Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I think I got lost on my way to the blog.....

No seriously, how else could it have been this long since I posted! Yikes!!


I do have some FO's to report... but no pictures yet.

Did I mention that my mother's enterlac shawl is done, I will snag pics tomorrow when I give it to her. YAY!!

The pair of bamboo socks in the verigated yarn for my pal Carina were completed and given. We drove up to 150 Mile on the Easter long weekend for some relaxation (I got a pedicure!)
So I got to give my socks in person. I did try to finish the green hat for the man, but forgot the directions to it, so I could finish the body pattern by checking the previous rounds, but I have only knit this one other time..... so I was unsure about the decreasing. That should be done this week too.

Of course I cast on a new pair the next day with some fantastic "On Your Toes" with aloe vera. This is a colourway that totally looks like a watermelon, I promise pics soon, I am almost done, I think I will be turning the heel tonight. It fits with the PS3 colours, but my next socks will be so fiery, I am hoping to have them on the needles and done for this theme. Then on to the lovely Alpalca goodness..............I think, or maybe the rainbow, I am unsure.

LOL gotta love these choices.

My next steps with alot of yarns are swatching and the washing of said swatches...... I wasn to know that I can count on the gauge. I have heard of sagging with bamboo....... it worries me.

I think that is all that I can report on at the moment. My next post will be in a couple days anyway so I can show off a bit! Have a great end of the week!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wow, thanks gang!! Contest winner and info from Fiberfest!

Hey there, thanks! I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to comment on my 100th post, those of you who did. It is Sunday and I have pulled all the names, The contest is over.

LOL I know everyone loves a good contest, but I hope you will pop back in from time to time to see what I am up to and let me know what you think! I am going to do my best to check out everyone's blog too!

So I know what you want to know.... but I think I have a trick or two up my sleeve first!

Yummy Alpalca Sock yarn! mmmmmmmm my Fiberfest indulgence! Georgeous no?

LOL, okay so that was a bit odd, but hey... I am lacking sleep today. Totally forgot about the time change and we were out late last night (like 3:30am) and we had to be up and out of the house for 8:30. Not much sleep! Forgive my over the top-oddness! LOL Besides I am super excited to announce it, and I will tell you about Fiberfest once it is over! LOL
The winner of the hand-knit purse is sharon rose of Needlegrrl and because so many people responded, I puled a runner up too! kathy of Irisheyes come on down..... LOL

So if you can both send me an e-mail to tiggertoo50(at symbol)hotmail(dot)com So that I can get these goodies off to you. That would be great! or if you would prefer, I am Silverilix on Ravelry too. YAY!
So I did go to Fiberfest in Abbotsford this weekend. Yesterday was a fun one with my frined Aime and Tiz. We had a great time, fondled tons of yarn and actually all stayed within our goals and guidelines! YAY! I am so proud of us! So I guess you may want to know what idea I took in with me to prevent me from maxing my cards out...... okay.
I decided to make a plan, this was it.
Take two patterns that I am intrested in making for spring/summer tops.
Purchase only yarns that my LYS (as awesome as it is) does not have available at the moment.
Stick to lighter weight, renewable resource fibers like bamboo, hemp, linen, and (*organic) cotton. (*if possible) This way the top will be light and weather appropriate.
Buy sock yarn only if you have no way of obtaining that type, or handyed in the next year.
Check out how I did!
So you have seen a bit of the gorgeous sock yarn from Wild Geese Fibers (I think I can see my skein from here............) , and here is a larger image it is amazing, Barb was kind enough to spend some time with us and explain all the lovely things she had! As I said this is Alpalca Socks and the reason that it is a more subtle colour than many of the ones she shows in her own images, is this starts out as a grey fiber and she dyes over that natual grey tone. This make the colours more heathered. She had some fantastic colours in the sock yarn made with merino and mohair! Super vibrant! Only one skien of each colourway, I had to snap it up.

I also picked up some Spun Bamboo by "Bamboo Textiles" from the fantastic Langley Yarns & Craft Thanks Barbara. She was so kind as to let me know that if I really enjoyed it and wanted more, she would be happy to order more of the colour I wanted in! YAY! This stuff is super soft and subtly shiny. I can't wait to make Rusted Root out of it! It was really affordable and each ball has 280yards! So four allows me enough for either top that I considered.

Yes, it really is that blue! I adore it!
My final purchase was for some cotton from Twist of Fate Thanks to Erynn the proprietor! I was suprised to see that she didn't have much on her website, because her booth was probably the second or third most full at the Fiberfest! She has intresting fibers, and amazing colours all over the place!Illuminating Soul's Aime bought some fantastic rayon that se picked up using the gift certificate she won! I hope she posts it is a beautiful subtly verrigated terra cotta colour.... the colours of pots that have been out in the garden all summer. It was beautifully soft, I can't wait to see what she makes out of it.

I picked up some lighter weight cotton for a great price! No seriously these are major cakes! The yardage is aprox. 600 yards each! I could knit it double stranded or single and I would be happy!
So either I can make another top or I can change my plan and go for a shawl. YAY!
So that was my adventure at Fiberfest I have more to share about my weekend, but I will stop here.............. no reason to get overly wordy! LOL
Thanks again for all the attention, it does a body good! Have a great week, and I hope your weekend was as productive as you wanted!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So here I am, at the 100 mark

No really, this is post 100.
I can't belive it. Odd, it doesn't seem like so many.
I was tagged by
Odd Dotty........ who has some fun stuff on her blog and a meme. Thanks for sharing Dotty. LOL You should pop by and visit her!

So I am going to give you all 7 things about me, but I don't think I will tag anyone, as we are all very familiar with this little gem. If you do feel like updating us all on 7 things that you feel have changed about you or revelations you have had in your life in the last year, why not join in and post 7 things about yourself on YOUR blog space, but let me know.... I want to read it too!

Plus I think that in honor of the 100th post I will hold a little contest.

I make purses.... and I will send one out. Either a colour I have, or possibly a custom made one, depending on how far I am with my WIP's! So, here is a pic of some that I have done.... for size etc.
This will be open for a week, from Sunday to Sunday. One entry for posting in response to this post, and one for linking to this contest on your blog post..... you know the standard stuff.

I am super glad to have made it this far, so I thank you for giving me incentive to write, other than my own need to ramble! LOL

So here are 7 things.......

1. I like Vegimite....... no really that stuff is yummy!

2. Hawaian Colada Rooibos is my favorite blend to have as chai tea ( I get this addicting substance from Granville Island Tea co. )

3. I am looking into getting a laptop computer.

4.I want to move somewhere in the next 5 years where I can see the Aurora Borealis.

5. I love getting mail that isn't bills, postcards from friends are the best!

6. Dean Koontz may be my favorite author ( you can find him here but you may have to know his books a bit before you understand the dog stuff...... he has changed so much as a author, I have been reading him for years, and his books now are the best they have ever been especially Odd Thomas)

7. I like to knit while my man plays video games, I enjoy all of it usually..... watching, making suggestions and just seeing how he works stuff out. Some games are better than others, I can only watch so much COD 4 before I go to bed!

So that is my little list. Hope you are all getting what you want done this weekend, even if it is nothing special. Today we spent a nice day with our friends who have a 3-week old baby boy. Unexpectedly we went down to Granville Island and had a walk around, then watched a movie. It was a great and relaxing..... even as a primarily non-knitting day. Hope to have that shawl done soon... I am going to be joining ball 5 in a little while..... so I am wondering if that will be long enough! LOL I could be done this week! Then on to other projects that have to be finished.

Oh, and Fiberfest in Abbotsford is coming up next week! I promise to be as good as I can be. I have no idea what I will find there, but I will take my camera and give oyu allan update anyway!