Sunday, July 22, 2007

I think that is cool!

Have you been to Fig & Plum lately?

She has something that I want!! Travel Scrabble!
I have to admit that I am not a good Scrabble player, but I really love the idea behind it! I want to have that available! Awesome what you can get up to when you engage your brain!

I got it!!! My
Ravelry invite!!! YAY!!!
I hope that this will be great! I have so much stuff that I want to start and that I have to finish! I am setting up my info now...... YAY!!
So much for knitting or blocking! Heh (blushes)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sorry, no wicked update!

I wish I could say that I blocked it and have some results for you, but I didn't!!

Dang it!

I am planning on doing that tonight or tomorrow..... probably tomorrow!

In the meantime I have been sewing some totes for a swap, and organizing swap angels for other issues! Yikes.

I have been making mitered squares when I only have a small amount of time, I will get a picture of those together for you to comment on.... and a pic of the ton of Baby yarn I have leftover from the multitude of blankets I have knit! LOL

I do still have some projects on the go, but I have so much that keeps getting in the way of knitting.... I do have a picture for you....
Have a great and productive weekend (whatever you want to do, do it!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here you go, a finished sweater!
But first...... this was my view while I was completing it on the long weekend.

I know!!! Love that view on the porch of my friends house. I just soaked up the rays and enjoyed the lovely noises of the woods.... let the dog hang out and watched the hummingbirds fight over the feeder! LOL Mike likes to keep and eye on me whle I am on the porch, the junebugs are huge!

So anyhow, I did finish my Wicked, and I think I will have to make aonther soon! Here is a shot of it done and being worn by myself!

I'm sure I look really impressed! LOL Boring shot, but trust me the other one is not flattering and I don't really want to share that! Hope you like it! Comments always welcome and I hope that if you have a chance you try out the Wicked pasttern from Zypher knits.
As a recap: I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in "Forest Heather" I ordered 12 balls just in case but only needed about 9. I knit the size 40-43. (for my bustyness ;) )
I used a 5mm needle (US 8)
I don't find it scratchy but, I have to admit that I should have tried it on a bit more diligently while in the process of creating. I want to have longer arms on the next one, and I think that the neckline may be a wee bit wide for me. The shaping was perfect! I love that! I also haven't blocked it yet, so we shall see what that does to it. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Have you seen Morsbags?
Very neat..... I have to say that I think that this is a great idea!

I came across it through a craftster challenge for August..... design a reusable bag. Since I love knitting bags and I really like the idea of creting grocery bags that I can keep using I was totally inriuged!

I wonder if I can start a pod out here.... anyone up for a day or evening in Langley BC cutting out fabric? LOL

I think I will be making some soon, without a pod. Check it out crafty kids!! I LOVE the idea of eliminating plastic grocery bags!

Pics of today's lovly knitting and my finished sweater later tonight, I swear!!! Until little companions together. (oops I am missing one! I should fix that!)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


So it's done!!!
Yes I did finish my wicked sweater on the ride home Tuesday!
YAY!!! I even wore it that night.... it got a bit cool.... but alas, I now know that I need to block it. And it is not as perfect as I would like. Then again the majic of blocking has helped many a project from "bottom of the drawer" purgatory! I love the colour, and the yarn I used.... KP Wool of the Andes is not scratchy on the skin.
That said, I do have some modification I will be making on the next one! Little tweaks that I think will make it fit better....
Yes I have pictures, but no camera cable! Dam, I brought the charger and the dock..... but forgot the cable..... I had planned on giving you guys a full update. Sorry. I will have that for later today or tomorrow.
This is great! I am now able to cast on my next sweater! Now that I have done one wicked though....... I will have to do another and soon! I wonder how fast I can get Sonnet done! LOL
Hope you have a great weekend! The sun is shining here and I think I will try to tan my legs a bit!