Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick update.

I am unsure if I will have time this weekend to do another big update, it will be a busy one!
I wanted to share a project that I am working on for charity with a group of like-minded west-coast folk.

This is the Spring Fever blanket from the Stitch It! podcast group on Ravelry. The podcast is one of my favorites, and Meghan proposed charity blanket knitting... we all jumped in. I am second to last knitting this blanket. I have to add four inches and send it off by next week. I am pretty sure that I will add a few goodies to it, but I am not sure what yet.

Speaking of goodies. I had a contest ages ago and I have to confess that my runner-up hasn't gotten her packet yet. Never fear Kathy.... I have it ready.... and I will post pics after I get that in the mail (probably Monday) I am horribly embarrassed that it has taken this long... my only defence is, I just moved into a new house, and I'm planning my wedding for this fall. Sorry excuse, but that is it.

I continue to knit on the Flower bud shawl, the Watery Root (if I can find the pattern that I have my notes on.....) and my socks. Nothing done yet, but I am hopeful. This weekend promises to be busy, I don't think that there will be much knitting done.

Locally I wanted to remind you that there is a Picknit at the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale on August 9th. I will add a link in the next post. The general idea is you bring a picnic lunch, can shop local vendors, see the textile exhibit and meet up with friends outside for some public knitting. Hopefully we can meet up. Have a great and sunny weekend!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Startitis.... meet Finishitis (a battle for the ages)

So I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop casting on new projects...... it is getting bad. I am unsure if I am procrastinating or just getting bored easily. If I keep this up all my needles will be used and I will have no where to put every thing!! Startitis is sure hard to shake.

Le Sigh......

So I found a few other like minded people on Ravlery, and one has decided to spread her finishitis...... awesome.
Check it out at Yarn on the Side.... her blog should be linked to the title of this post.
I have no idea if I can do this, as you know I have a few weddings this summer, and I have a personal goal of knitting shawls for most if not all of them. This is not good for a begining case of finishitis..... as it means that before I complete the items I have I may have to cast on another shawl. I am still going to try. I posted a comment on her blog, but I think that I missed my purple alpalca socks... here is a pic of a few of the latest new projects....

And a better shot of the new FLower Bud Shawl.

This was the swatch I made to test the pattern

and a couple more just for good measure.... I do have a few more this summer right?!

I think that all the swatch tests were great! I am so glad that I did them, now I can plan shapes and sizes better. This is going to be great!

I am undecided with what to do about the Watery Root, not because I don't want to complete it, but because of the time frame of the shawls. It would be the quickest to the finish line, but I have no idea if the will put me really behind on the shawl or just a little bit...... dang. Thoughts? Suggestions? Hope if you would like to catch finishitis, you can get it from us.
Oh, but here is the finished blue socks.... a bit short, but hey, thats what happens when you test a new yarn.Hope you are having a great weekend and I can't wait to see your fantastic projects. I know that some people don't have issues with too many WIP's.... lucky.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting along with summer.

I am not really a hot weather fan, but I have always loved walking out of a building in the evening to the warm breezes of summer. Just warm enough to be comfortable and yet still refreshing. Thank goodness that BC is not really humid! I hope you are having great weather where you are.

I have triumphed, the blue socks are done! I am now doing some swatching for the next few shawls... pictures to follow in a day or two. I am going to try on the watery root again and hopefully keep knitting away this weekend, so that I can add that to the FO anouncements!
YAY, that would be good. Tonight is fiber night at Knitopia. So good company and tea tonight.

Soak up that summer weather! Let it inspire you!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Update images.

So a quick update on the wonderous knitting that I have been up to LOL.

The Rusted Root is coming along well. I am in the body and I am still on ball two. I am going to have to buy more f this bamboo when my next oppurtunity arrises.( I think that wil be at the Pic-knit August 9 in Surrey) This brand is going along way. I think that the gauge, although correct for the pattern is not the most optimal for the yarn. It means that I will be wearing a cami under the top, but that is okay. I am glad to be getting this littl project father along. I still love this colour.

As promised completed shawl pic..... and a bit of news, I am trying to cast on the next one, and I have pulled the Icarus out again. I need to sit and knit it only, to focous on the charts, and this summer that t may not happen. I will take it up again, but this shawl thing is easier when I can take it to knit night and get some work done on it wherever I am.

It is strawberry season... so this week I picked, jammed and baked! Yummy.

I found out about this Strawberry Bread from Team Knit. Boy is it worth it! It will not last long here! LOL