Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have knitting!

Another update and another Baby Suprise Jacket!
I do love the versatility of these little things.... I am spreding the good word, especially to knitters who have very little "pattern" experience, this is all knit... and a few tweaks! I am hoping to get a few people knitting these little jackets, even if they are feeling like they don't have enough experience..... nonsense. They are fantastic!

I decided that I wanted to understand a bit more about the stripes that I have seen on various scrap, leftover BSJ's I wanted to understand how the striping would travel if I knit two strips of colour at the begining and one near the end. The results were the front

and the back.

I have this one on the needles now, where I began with one colour and I am obviously using some leftovers from another colour to finish up. These two experiments have been fun, and still quick to knit.... I do have a bit more to weave in however....

I have a progress shot of the back of the Central Park Hoodie. I think it is going very well, but because it is supposed to be a KAL and the others are not begun, or knitting as much as I am. I have only been knitting this on Knit nights. I think that I will have to speed this up though, as much as I am intrested in KALing with them, I do want to wear this sweater... that is the goal for me. I may have to knit a bit more during this weekend. Maybe finish the back, and begin a front. Who knows, I may not even get to it...

I do enjoy the way this is looking though, and I think that the others will too... I do know that it is knitting up fast for me, and that is always a bonus.
I guess I am just to impaitent to be knitting for me, and I do like the product at the end!

I am very close to being complete the hunters vest, I will be re-measuring for length tomorrow (or tonight) and hopefully binding off so that I may steek..... I think I really just have to bite the bullet and do it. I am knitting with wool, and some people don't even re-inforce the knitting with wool, as the fibers grab naturally. We shall see, I promise pics and a report.

Fibres West was this weekend, a few girlfriends, and my Mom went with me on Friday night. I picked up some fantastic New Zealand wool, at a great price from Twist of Fate. It is a chocolate brown colour, so now all I have to do is decide what pattern I want to use with it.

The festival was smaller this year than in years past, but as this is the first year that it has a new group at the helm, that is totally to be expected. I still enjoyed the booths, and obviously found some goodies. In this economy I really feel that supporting the local vendors is important! Hopefully next year there will be more, I wonder if they will need a planning comittee, I should try to volunteer!

So here are some fur baby shots.....


and Simon....

they are so cute, and still growing! awwwww....
good weekend gang, can't wait to give a better update with more FO's!

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Who would have thought that being a furry mommy would be so time consuming! HA! Little did I know!

Keeping up with a puppy and trying to keep the cat happy..... a handful.

Needless to say that I am not knitting too much, or al least as much as I want to. I have knit several things for babies... three Baby Suprise Jackets done, and two on the needles. They are fantastic as I may have mentioned, and genius.... so addictive to get it finished so fast!

Here are the first three. They need buttons, and that is all... I haven't had the time to go button shopping... oh well. I will get to it.

Here is our new fur baby, Sam

And our two together...

I know you were waiting for puppy pictures!

I did cast on for my Central Park Hoodie, but it is a KAL with the gals I knit with so I am not trying to get too far into it.

I have decided to measure up the Hunters vest for the Husband, and if the length is good, then I will cast off and steek in a collar later. I can pick up along the edge and knit it on , after cutting off. We shall see how that goes! LOL

Hope you are all well, and I hope that I can update sooner next week.