Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Times!

Happy times! Yes they are! I don't have any pictures to share today or any really neat news on the knitting front..... (I did finish the first sock from my lovely handdyed, but I will show you that when the second one is more than just 3cm of ribbing on the needles!) Well, I guess I can say that a few friends and I are giving gifts this weekend, as we all had plans with our respective families this past week.......... so I am still finishing up some gifts, which is why my scarf bar hasn't really changed much.
I will have pictures of all soon!

I did pop in to wish you all the very best this Holiday season. Merry Christmas, and have a great New Year's Eve, be it quiet or loud! I hope yarn and handmade goodies made their way into your stockings this year!

Talk to you all soon................. this weekend I get my potery wheel!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What to do! Change plans!

Yes in-deedy, time is moving too quick and I have gifts to finish.... some on a stricter time line than others! My pals from Knit Night and I are planning on exchanging gifts when we see each other the week after Christmas. We all have things to do and engagements to attend! So I have a bit more time to creat for them than others who get prezzies on Tuesday! Or those at my work who are leaving for all of Christmas! Yikes!!
So I have to change my plans.....

My Ravelry queue has changed on account of the quick-er knits that I have decided to go with. Of course the things that I don't have to have done for a bit yet are pretty much done! As usual! LOL So I am off to try to bang out a neck warmer or two and maybe hats.....
I promise to post pics as soon as the suprise has been sprun for each person! Have a great time finishing your projects this week, I wish you all mimimal stress and enjoyment of egg-nog!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Actual pictures!

Hey there, I hope my confession didn't turn anyone off me....... I really am not a super b*&ch, I just have secrets like everyone! You should go back and check out Knitting Up A Storm to see the updated post that she created...... she summarized all the contes responses. Way to go Knitty Knitter!

See, I didn't fib, I do have pictures for you to see..... because I love to show off a bit. (What knitter doesn't really!)
Up first I think will be a completion shot of the We Call Them Pirates hat I made for my brother. As my fellow Knit Nighters know I was quite concerned that this hat would actually not fit my brother! Sorry gang, it did!! I will make you pretty other knit gifts for the holiday! I promise! He was such a great sport about modeling for me! He loves it and wants it, but I have to block it still!

Next are a few of the knit scarves that I have been working my way through. I still have quite a few to get through, but at least they go pretty fast. You can see both recent star scarves in this one. I think I still have a few of those left to create this holiday too! LOL, but I know that you have heard me share how much I like to make them anyway! All different types of yarn and combinations of yarns, I like to make the scarves great, thick and washable. That way whomever I give it to, they can't wreck it.

Finally I share a pair of Maple Seed Hats. I was introduced to the pattern on Craftster, but it is also very acessable on Ravelry, and I am too lazy tonight to add the links to my post........ okay I lied, but for some reason Ravelry isn't loading so I hope it will work later. I encourage you to try one if you like them, once you get the pattern repeat down they knit up super fast! It is So satisfying knowing that you are done a gift!

The white one is mine, you can see it in my profile pic up top, and the reddish one is off on it's way to my Grandmother! I guess I will have to mention that she not wash it in the machine! LOL I have a few more that I am knitting, these were both knit in Patons Classic Merino. It works great and keep you toasty plus you have the added bonus of making two from one ball of yarn! I am also going to try it in some of the WOA that I have left from my Wicked. So there you have it. I hope to share more and see more of what your fingers are knitting up this Christmas too! Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

More contests, good Question!

Yay, another contest!
Off to Knitting Up A Storm to see what she wants this time!

She wants your scandals!! Yes indeed, what do you deny, what do you hide? Well, here are my confessions.... feel free to comment, ask a question... or share yours. Enter the contest! You have until Saturday night.
Wow, I guess it's nice to see that such a lovely hobby can have so many side effects! LOL
No one is alone!
Hmmmm, I share so many of the ones that have come before.

1. I think that my knit items are usually better than others in my family and close friends who try the same patterns. This is not always true, and many of us NEVER knit the same things. But I passed on my favorite purse pattern and have seen the results from a few other people.............. not as tight, not as sleek and not as well felted! ;)

2. If someone doesn't show proper appreciation for a knit gift, they will not receive one again. I need to have some bit of appreciation and preening! Complex or not, I do want to hear how much they love the ....... I knit them! I have an ego too, it needs to be stroked occasionally!

and just for good measure........
3. My gauge is excactly that of the ball band. I have yet to have an issue. ( WAtch that bite me in the ass...... knockin' on wood as I type) I don't know if that is a scandal, but I bet it isn't the most poular thing I have said to other knitters!! LOL

LOL, scandalous! I try not to let these feeling effect me when I am with those who have done these things.... you are the only ones who know! Why would I tell them? No need to make them feel bad, besides that is what makes them truly scandalous, that they are not the best side of me. To those few who knit with me weekly and read this blog, this has never occured to my knowledge with you.

On a personal knitting note, I will have some brand new progress pictures up on Ravelry and for here in a day or so. If you have seen my progress bar, then you know what is done and that I have added some new things! I love giving gifts, but packing so many into one month is hard. I started early too, you know that! LOL Oh well, I at least have the satisfaction of knowimt that a few are done! Have a great last two days of the week gang!
LOL ;)