Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So another weekend has tromped on by and I have started packing my things. DF and I have taken out a storage space, and that means that we can store things that we have no space for in our current residence. LOL Kinda obvious I know.... but we also spent Sunday clearing out his grandfather's condo so it can go on the market. Furiture abounds in the storage unit already! I wish we had not come by it the way we did, but that is something that has passed. DF was there for him in the end, so that was a blessing.
So I have already started packing my stash! LOL I have quite a few projects for the next little while, and I don't need it all within arms reach! Down the road at the storage facility will be fine!
Now it's a matter of what to pack next! Hopefully with all this advanced packing, we can find ourselves a new place to move into!

Anyway..... I finished my stripey top-down.... pics to follow.

Tonight is knit night, and I think we may have some new bodies stop by! That would be fantastic, I met a new friend through Craftster and she moved to my town..... so I invited her out to join our knit group.... easy as that. She knows people who attend her school who have similar likes and intrests in fiber arts! So who know we may have three new bodies! :D

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Oh my goodness......
have you seen the new

I think that with every season they get better!!!!
I have no idea what I want to start first but it may end up being Mr Greenjeans!
I just love it! The style is fabulous! And the amount of fiber to use is attractive too! :)

I have also been spyin on MagKnits and I found this fantastic pattern! Sweet way to use some of that fantastic coloured sock yarn isn't it?! I love this idea and think that the fact that my LYS is having a yarn sale is just too much torture for a girl! I have to confess I already splurged and bout myself enough fantastic fiber for 3 new sweaters!!! Yikes and YOW! LOL
So I guess there is my stash-expansion confessional! My friend at Illuminating Soul picked up her first drop spindle and is loving it..... she hasn't put it down since her first lesson! We were wicked together! LOL she is looking for some insight on a business name so pop by if you can and help a girl out! LOL

As for what I am up to with all that new, soft, wooly goodness...... not much! Dang it!
I have a few things on the needles already and I know that I want to get some stuff done so I have to get what I am working on now DONE! That top-down raglan is coming along nicely. I don't think I will have it done in the next day though..... yesterday I had to rest my are due to an injury that keeps flaring up..... I don't want to over tax my arm, so I can only get a bit of knitting in in the day...... better to be safe than sorry!
I am working on a few things that I can 't divulge due to their swappy nature, I will take pictures and have those available once the packet is in it's new home!
I also hope to have some information on other things that I have gotten up to lately.... I have a wedding fair to go to on Sunday, so that should be interesting.... and a few other crafty things up my sleeve for this upcoming week. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 10, 2007

As Promised

Here we are some images of my completed projects! The Baby blankets..... I know that I have to weave in those ends, but I wanted pics before I forget! LOL

It is so nice to have some FO's to show you!

I feel like I haven't finished a thing lately, maybe that has to do with the fact that I haven't really completed anything for myself! Here is the top-down Raglan I started..... I put the sleves on the stitch holders this afternoon. On 5mm needles, Caron Simply Soft in two colours...... as I mentioned in the craftster post I can't get this yarn in Canada so I had to make a be-line for the border and pick some up in WM near Bellis Fair! Wow is this stuff inexpensive! And super soft, have to say I like it!

Thanks for the lovely compliments on the shawl! As I said before I hope to have another started soon...... more weddings! LOL. Here she is modeling it for another guest taking a picture! LOL She actually wore it when she arrived at the reception, but I was off being a sneaky friend and getting their house ready for the first night! So I didn't get a photo of that, but I am sure many did so I will comendere one at the first oppurtunity........YAY!

Isn't she pretty! Even the groom commented on how impressed he was! LOL

Thanks for the comments..... can't wait to hear more!

oh, and a teaser for you......... whatever will it be?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hey there!

Just wanted to give a quick update...... I plan to post pics tomorrow!

I have been stashbusting with headbands and more scarves.....
Finished two baby blankets and started on a top-down raglan sweater for moi!

I think we are going plinking in a second so I have to make this quick.
Knitopia in Langley is having a sale on Tuesday.... it's their grand re-opening! Be still my beating heart!
I have been keeping busy and plan to start both another shawl soon, and a second top-down raglan (maybe that second Wicked) in the coming week! :D
Hope you are having a great weekend!