Sunday, November 18, 2012

A few finished things.

This week was a busy one, and boy did it go fast. I am a bit at a loss for what to say so this will not be a long post.
I was a lucky gal and my husband bought me some lovely beads when we took a day trip to Granville Island this summer.

It was wonderful of him.... and I promised that I would use them up.
So I did. Yay!

I am wearing the amethyst ones right now. Thank you Husband! Seriously they make me smile, just being done.
Also completed this morning a new cowl for my Dad, I used a Knit Picks alpaca blend in a light grey. It's just drying,and I have to tack in the ends, but other than that complete! Not a really exciting photo ad it's not a real pattern per no photo.
Also completed this week are the baby burp cloths....
You may recall.

All done. Yay. Sorry for the post short on words..... long on photos. Hope you had a great week and I hope I can be inspired to write a more interesting post this week.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hello Sunday!

The view from my door is calm and wet.....

for the most part a calm and grey day. Fall is like this around here. Nice to have a break from the rain.
So as it is not sunny and compelling outside the house..... this is what I am up to inside. (so far)
I have already done some tidying, and laundry folding while watching a nice movie is on the list as well, but that is not really interesting, so no photos of that. Sorry.

So here is something I am enjoying at the moment......

tea in a space mug. I love this mug, I got it from the Science fiction book club. Remember that? Does that even still exist or has it gone the way of the CD clubs of the last century.... lol. Oh my goodness..... it still lives!(well in the USA it does.... I wonder if I can join it? hmmmmmm oops, moving on)

I have been making great progress on the Jeweled Cowl, and honestly I stand by my earlier statement that this is going to be a multiple project pattern! Love this! It just grows so fast. Seriously I am not making time for this knit... and I am working on other projects, I swear. But I may have mentioned I have mentally planned at least TWO others and I think my mother-in-law likes it too.

The potential is endless, or it seems that way. Every time  I hear about another person's project it sounds AMAZING so I can't wait to see how everyone else in the KAL is doing. Oh, I had a question about the beads. I am using size 0/6 beads, and I love the colour. The weight is a bit of a concern though, I know some people are using a size smaller, 0/8 beads and I am wondering if that is better. This cowl has WEIGHT, as in the beads give it a space that drapes. It seems pretty heavy, so I think another project may have my choice of beads change. This one is fine the way it is. I always have a tester. lol

I have been knitting away randomly on a  mustgo afghan.  It's out in the TV room so I can work on it if I am sitting and have nothing else within reach/appropriate to work on.

Called a Must- go because I have a bunch of Homespun leftovers from various baby blankets and random projects when I was less interested in fiber content than I was in just knitting something I liked in a nice colour. It's washable and handy lots of big boxes have it. Anyway, it was just sitting there and I thought I should do something... so I have wound it into balls it's in a box covered by an opaque bag and I have my husband grab a random ball for me when I am finished the one I am knitting. Random is good. No real formula here, just making a "dishcloth blanket" increase by yarn over two stitches from the start of each row and continue until you think that it's big enough across then decrease the same place. I have had my own stash supplemented by some of the swap yarns from the guild and donations as well..... it's hard to teach a newbie how to knit on boucle yarn. So it got added to my box. I even had a donation from the guild meeting. LOL and now everyone knows my little project is collecting scraps..... so I may have more coming.

Sam seems to think it's OK, so I must be doing something right. Other than that my day should consist of more laundry and hopefully some sewing. Updates on that if it happens, we shall see.
Be safe on the East Coast, I hope the weather is calm enough to be safe. Have a great day!