Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here is a recently completed object. This is my second Swallowtail Shawl. I used Knit Picks Shadow laceweight. It is 100% wool, and has been in my stash for ages! I was glad to use it, but this only took up one skein of the three in the Oregon Coast colourway that I have. The photo does not do the yarn justice. It has so many fantastic colours in it. I highly reccomend it, lovely soft and warm. I have put aside this colour for the moment however as I have more vibrant shades in my stash.

This is my recently begun Bitterroot Shawl. Designed by Romi for Knitty..... I knew that I needed to use some colour. I have quite a bit of the Knit Picks Shadow. It's very affordable and the yardage is very reasonable so I went a bit crazy a few years ago and bought 12 skeins or so LOL. I was purchasing them with lace in mind, but I was looking at shawl patterns that called for at least 1000 yards a shawl. For each colour I bought three skeins to have enough to make the larger shawl patterns. I have indeed knit a few of that size, but with the recent amounts of smaller shawls I have found that I have a great lace stash that is going very far! I haven't decided how large to make this shawl, it has instructions for a shawlette and a full shawl size. This pattern also has beads in the shawl, so I love that!

And since this seems to be a lace themed post, I will now include a Calais Shawl that I knit for a friends' July wedding......Yarn escapes me at them moment... I think it was a Diamond Baby alpaca Lace.

Also a shawl that will most likely be worn tomorrow, by another bride. The Shetland Triangle in Malibrigo Lace. Natural colour.

I hope to post pics of the bride wearing it too! That will be fantastic, she was very excited when I gave it to her tonight, said it was perfect! Fantastic, you have to love it when you knit for someone and they really are worthy! LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a great weekend. I don't think I really got much rest in. Rest will be for the week. LMAO. I amuse myself  some days.

Yesterday was a Yarn Crawl to check in on shops that had signed up but didn't have flyers or signup sheets for the Yarn Harvest event next month. It was great! We hit 6 shops, and we could easily have done at least one more, but we started a bit late. This wasn't go in say hi and leave either....... there was shopping. We browsed in each store, chatted to staff or customers. This crawl is going to be fantastic! Want to see the goodies?

 I would love to show you but Blogger isn't letting me. That's no fair. I wanted to show off the Organic fair trade laceweight cotton, the Fleece Artist Nyoni, the purple blend Kauni, and the Blue baby alpalca laceweight too!

I also planned on showing off the beautiful peaches that I spent most of this afternoon-evening canning. They are beautiful, and will be yummy! Sad really, it's not often that I have image issues. I wonder why.
Well... anyway have a great evening and week. If you are not familiar with the Yarn Harvest yarn crawl that I am organizing and you want to know I will shamelessly plug it, or answer you if you let me know you want info. I thik I will be going to be and dreaming of what to do with my lovely yarns..... yay!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yarn Harvest Comes!

September 25, 2010 is when The Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley gain a yarn crawl of our very own!
Yarn Harvest will be fantastic, great! I don't really get to play because I am organizing.... but who cares, we get a yarn crawl! Let me know if you want more  specific information... I will post more deails soon.
For sure Black Sheep, 88 Stitches, Gina Browns' and Kitopia are in. Along with some amazing local artists of the fibre persuasion! (Sweet Georgia) I am super excited!

Hello, I had plans... and then they changed!

So I had plans and then things went sideways on me.
I planned to jam and can.... not so much.
I planned to blog one a week..... that worked out well huh? lol
I did get a bit of knitting and sewing done though. I need to take some FO pics... but for now.
Hope you are all well. Can't wait to browse what you are up to.