Monday, August 20, 2012

More Dyeing

This dyeing pre-dates the wool from the other week, but I never posted it. Ah..... summer blogging! So un-scheduled, random and odd.

Tye dye! I did a program for my sorority ladies, and it was fantastic! Bit before the program day, I wanted to remind myself of the procedure and that I could do it. It's been years! There was a post on the prep day... this is a post about the second day of dye!



This is my favorite, it's faded a bit with washing.... but I love wearing it! Folded in half and then center spun. It was a great experiment.

I also really like how this one turned out.... Half one colour and half the other spun from the side, not the center.

Makes this.

Fun huh!
Thanks for looking! I don't know if I will be doing more dye this summer, but it was fun, and I am totally open to helping out if anyone wants to try.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hunting can be fruitful!

I was wandering around Winners the other day........

And found this for $3. Everything is in it..... and now I can start the felting adventure I have been babbling to my friends about. Retail says about $25.

For all this! Sometimes I am soooooo my fathers' daughter! Searching for clearance deals! LOL. Thanks Winners for carrying amazing variety! (Remember that post about picking up supplies for good ideas...... yes this is one of those things. I already have a bunch of great roving from all sorts of places.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finished Shawl

Hello there!

I have finished a great shawl! My friend gifted me the Daybreak shawl from Stephen West. I was wanting to knit it and my fairy knitting godmother granted my wish!

This is it.....

I enjoyed it so much I had to rip out three inches of knitting because I got into the rythym of the increases in the first section. LOL

I used a Knit Picks Stroll and Sisu is the Black. My project page has more info. Both yarns were amazing and felt great to work with, I have to admit I want another skein of that rainbow colour!

It's fantastic! Not a kiddie rainbow, but not crazy either! There is enough left over that my niece wants a hat.... no kidding my 3 1/2 year old niece has requested a hat......... DONE! (awww first knitting request) It's not done yet, but it isn't fancy. Some ribbing and then stockinet stitch.... photos upon approval from her mom.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tatting... who knew?

I know a few tatters, they make beautiful work.... and it just flies off their fingers.
Sound familiar? It's true. Apparently it's fashionable now......

Check out this article from Macleans. It even features a LYS. Awesome! Go Tatters!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy Summer bee

Sadly I do not have my own bees........ but I have been trying to finish off projects that I bought supplies for and never got around to. You know how it is, exciting, fresh and a amazing idea! You have to pick up everything that is ESSENTIAL for this idea. So I have to get to the final project or why did I get this stuff?

But it's a great idea! LOL

So I've done a bunch of different dyeing.
I have projects that require special colours and this is prep for that. Every one in a while, I do shop at the big box stores, to get the fisherman wool. White, 100% wool that I can't usually get at a LYS. This is the result. Two of the skeins are sock weight all the way from Knit Picks. This is going to make amazing stuff! I am excited. At least three skeins will be new Christmas stockings for some new family members. 

It was a great experiment in some ways. I usually dye with food colouring of some sort. Wiltons cake decorating is responsible for the sky blue, and the lighter green.

But they are less reliable. some colours separate in the heat of the water in ways you don't want and if you've never tried a specific colour before it can be unusual. For this reason I usually test and have a backup skein for a second dye-bath. Also over-dyeing is fantastic! In light of that. I tried some new dyes this time. Not food safe, so I had to find another way to do them in the pots I have.
This was my solution to using Rit dye on the stove top.........

We have a food sealer! So I made baggies and heat sealed them shut with the dye and pre-soaked yarn. It worked better than I thought, but I definitely learned what not to do next time. I have more variation in the skeins than I thought I would, one is solid.... but I poured the dye in over the wet yarn and sealed it. I should have let it sit a bit and squeezed the dye in more.  Needless to say all the bags got dropped in a pot of boiling water for 45 minutes. Then I let them cool overnight and rinsed them the next day. Only one dye was not exhausted. It was great. You can see in the top picture that the pink has quite a bit of white in it, and I have decided to over-dye that with a second pink colour..... it will be fantastic! I pre-soak wool in warm water with white vinegar.

I really love this, and honestly I appreciate the local dyers so much more for their consistency, and colour range. Those skeins are always worth the price! I know that I am looking for random variation from what I put on the stove, but they always do an amazing job.

Hope your summer of craft is going well. More from me later.