Thursday, March 29, 2007

So today is another lovely spring day!

And I'm inside at home because I feel poopy. I got a chill last week and I have been developing a cough, sore throat and sinus issues ever since! Dang!
It sucks, days like this I really love my job, I do garden maintenance and landscaping, and the flowers that you see in the pic of my little pal are just the begining! LOL
Here we have sakura (cherry blossoms) already! So pretty!
I'll get a picture for another day's posting!

So thanks for all the compliments on my spacy scarf! I appreciate it! Also, Errika, it was the Feburary wishlist swap that I got my little pal from, I was the organizer this month and I think that I will do April as well! Craftster is fun! LOL
Hope you are all having a great day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Friend!

So, I had a suprise waiting in my mailbox yesterday!
I just have to show you!

Lovingly delivered from Scotland all the way here to Canada by Shooting Star! Gotta love swaps! I had a little pal. It sure was a big hit last night at Knit Night! LOL

I also promised an update of my sweater........ this is the Buttony sweater from ohmystars. Gotta get the arms on and the buttons too, but other than that not bad huh? This would me my "March" sweater..... yes I am still working on Feburary. I still love it too! I have been swatching for "April" and "May" LOL. Who dosen't love sweaters!

So anyway that is my update for today! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

YAY a picture!

Well, I guess I have been dragging my but about updating pictures a bit! Sorry about that, the pictures keep the knitting blog an intresting place to visit! LOL

So here is a finnished double knit scarf that I gave to my brother..... I already have one!
My story? I love the space invaders, I have a handmade bracelet with them on it too.... so it was a logical jump. There is a great new chart up for the socks on the cover of the most recent knitty, but I needed more, so I created my own arrangement from the little guys! There are so many charts out there!
I hope you like, and I have other things to show you..... it will have to be later this week. Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

About time for a fresh post...

Well, I think so anyway!
I finished the body of the Buttony sweater that I am in a KAL for.
Now onto the sleeves, I just have to get that hat off the needles! LOL

I was at the Weavers and Spinners Guild meeting for Langley last night. I saw some fantastic work, spoke to some lovely people, and generally had a good time. Fiberfest is coming up in Abbotsford at the Tradex May 10-11. I wonder if I will have time to volunteer...... that would be cool! I did however get a second job lined up so I may not be able to. Gotta put away that money for a house, and to make that debt go away.

So I have been carding the fleece that I dyed. I can't wait to try spinning it, but first I have to send some out. I promised some to a friend and I am sending to Australia for my current swap. Yes, the one that I am organizing..... I had to join, everyone is so great! LOL

Oh and I was the recipient of a gift today. Faye gave me a shalish weaving loom.... and some of her own handspun fiber! She even had some form her ram "Sam" he was a dark thing! I hope to have pictures very soon, of everything! LOL

Monday, March 19, 2007

Relay button

New Button for the Relay! Check us out.... join in, donate, or just offer good vibes whatever! All are great! See below....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Man, some days...

Happy St. Patricks day!
I am not Irish, but hey who doesn't like green beer? LOL
So I have a few things to post this weekend, but my grandmother is flying in from Toronto and we are cleaning alot today, I had hoped to finish off the sleeves for my Mariah, but I have no idea if that will happen!
So I am updating to let you (those who pop in from time to time) know that I am working on stuff, and I do miss giving you pictures, but I will fix that soon!!
LOL, I hope!

Thanks for the note on the t-shirt quilt idea! I did find this site that I think may be helpfun in the future, as well as taking a kind "commenter" on her offer for advice! LOL Love the internet!
I think that I don't have as many shirts as I thought! I may have to scour the thrift shops, too bad the mian one here is VV and the pricing seems to have changed recently! (a bit high... like, 7.99 for a tie! no kidding) So I am glad to say that there are two other locally owned and run shops that I feel deserve my business, the Bibles for Missions, and Penny Pinchers...... both are for local charities, I know that ther are a few downtown that are for the SPCA, but I don't know where... suggestions? Thrift stores in the Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Aldergrove areas that are still thrift stores?!?!?! I appreciate the help! I will also take shirts that you think I will like that you don't know what to do with....

On a different note I joined the Relay for life! YAY the Beach Babes ride again!!!! Now I have a link page and everything!! So I have ideas for that too, I have to send out an e-mail to the tewm, I want to make shirts for us this year! We didn't have any last year, and I wan tto do it!! I hav egreat plans! If any of my teammates are listening........ pick up a shirt that I can paint for you, purple or blue.........and machine washable! YAY!! I will post some pics when I can...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Always thinking!

So I have been thinking about a few thing that I may want to take on in the future.
I was surfing the other day and saw a t-shirt quilt. I have no idea where.....sorry to the lovely lady! I was inspired! I thought about all the t-shirts that I had kept, because I loved them, but sadly couldn't wear because of their size or condition!
She took all the concert t-shirts she had collected before her college years and put them together in a quilt! It was great! I thought that was such a good idea, and I wondered if I had enough shirts.... I don't think I do. I wondered if I could collect them at thrift stores, or get them from friends? A gathered t-shirt quilt......... from a community. What an exciting thought. So I guess, if you have a shirt that you can part with, one that is neat but you never wear and wouldn't do anything with....... want to send it to me? LOL
Just a thought..... or, even better..............collect your own from the community and make a quilt!
That would be great, all those pics up on knitblogs everywhere! LOL

So I also have to get up a logo for the Relay For Life that we are doing! YAY year two.... "The Beach Babes" it really helps that we live by the sea! LOL I can't wait, we had so much fun last year.... it goes on all night and you walk, talk and play games! It was great! I think that this year may be even better! So with that, I leave you for a bit! Good night!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yay more knitting!

Nope, sorry I hav eno FO's today, but you know I may have one or two by the end of this week coming! I plan to work on my Mariah for at least an hour every night after work! I really want to finish these sleeves, cuz the body will be a piece of cake I think! LOL I could be totally wrong however.....
I did start another double knit scarf! Wait until you guys see it! I think that it is coming along rather nicely!
I am knitting a hat (or possibly hats) for my sister, in the colours of her buisness! :) so fun.

I also started carding this weekend! I did a bit last night and I am honestly not sure that I am doing it right, but hey, I gotta try! LOL

Hey gang, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments! I love that part about this blogging stuff! Neat people that you "meet" from all over!! I promise that I will reciprocate when I can!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

FO for you.

So the Double knit scarf is done! yay!
and I have started another LOL neat...... I love knitting! Always full of suprises and fun!

Let's see if I can show you..... there you have it! now I just have to get on the other stuff on my list so I can get some other things done!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Something for you!

So I will give up some of the images I have today! YAY!
I hope that I won't overload anyones circuts...... not too many!


So I think I will start with the lovely FQ's I got from xladyluckx in my swap!They are sooooooo lovely!
I think that you will like them! I have no idea what to do with them yet! I wonder if I will have to take up quilting! LOL I may have to! With this kind of haul, I would want to have it on display though! How else to do that, than have it laid out on a bed! I think that I could crazy quilt....... it could work. I think....................
So that will be a nice addition to the fabric that I have already! The colours are true! YUMMY. So, let's see..... now what to show you.

Here is part of the order from Knit Picks..... the Talemark that I got to make a few hats! The colour is pretty true, I was a bit suprised at how dark the "rosemary" in the lower right was whn I got it, but I think that it will still work.

I want to make "We call them Pirates" from Hello Yarn..... this should be fun! Green for the fiance, black and white for my brother, and the grey's for me. I got the purple just in case I have extras enough to make another hat...... so then I have another full ball of colour...
Once I know if it works ok, I have a few more hat plans that this yarn could work for! I can't wait to try this!!! Hello yarn is great they have a blank chart that is to the same specs as this hat plan, and you can do whatever you want! LOL

So I picked up some sock weight yarn that can be hand dyed, this is going to be so much fun! I can Wilton dye them!!!
I have some other white wool that I will probably add to the pot! I love to do this stuff, it always ends up unique.... and who doesn't love unique.
This will be some great fun, and I hope that it leads to a pair of great socks.....

So now we come to the reason that I ordered wool in the first place....The Sesame sweater that I want to make..... The colour on the pic is not true unfortunatally, dam that! I love the yarn though, so that is the good part, it's a heatherd green (called Forest Heather funny that) and it sings in the sunshine, so lovely. Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks.

I suppose that I should mention, all the lovelies that I bought are 100% wool, which is quite impressive shince I didn't pay that much! so here is that great mass of wool...... 12 balls total.

And last but not least, a update image of the double knit scarf! I have worked on it since then, so it is a bit longer already! This is working out really well, and I have a plan for the next one already! Thanks again Crafty Chick! I love this idea! I don't think that my next one will be stars, I either want to do diamonds, or a skull pattern, I am so predictable! LOL oh well, beter do it now while I like it!
So what else is new? I have been swatching for a top-down raglan.... and I think I may have it ready to begin. I cast on for the Sewater of many Buttons and I am working away on that, and the arms for my Mariah are getting longer! I really do have tons to do! I guess I should get on the wedding shawl for April too..... LOL man, I am nuts! The hats that I knit for the charity event went into the silen auctions, and were sold out! YAY! glad that it worked.
Well, hope you weekend has been good do far! Back to work tomorrow!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fiber Friday.....alas!

Well, not alas for me, alas for you guys!
My Knitpicks order came in!!!! YAAAAY!

And I took pictures to flash! But the camera, and cords are up at the the fiance's oops, guess I'll update that part later! I am really excited, this bring so much promise! I have several new projects looking at me from this box! lol

AND.......... I have update pics of the projects that I am working on...... the double knit scarf (which I highly reccomend you all make if you have a chance! It is fun!) hats for the charity auction tonight, just about everything!

So I will either post those tonight, or later this weekend, the fiance and I ane going to a sportsman show tomorrow in Abbotsford! We went last year and it was totally facinating! I am hoping we have some guests to join us, but who knows! Maybe I can post some pics of that for your enjoyment!
Other news I am organizing a swap! Well no one else could, and I really loved doing the Wishlist swap, so this month on Craftster I organized it! yay me! LOL I'm sure it will all go smoothly

Have a great GREAT weekend, and enjoy whatever you have to do!