Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Forgotten.... a bit

So I didn't show you the goodies that I was given by my friends for our handmade Christmas

Amie made me Fetchings! SWEET!!

I was also fortunate enough to get a fantastic garden package from Julia, and a neckwarmer from Steph!! So awesome! I love handmade! They are the best kind of gift.

I didn't take really good pictures of the gifties that I made for them, but I will see if I can get some action shots in the coming weeks! Amie recived a new purse, Steph got this lovely Star scarf.......
and a knitting needle roll. Julia got both a needle roll, and a crochet hook roll! YAY! I love those little things, even if they are a challenge to make still. I just don't sew them enought to be habit yet! I will have more pics as soon as I can.

I was planning on having some new sock pictures too, but I have to do the math to start Carina's socks.... and that was too time consuming last night. So I started on a new pair for me in that lovely black/pink/purple yarn I flashed last post! James' scarf is farther along, but alas not done yet, I am off to the couch to get some work done on that guy now! Have a great hump day! LOL


Jennifer said...

I love your gift from your friends!! That is a great idea, to exchange handmade gifts with one another instead of store bought. Means so much more when you make something too! Well, sometimes it does. :)
Can't wait to see your other pics.
:) Jenn

Anonymous said...

I wear my Mountain Woman hat all the time! :)

I love that you had a Handmade Christmas with your friends.

Ilix said...

Thanks! I realy enjoy it too, they all knit or at least have been friends with us long enought that they know the kind of time that a item takes..... always nice to have an appreciatve recipient!