Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here you go, a finished sweater!
But first...... this was my view while I was completing it on the long weekend.

I know!!! Love that view on the porch of my friends house. I just soaked up the rays and enjoyed the lovely noises of the woods.... let the dog hang out and watched the hummingbirds fight over the feeder! LOL Mike likes to keep and eye on me whle I am on the porch, the junebugs are huge!

So anyhow, I did finish my Wicked, and I think I will have to make aonther soon! Here is a shot of it done and being worn by myself!

I'm sure I look really impressed! LOL Boring shot, but trust me the other one is not flattering and I don't really want to share that! Hope you like it! Comments always welcome and I hope that if you have a chance you try out the Wicked pasttern from Zypher knits.
As a recap: I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in "Forest Heather" I ordered 12 balls just in case but only needed about 9. I knit the size 40-43. (for my bustyness ;) )
I used a 5mm needle (US 8)
I don't find it scratchy but, I have to admit that I should have tried it on a bit more diligently while in the process of creating. I want to have longer arms on the next one, and I think that the neckline may be a wee bit wide for me. The shaping was perfect! I love that! I also haven't blocked it yet, so we shall see what that does to it. Thanks for looking!


Violet said...

darn, i thought i posted a comment last night, but i guess it didn't really post!

your wicked looks great! i'm planning on making one soon, using a heathered wool of the andes as well, probably the purple.

and my swallowtail is *almost* done, 4 rows left. thanks for the comment!

Delana said...

The sweater looks great on you. I know what you mean about the neck. I'm not too keen on wide necklines either, but I think it looks good.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Your wicked looks great! You finally posted the pic.. lol.
btw-- your nature knits would go great with my blog's whole new theme. I'm now "knitting in nature." lol. Isn't it the greatest-- i loooove knitting around scenic stuff & hearing the birds and such. It's soo relaxing!

erika said...

Hey your sweater is - wicked! ;-P

I looove the color. I have to make one too...

Kasia said...

Sweater looks really good on you! I love the colour!