Saturday, January 26, 2008

YAY.... FO post!

So today is a FO post! I have tonnes..... well, maybe not tonnes but a bit!
It makes me happy!

James' skull scarf is complete and with it's new owner. YAY!

My Fresh socks are done tooooooo............I am wearing them now :) They are comfy! I hope I have enough yarn to knit a second pair! I reaaaaaly like them. They were my own dye job, on Knitpicks wool.... so I guess I really like the Knitpicks wool!
Also, a baby hat for a friend of my sisters. Super cute!
I have an update on my Burnt socks too. This is sock one.

With a close up of the details.

I am trying to get all the WIP's that I can find done and gone. I think that this week the Icarus shawl will be back on my plate. I want to not have to wonder what I will fine in the next box or basket.... etc. LOL Stash reduction one project at a time. Here is a prome example of something that I am working on clearing! Yes, the Star Scarf parade on Up Late Designs! LOL

Once all the current UFO's are out of the way then I can get to completing some of the other things on my queue! That will be real stash progress, I was hoping to start a few new projects to go with the Project Spectrum theme for this year. Luckily the Icarus shawl actually fits a colour planned for Feburary. (I have a new button for PS, check it out!) Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Forgotten.... a bit

So I didn't show you the goodies that I was given by my friends for our handmade Christmas

Amie made me Fetchings! SWEET!!

I was also fortunate enough to get a fantastic garden package from Julia, and a neckwarmer from Steph!! So awesome! I love handmade! They are the best kind of gift.

I didn't take really good pictures of the gifties that I made for them, but I will see if I can get some action shots in the coming weeks! Amie recived a new purse, Steph got this lovely Star scarf.......
and a knitting needle roll. Julia got both a needle roll, and a crochet hook roll! YAY! I love those little things, even if they are a challenge to make still. I just don't sew them enought to be habit yet! I will have more pics as soon as I can.

I was planning on having some new sock pictures too, but I have to do the math to start Carina's socks.... and that was too time consuming last night. So I started on a new pair for me in that lovely black/pink/purple yarn I flashed last post! James' scarf is farther along, but alas not done yet, I am off to the couch to get some work done on that guy now! Have a great hump day! LOL

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back again

So here I am ready to give a better update than the previous post.
I will start with my completed pumpkins.... cute litte guys eh, bet you can guess when I started these little babies..... around the Halloween swap! LOL Oh well, they have been waiting to be stuffed for ages and now they are put together and getting rave reviews!

My new pair of socks is so close to being off the needles, if I just stopped typing, I could have them done and photographed, and up her in about 15 min..... but I will block them first and then show them off. Here is an update photo however... I think the colours are working quite nicely!
Speaking of blocked socks, here are the first pair from the hand-dyed yarn..... on my homemade blockers LOL !! So cute!

I also have to get ready for the next pair of socks.... for a friend who live a ways away, they will be a suprise. I am planning on making a pair for her husband too. His will be boring black, with maybe a stripe of her yarn in it. Her sock yarn is truly a marvelous thing!
Nice huh, it's called Panda Yarn and it is a bamboo superwash mix. Dyed by the same shop owner who created my teal sock blend. She is pretty good eh? I am pretty excited to get these knit up, it's a "Christmas" gift. We don't really exchange holiday gifts, but we like to send care packages every once in a while LOL.

And last but not least, the Skull scarf for my good friend James. This IS a late Christmas present, but it is double knit, and I am improvising the pattern, so it's slower going than I would like! Any way, here is a nice shot of it.

I finally managed to get most of my Christmas gifts done. James and Tiztianna are left. The project that I am making for Titzianna is a black and red Star Scarf.... she will totally rock it, I can see it now!
Can you imagine, I started on the wrong things in September, so I never got enough ahead in my Christmas knitting! Dang! LOL Oh well, live and learn!
So gang..... there you have it. I have even posted all my UFO's in Ravelry.... so I can't get away with not finishing them...... they will haunt me every time I am in there. This last picture is of some sock yarn from the same source as the teal and the blue bamboo mix. This will be aother pair of socks for me, as soon as I am good enough to get all the little thing that are haunting me off my plate! I am so in cleanup mode! The DF and I are looking at moving, as I mentioned so I am taking the oppurtunity to pack up my things as best as I can..... at least what I am not using. LOL I will have some sewing to share with you next time I post.... the other things that I have to finish! aack! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Well helloooooooo.....

I confess, no pictures today.... but I am already on the second sock in that colourway I dyed, so I will have something to share very soon. The teal socks are blocking, I made the Stitch n' Bitch sock blockers from the second book out of clothes hangers, they are so handy! They are hanging in my laundry room at the moment. A funny sight!

I have to say that I have been knitting less, and I know that it is due to trying to get random things done and work on the house out in Richmond.......etc.......

I wish is wasn't so, I think that I will have to pull a coulple of "all-knitters" this weekend, I have things that have to be finished and gifted out! So frusturating, especially if it is intricate enough that I can't knit in the truck in the dark as DF and I go to get something done, or head to the hardware store or whatever!!

As you can tell, I need fiber terapy! More of it! I am planning on being at Knitopia Wools tomorrow night for knitting, to show off sock progress and hopefully trade some pumpkins for handspun! Anyhow, pics this week I swear! Happy knitting..........

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Time flies..........

When you have no time to knit!
Well, I suppose that isn't true, I have time..... but not to work on what I want. Somehow this month exploded with things that I have to get done in smaller time frames, and it is encroaching on valuable knitting time!! I hate that! My socks are done..... but not blocked! So I will share them of course!

I think they are smashing, so I started a new pair in some of the yarn I dyed in Wilton cacke colours this past spring/summer. Now these are fun!

I had no idea how the colour would turn out when I dyed them, and knitting with that yarn is turning out to be a mystery.... it seems to be spiraling the colours, which is neat! I didn't plan that! Here is a picture from when I dyed it, with a little friend! LOL
So I have learned some lessons on dyeing from this, how I'd like to have it next time, what colours I think would work well on an overdye, that kind of thing. Later guys.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New year!

I hope you all had a great holiday! Today has been nice here! I spent my Christmas day knitting socks and enjoying the company of my family. Holiday's are a bit of an adventure in travelling even for folks like me who have al the family in about an hour's radius. LOL

I still have things to finish!! Yikes! I can't belive it, I really thought that I was ahead of the game....but when you have to change plans, then everything changes.

That's okay though, I'm not alone.... the others aren't done either! LOL

So I can wait for the gifties from them and vice versa. I am just thrilled that they have taken the time to make me something! I am a lucky girl!
I have some projects done, but I don't want to risk giving away the suprise so you will have to wait to see them!

But hey, I did spend some time doing other holiday things.......

Happy New Year! Can't wait to start all new projects!