Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Good day out

Well, today was my day at the Fibres West festival. I was super glad to be there, and tried to do my best to volunteer at the guild table, but I honestly ended up walking around for ages with my girls! YAY! Jane, Julia,  Aimee, and Anna. Thanks ladies.
It was a great day! Food was awesome, and of course there was yarn!
This was one of the free pass days that I am allowing myself this year.

Aren't they lovely!? I am super happy. I used all of the yarn I purchased last year, so I thought that this would be a good idea. I hope I am right! I can't wait to use it! Malabrigo, Indigo Moon, Sweet Georgia and West Coast Fiber Works. Yum.

Can't wait to show off some finished objects too. I am so close to being doen two sweaters, I was unhappy with the collar on one, so I am reknitting it. Socks, and fingerless gloves are on the needles too. Were you at the show? What did you get? Yarn Harvest is the next thing for me to save for! Sweet.