Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Times!

Happy times! Yes they are! I don't have any pictures to share today or any really neat news on the knitting front..... (I did finish the first sock from my lovely handdyed, but I will show you that when the second one is more than just 3cm of ribbing on the needles!) Well, I guess I can say that a few friends and I are giving gifts this weekend, as we all had plans with our respective families this past week.......... so I am still finishing up some gifts, which is why my scarf bar hasn't really changed much.
I will have pictures of all soon!

I did pop in to wish you all the very best this Holiday season. Merry Christmas, and have a great New Year's Eve, be it quiet or loud! I hope yarn and handmade goodies made their way into your stockings this year!

Talk to you all soon................. this weekend I get my potery wheel!

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Farrah said...

Hi, there! Thanks for the comment on my blog- my Christmas ornaments will be coming soon. I took pictures before I gave them away so I will post those ASAP. Thanks again for finding me- Don't you just LOVE Ravelry?