeked the Hunters vest and I have knit on one arm band, and the second is on it's way.... Yes I cut my knitting up the centre too, and if I had remembered to bring my camera to Splynk's house, I would have pictures, but we did the steeking together and that made it better!

Thanks Splynk! More chips and alcohol next time.

I am almost done the red and brown blanket for a baby cousin.

The CPH is moving along well, I am back to working on the right fromt, after frogging back to the ribbing... I forgot to change needle sizes! The back and the left front are done already.
Plus I am totally shipping stuff off to a couple of people and I will update with pics later, before they leave!

This is just a quick update! hope you are well!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Weekend update!

Happy Victoria Day Long weekend gang! I plan on being productive, since our camping trip fell through. Since my last post was so heavy on the rambling... this one won't be.

So some updated things for you...

A new detail on the Stitch It charity blanket that I have had for WAY TOO LONG

My Neice Arabellas' blanket

made in Linonbrand Homespun... totally washable and care-free, my sister picked it out.

Riely Foremans' blanket

All cotton, all the time.

The Blanket for Sebastian that I have just begun.

Bernat Satin, again mommy colour preference. I think this one is going to look so fantastic, just wait!

Completed Endpaper mitts for my gal-pal.

Knitpicks Pallet wool, totally economical for this type of gift, the brown was leftover from another gift and I only used half the ball of blue!

oh and a pet pic.....or two,


Have a great long weekend if you have one, and if not, enjoy anyway!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Good gracious

My life is busy.

Sorry about that..... I know that you all understand. You too are busy.

I have a few posts in the future that I have notes on, so I will go off that and get some mindless thoughts and some great ideas up. You decide. Happy PS4 Yellow! East!!

I have knitting to update you on, but no pics at the moment..... so I will get to that later.

I was thinking that I would muse about the
Creative Commons Licencing that you and I encounter in our journey through the internet and multipe things published on-line.

I have been listening not only to the posdcast previously listed somewhere on this blog.... but also to pod-books. audiobooks that are written and read by their authors. One that I really enjoyed was
Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty. Some in an effort to get into the publishing world (and some have been sucessful you can now order Playing for keeps for your Kindle on amazon), others releasing books that have had their copyright expire.

In the case of the copyright expiration, it's pretty obvious why the books can be offered for free online. No one holds the rights to these books anymore hence sites like
Podiobooks and Librivox. places where you can download classics like Alice in Wonderland or Frankenstein.

Because I appreciate hearing classic books when my hands are busy knitting or driving... whatever, I really appreciate how this sharing of ideas is working. In reading over the site I linked above on Creative Commons... it gives some great ideas. We are a race with so much shared culture in this electronic age, many people know as much about other cultures as they do about their own.... Japan, Africa, India are all being explored and explained for those who would not be able to go there and observe a culture. Also on that train of thought people can accept and adopt other cultural viewpoints on religion, art, and any number of other ideas. Now this is just a rough sketch of my thoughts splayed out over the screen, as many of you know...... so hope you have time to check it out and think about how great sharing can be.

It doesn't always mean that the artist has their idea taken away, it can mean that they choose to share it. In the knitting community and many artistic areas the sharing of ideas is fluid, and really not even thought about.... having a great brainstorming session with peers, classmates, or the buddies you have coffee/a beer with can be refreshing and even enlightening.
I love that about being part of a community, that has a great idea and shows the world.
Thanks to all the great designers of free knitting patterns, who help to inspire the rest of us and all they want is to see the FO!

Let me know what you think about my rambling.... have a great Friday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

MY Goodness, hello!

Simon, the climbing cat.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting. I am sorry that I have been a bit lax in my posting..

I am up to 21 balls of yarn used and um..... 16 projects complete I think... not bad for the year.
I have no pics of my project spectrum project yet... because I have very little to show... this month I hope to change that!

I have an update on my Central Park Hoodie knitting... I have the back done and I am almost complete the left front.... so I have begun the ribbing on the right front. This seems to be a quick knit. If I plan this right I can be on to the sleeves by next week.

Another Baby Surprise Jacket done, for my new neice! Hello Arabella! I already knit one for her, but it is sooooo huge, I will give it to my sister and she can pull it out this fall when it MAY fit her!
So I whipped up this one out of Bernat Jaquard in SpearamintCandy... super cute no?

This one was knit on 3.25mm needles, so I could make a more reasonable size... compare to the last one knit on 4mm.!!!

So I am working on the CPH and one a few other things for babies, a blanket for Arabella too... that I have no pic of but I hope that I can get one up with her in it soon...

There are more babies in the family... two new cousins born in the last week! they are in New York, so I will have to round up a gift bundle up for both boys. Pics of those goodies as I complete them, if the BSJ thing is any indication, all the ones I have knit up to now, are huge in baby standards. I will send one out, but I will also knit up a smaller one! LOL
Have a good Easter Weekend everyone, knit well

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have knitting!

Another update and another Baby Suprise Jacket!
I do love the versatility of these little things.... I am spreding the good word, especially to knitters who have very little "pattern" experience, this is all knit... and a few tweaks! I am hoping to get a few people knitting these little jackets, even if they are feeling like they don't have enough experience..... nonsense. They are fantastic!

I decided that I wanted to understand a bit more about the stripes that I have seen on various scrap, leftover BSJ's I wanted to understand how the striping would travel if I knit two strips of colour at the begining and one near the end. The results were the front

and the back.

I have this one on the needles now, where I began with one colour and I am obviously using some leftovers from another colour to finish up. These two experiments have been fun, and still quick to knit.... I do have a bit more to weave in however....

I have a progress shot of the back of the Central Park Hoodie. I think it is going very well, but because it is supposed to be a KAL and the others are not begun, or knitting as much as I am. I have only been knitting this on Knit nights. I think that I will have to speed this up though, as much as I am intrested in KALing with them, I do want to wear this sweater... that is the goal for me. I may have to knit a bit more during this weekend. Maybe finish the back, and begin a front. Who knows, I may not even get to it...

I do enjoy the way this is looking though, and I think that the others will too... I do know that it is knitting up fast for me, and that is always a bonus.
I guess I am just to impaitent to be knitting for me, and I do like the product at the end!

I am very close to being complete the hunters vest, I will be re-measuring for length tomorrow (or tonight) and hopefully binding off so that I may steek..... I think I really just have to bite the bullet and do it. I am knitting with wool, and some people don't even re-inforce the knitting with wool, as the fibers grab naturally. We shall see, I promise pics and a report.

Fibres West was this weekend, a few girlfriends, and my Mom went with me on Friday night. I picked up some fantastic New Zealand wool, at a great price from Twist of Fate. It is a chocolate brown colour, so now all I have to do is decide what pattern I want to use with it.

The festival was smaller this year than in years past, but as this is the first year that it has a new group at the helm, that is totally to be expected. I still enjoyed the booths, and obviously found some goodies. In this economy I really feel that supporting the local vendors is important! Hopefully next year there will be more, I wonder if they will need a planning comittee, I should try to volunteer!

So here are some fur baby shots.....


and Simon....

they are so cute, and still growing! awwwww....
good weekend gang, can't wait to give a better update with more FO's!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Who would have thought that being a furry mommy would be so time consuming! HA! Little did I know!

Keeping up with a puppy and trying to keep the cat happy..... a handful.

Needless to say that I am not knitting too much, or al least as much as I want to. I have knit several things for babies... three Baby Suprise Jackets done, and two on the needles. They are fantastic as I may have mentioned, and genius.... so addictive to get it finished so fast!

Here are the first three. They need buttons, and that is all... I haven't had the time to go button shopping... oh well. I will get to it.

Here is our new fur baby, Sam

And our two together...

I know you were waiting for puppy pictures!

I did cast on for my Central Park Hoodie, but it is a KAL with the gals I knit with so I am not trying to get too far into it.

I have decided to measure up the Hunters vest for the Husband, and if the length is good, then I will cast off and steek in a collar later. I can pick up along the edge and knit it on , after cutting off. We shall see how that goes! LOL

Hope you are all well, and I hope that I can update sooner next week.

Friday, February 27, 2009

We got a puppy....

Click the title and it will take you to images of the type of dog we have.....

NO that is not my dog.

Our little one's name is Sam he is heartbreakingly cute, and terribly piddly. LOL
I promise to post pics, and update you on the little knitting I have gotten done!
I was sent a lovely packet from my pal Erika and I will share that too!

No we are not crazy, and yes I am getting some sleep..... but wow... is this going to be a heck of a new experience. Wish me luck. Two fur babies!

Now Simon wants outside! Yikes.

More later, have a good Friday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sadly... not as much progress as I would like.

I planned on swatching for a Central Park Hoodie.
I planned on having another BSJ done.
I planned on being ready to put the decoration on the Barnyard Dance blanket.
I planned on reading or listening to a book.
I planned on getting some more of the Sea Shawl done.

Sadly none of this happened. I think I was over Zealous, and since I decide that this weekend I really did want to eat and sleep, and I had chores to get done.....I was less astoundingly productive than I wanted.
Progress was made however on the Barnyard Dance.....
I started two BSJ (I am unsure if the yardage on one wil be sufficent so I am hedging my bets and have a second one just barely begun.)
I have to Sew up Jelly Bean, but it is done and I will share photos shortly... I just sooo want to share the fantastic and amazing construction wilth the girls at knitting on Wendesday. I MUST show it off... that EZ she was a genius!
I highly reccomend it.
Pictures in a bit...... have a good Monday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few gifts...

Wow.... big!

From the swap... I told you I would share...
First a fantastic little dishcloth, that is in use right now... so no you can't see it sorry that may be a bit gross.

Next a lovely cowl in a really neat yarn... super cozy!

Finally a GIANT bag! See the lovely lining (her first ever sewing project) A new home for travelling knitting projects! :D

Awesome gifts. Thanks Miss May!
Updates on other projects later! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's coming back......Project Spectrum 4

Hey there... I am so enthused about the new incarnation of Project Spectrum, and I wanted to share it with you guys.
Grab the link in the title to get to Lolly's blog, she is the mind behind the great inspiration.

This year is the Cardinal Directions here is a quote from Lolly's post on the Ravelry board.

This year, we will base the exploration around FOUR colors - one for each direction - and participants can combine and mix these colors with any other color. Each direction is also traditionally linked to a natural material, and you can choose to work with these materials for your projects, i.e. glass beads, wooden buttons, metal pins, etc. For deeper interpretation, you can also choose to incorporate the related seasons and elements in your creative projects.

NORTH (March/April)
Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth

EAST (May/June)
Color: Yellow
Material: Wood
Season: Spring
Element: Air

SOUTH (July/August)
Color: Red
Material: Metal
Season: Summer
Element: Fire

WEST (September/October)
Color: Blue
Material: Glass
Season: Autumn
Element: Water

PS: Cardinal Directions starts on March 1st, 2009!

So I think that this will be great!!

I am already percolating ideas and plans, as I know many folks on the Ravelry Project Spectrum board are as well. If you aren't on ravelry, or a knitter... it doesn't matter. Join in!

Draw pictures, make paintings, do ATC's!!

The great thing about this idea is that is exactly what it is..... an IDEA.


I promise that I will let you know how I am going ahead with my inspirations. I hope we can all share! Have a great week.... more photos, and another update later.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Alright, so I have completed four projects this month and completly knit 9 balls of yarn.

Meet my new yarn bank!
Not bad!
Here is the first Log-cabin styled blanket. Plain cotton, white alternated with a purple/green verrigated. Simon felt like being helpful and testing it out....

I did have to buy another jumbo ball of cotton to complete this project, but as it is a new purchase it is not included in the totals. I went ahead and cast on another cotton based blanket and have almost use up the whole new jumbo ball of white. LOL may be I will count it after all.....

I have also completed the Confection Blanket that was hanging outhere for a long time... I would have to check on ravelry to see when it was started, but honestly it was ages ago. Probably 6 months. Done now, and waiting for a new home with one of the pregnant ladies I know.

Hmmm... let me see, I completed the Twlilight mitts as you know and have seen.... and the fourth is escaping me at the moment..... I think the mitts I made for my mother were done this month too. Dang, I know I was very happy to have completed four projects.

I have some great plans for this month. I am going to knit two baby sweater patterns. The Baby Suprise Jacket and the Two needle Feburary Sweater, both created by Elizabeth Zimmerman. To search the project lists for these two sweaters is staggering! I think that there are over 2000 Baby Suprise Jackets already knit on Ravelry, and it is in over 3000 queues! There are so many variatons, and intresting yarns, bet that if you have one ball of something worsted at home, you may be able to make the BSJ! LOL I have several balls of wool and other washer-friendly yarns that I am going to try to use and get out of my stash for these two cute projects!

I have taken a few pictures of the gifts from our Christmas swap, but I will share them next time, I feel like I have given you enough bandwith-clogging pics for today! LOL Have a great week!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great Gift swapping!

Sooo.... the same story I have told before, and that you may have heard from other bloggers....

The Secret Grinchy Swap.

I got and gave goodies, and much fun was had by all! It ws a good swap, and well timed, we had more than the holidays to create as we swapped on Sunday the 18th, and that meant that some of us could do holiday projects as well as this. One friend in the knitting circle is much easier to give to than all of them! LOL

Firstly... I made...... those things that I have been taunting you with...
Toasty warm Twilight Mitts.....

This was the knitted gift that I gave... the handmade aspect of this exchange made me make a fantastic gift. How could I do something ordinary? NONONO, it must be different and amazing and intresting, and yet useful! The pattern is free from Interweave press, I think it worked out great and would work well in several other colour combinations... just like the other crazy amounts of mitts I have been knitting!

I also decorated a scarf, made a heap of both crochet and knitting stitch markers, tossed in a few pirate-y goodies and some of her favorite tea. these sadly I have no image of, but if she posts on her blog, I will link over.

I did also get a few fantastic things, but I will tell you about those later.. I have to take good pics of them! The cat likes the box the best.

This is what I have been knitting like crazy... a baby blanket, I have a ton of babies to knit for... so I got crackin! This one is made of some leftover discloth cotton mixed with some colourful purple/green verrigated cotton. It is turning out so well that I think I will be making a few more blankets in thsi construction method. A "Log -Cabin" blanket, inspired by Mason Dixon knitting, even though I didn't use their patter per-se.

Hope to have more project updates this weekend too! Have a good Friday!