Monday, October 12, 2009

Some pics and Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a lovely fall Thanksgiving day! the sun has been shining all weekend, so I have taken some pictures of recent stuff for you!As you can see I have made some stash enhancement. The two dark skeins at the bottom were purchased at the Thanksgiving sale at 88 Stitches.. another LYS. Berroco ultra Alpalca Fine and Malabrigo Lace in Purple Mystery.

The top three were dyed, and in the case of the pink/red overdyed the other night with some friends... who knew a dyepot party could be so fun! mow all I want to do is buy more white to dye it! LOL. The pink is Orangi Filati Merion Oro. The pink wasn't me, I bought it to match the Hanami stole pattern, but that is a mistake huh... never buy the yarn colour the pattern is in unless it is flattering! LOL

The other two are a Patons Classic Merino and another Berroco Ultra ALpalce Fine. They turned out very bright... but I love them. The flashes of white, and the pop of purple. Fantastic!!

This has been my easy "on the road "project but it is at the end so I am moving on soon. The was an experiment in log cabin. I made it off centre, but I am unsure if it was succesful or not. Glad I tried it though.

I also have a Multnoma shawl on the go in a green skein of West Coast Colours dyed by the owner of Knitopia the other lys. I was planning on making socks or a baby jacket, but the colours are a bit more suited to this project. This shawl has been a bit of a hit on Ravelry and I think that I would make more, maybe with some modification. I do really like it though. The begining is all garter stitch with increases that are very easy to follow. I think that I have been knitting this in the car and at work primarily in the last week, because it is really so easy. The Manic Purl Podcast has been talking about it too. The host has made two, in a larger size. Check hers out.
So a pal of mine has mentioned that a group she is in in Ravelry are having a finishing month. No new projects, just completion. I like the idea, but I won't comit to it, I really am trying to finish off all the outstanding projects on my needles, but what fun is it if you can't cast on something new when you feel like it! LOL
I suppose, because I have been frogging and einishing fairly wel; recently, I am really not too worried about this. I will be completing finishing on a few projects this week for sure, and that is always a nice thing. to use the items, or pass them on tho the rightful recipient.
Hope fall is treating you well and you are cozy with a pot of tea and some great knitting... maybe a book too. Have a great week and a holiday for those of us up in Canada. Take time to be thankful! I know I am!