Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG.... it's almost here!

So....... knitting gifts......

I'm on it!! LOL I can share a few things..... I feel safe with these.

Mitts for some lovely ladies.MY MIL among them.

Finished slippers for my sister from her birthday..... belated.

And of course..... WIP"S!! LOL

One last shot...... out the front door. Hope you have a Merry and maybe White Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vistiting for Inspiration.

Hello Holiday Knitters and crafty-types!! It is a winter wonderland here and we may have a white Christmas after all! That is not something that happens alot here in the Fraser Valley!

I am well into knitting my gifts..... in fact tonight I stop by the post office to pick up a box of supplies for myself and a pal. Yay!! More wool..... yikes. Luckily now that I have a few patterns that I like, I think the gifts that I bought the wool for will be knit up reasonably quickly and I will have no stash addition after all is said and done. I am hoping to have some pics of "Safe" gift FO's here for you...... as I have given my wish list for family and friends on this blog, I have a few more people that I have to hide stuff from. Sorry gang, I know that at this time of year, we all want to see the knitting!!

Today I wanted to quickly turn you on to two podcasts that I find help with my creativity and get me inspired, hopefully to get you in the same frame of mind!

First is CraftyPod. A podcast and blog about ALL things crafty, from knitting and scrapbooking to making ornaments and macaroni art! Seriously!!
So I have not caught up to all the episodes of the Podcast, but the topics vary so greatly, and the shows can be as short as 20 minutes. My favorite lately was the #79 Episode, Crafting with Neckties!! My brain felt like it was on FIRE!!!
Right now if you pop over to Sister Diane's Blog then you will get a mass of all thing Christmassy from years gone by, and not all of it is fantastic, but it is kitchy and fun!
My second creative inspiration podcast..... is Craftlit. "A podcast for crafters who like books"
Heather Ordover is a former English teacher who runs a literature class through a podcast and also loves to knit and craft.
I am unsure what exactly about this I find so inspirational specifically, but I enjoy having someone discuss the literature that she provides, I did so love English Lit class..... and here it is for me again! The book currently begining is "The Curious Tale of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" which I have read recently in a literature class, but I am very keen to hear what Heather has to say. I am currently listening to episode 58, which is "A Tale of Two Cities" which I have never read, and honestly am plodding my way through....... and finding out intresting things through. (You may ask yourself WHY I would be listening to a piece of literature that I am not enjoying...... when I don't HAVE to...... because sometimes what you gain from literature has very little to do with how much you like it.)
Any way I hope that you will all catch a few of these podcasts, you can listen from the blog sites in both cases. At least I hope you can. ( I checked both sites, they have the widget...)
Or just pop into the blog and poke around. I have also left another link in the title of this page.... a good site for inspiration. Happy crafting and see you soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008



The Holiday wishlist…… at the request of my family….

How fun!!

>Amazon.ca books from my wishlist (some books may be cheaper through Knitpicks)

>Drop Black Pearl earrings

>Holiday Mug

>Knitting Goodies

> Small cookie cutters for clay-work

>Lovely Photo frames for the multitude of pictures I have!

>Registy stuff is always great.... but not the spice rack, I have that.

I hope this is helpful, I have no idea sometimes how to express my good fortune at having such fantastic friends and family.... so Thank you! This is in no way an expectation list.

Happy Christmas and Holidays! More knitting content to come!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dang.... I got Tagged!

A Little Yarn On the Side tagged me yesterday with the Six Things Meme.
The rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random, arbitrary things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Hey at least it's only six... there are usually fun. Check
Toni's out... they are neat! The first one almost made me spit out my tea!

My 6 random, arbitrary things:

1.I like baths, but usually shower, because I can't do anything that relaxes me in the tub.... the knitting or the book could get wet!

2.I would rather be playing in the mud.

3.I own two game consoles and two handheld game players.... three of which are Nintendo.

4.Scrapbooking and I don't get along. It takes too long! LOL

5.I want to sketch and draw more, so last week I went to the art store and picked up some supplies. Pen nibs, India ink, my favorite lead of pencil and a kneadable eraser among them... I have some great plans!

6.My favorite three teas are Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey and Hawaian Colada Roobios. Yum

And I now tag.....


Please feel free to play along.. tagging isn't always nessecary!

Monday, December 01, 2008

That's what we're here for right?

To make the world better for those that we love and cherish... and to pass it on!

So there are a few charity things happening around me. The Boomer project at the LYS.... makes hats, sweaters and all sorts of warm things to be distributed by the Canadian soilders in Afghanistan to the children in the middle of this conflict we find ourselves in. None of the objects are for adults... just the kids, in memory of a fallen Canadian Medic.

My good friend
Star Gazer is gathering warm woolies, and all sorts of useful things like toliletries, and those comforts that can't be knit to give to a home for recovering adicts. She soes this with a friend of hers, who lost her brother a few years ago, much too young and honors his memory by aiding others.

Also a Blog-pal
Knitting Up A Storm is having a knitting bit of charity over at her blog. Please pop over and read her tale. She is gathering ornaments to send to a care facility.... anonomously (LOL I hate that word... it never looks right... I give up) I hope that we can all make time to do some good this season, even if it is simply a visit and a hug....

I am thinking of doing some volunteer present wrapping to help the Centre for Child Development fundraise. They are at my local mall and hey... I can give four hours.

Let me know what you are up to.

Do you do something every-year?

My sister and her sorority always adopt a family or two and act as "Santa" making a hamper of food, and presents for a lower income family, to help out. Last year they even had enough to give the kids nintendo DS's Talk about fun!
I think that charity knitting may not be on my list of can do...... so many things on my list as it is!! But I have a box of things that I have from last holiday and I am giving those to Star Gazer.
Have a great week guys.................. BTW the mitts are done and I am on to pair two... for the MIL.