Sunday, March 04, 2007

Something for you!

So I will give up some of the images I have today! YAY!
I hope that I won't overload anyones circuts...... not too many!


So I think I will start with the lovely FQ's I got from xladyluckx in my swap!They are sooooooo lovely!
I think that you will like them! I have no idea what to do with them yet! I wonder if I will have to take up quilting! LOL I may have to! With this kind of haul, I would want to have it on display though! How else to do that, than have it laid out on a bed! I think that I could crazy quilt....... it could work. I think....................
So that will be a nice addition to the fabric that I have already! The colours are true! YUMMY. So, let's see..... now what to show you.

Here is part of the order from Knit Picks..... the Talemark that I got to make a few hats! The colour is pretty true, I was a bit suprised at how dark the "rosemary" in the lower right was whn I got it, but I think that it will still work.

I want to make "We call them Pirates" from Hello Yarn..... this should be fun! Green for the fiance, black and white for my brother, and the grey's for me. I got the purple just in case I have extras enough to make another hat...... so then I have another full ball of colour...
Once I know if it works ok, I have a few more hat plans that this yarn could work for! I can't wait to try this!!! Hello yarn is great they have a blank chart that is to the same specs as this hat plan, and you can do whatever you want! LOL

So I picked up some sock weight yarn that can be hand dyed, this is going to be so much fun! I can Wilton dye them!!!
I have some other white wool that I will probably add to the pot! I love to do this stuff, it always ends up unique.... and who doesn't love unique.
This will be some great fun, and I hope that it leads to a pair of great socks.....

So now we come to the reason that I ordered wool in the first place....The Sesame sweater that I want to make..... The colour on the pic is not true unfortunatally, dam that! I love the yarn though, so that is the good part, it's a heatherd green (called Forest Heather funny that) and it sings in the sunshine, so lovely. Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks.

I suppose that I should mention, all the lovelies that I bought are 100% wool, which is quite impressive shince I didn't pay that much! so here is that great mass of wool...... 12 balls total.

And last but not least, a update image of the double knit scarf! I have worked on it since then, so it is a bit longer already! This is working out really well, and I have a plan for the next one already! Thanks again Crafty Chick! I love this idea! I don't think that my next one will be stars, I either want to do diamonds, or a skull pattern, I am so predictable! LOL oh well, beter do it now while I like it!
So what else is new? I have been swatching for a top-down raglan.... and I think I may have it ready to begin. I cast on for the Sewater of many Buttons and I am working away on that, and the arms for my Mariah are getting longer! I really do have tons to do! I guess I should get on the wedding shawl for April too..... LOL man, I am nuts! The hats that I knit for the charity event went into the silen auctions, and were sold out! YAY! glad that it worked.
Well, hope you weekend has been good do far! Back to work tomorrow!


Jan said...

Love all the pictures! Your going to be busy. The scarf is very cool. And isn't it nice when your work is appreciated. Congratulations on all your hats getting sold!

futuregirl said...

Your scarf is totally cool! I love the colors and the design.

BurritoGirl77 said...

I want all of your fabrics! :)

CanarySanctuary said...

I love knit picks! And, I'd love to hear what your experiences are with those yarn types. I've tried 3 different types from them, and enjoyed knitting with all of them.

superhooker said...

Oh, man! I am jealous of your pretty fabrics!!!! Awesome!