Thursday, November 29, 2007

So many pretty things!

ooooo a contest! Who dosen't want to win a contest!
Knitting Up A Storm would like to know how I would spend $200 on yarn! Sweet!

I think I would head to either my LYS and buy some fantastic Berroco ALpalca blend..... however many projects woth I could get out ot $200.... or I would have a blast shopping on Knitpicks, getting five sock yarn skiens to dye, some lace yarn, probable the Alpalca cloud or the shimmer. A sock yarn packet and a knitting circular socks kit. If I have some left over I will pick up the new Son of Stitch and B*tch. I am looking for fun and satisfaction from my purchaces. SOme lovely things to spoil myself with plus some dye experimentation.... you never know!

Check her blog out, she is starting an Esty shop!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey there.... I have been knitting I swear! See...... this is almost done!!

So here I am, busy and not really near a computer too often.
The DF and I are begining a renovation project on his uncle's house..... which we will then move into! YAY!! So exciting! There is a lot of work in the forcast so bear with me! I am getting to knit nights when I can..... and am not yucky sick. Things can get a bit funny! This is my pal knitting her first
Clapotis........ as a matter of fact it's the first one for our whole group! Yes, not one of us has knit this pattern before. There are 8 of us who usually knit together. Yes it's true. I think I may have to try one once my Christmas projects are done. Or do what she is doing, and make it one of my gifts.

I have finished the two-tone pink scarf, and have begun another!! LOL I know you guys must think I am crazy!! I think they make fantastic gifts! These two are for a mother and daughter I know! So the lighter pink is for the daughter and this one is for her Mommy! I hope they like them, I do so love to knit these scarves up!I have also cast on for an Icarus shawl from IK.
I am excited! Lots of pink lately! Funny that none of it is for me.... or telling! LOL I don't really do pink that often, except to knit......

Oh and If you haven't been by
Lotus Knits today, I would go check it out! She has the most amazing sock yarn...... and contests!! Thanks Lotus! Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here you go!

So as you can see I am again knitting stars! LOL
I have some great friends who are very deserving of some special neck warmers this winter.
I have several more to make and I have the colours sitting beside me. YAY!
So beware, you may get sick of seeing double knitting here! LOL
Here is a vest I am working on as well, I have some plans for some new work attire.
I am not sure what this will look like on me.... but I feel like trying! I will probably go for a more subdued colour also. I found these great vintage patterns too, so I am really considering those ones too. I think they look great!

And finally a baby blanket for one of my sisters friends. She really has to learn how to knit...... or pay me better!

I do love how quick they knit up though........ that may also be what I love about the star scarf too. I just get one done in a week, and I feel totally acomplished! LOL So I think that my scarf list has gotten longer...... way longer. I don't know if I really want to count at the moment. Oh well.
Guess I should update my Ravelry too.....
Have you seen Splityarn's blog this week? I love her staple sweater! I think that I will have to knit one up for my guy! He totally deserves it! It is done in Cascade 220, which is lovely.... but I don't know how he would treat it, if you know what I mean..... it should be washable. ;) Have a great week gang! I look foreward to seeing what you are up to!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lest We Forget

I would like to thank all the men and women who gave their lives in service. Today is Rememberance Day in Canada. We honor all those who are in combat now, and veterans who have gone into combat on our behalf before. Thank your for your great gift and know that you honor us with your courage and dedication! You make us proud to be Canadian!

At the tomb of the unkown soilder in Ottawa today poppies are placed by those in attendance, to thank those who fell and who were not named.

I know that this isn't my usual posting style, but the sacrifice has been great and I feel the need to show my respect in words. Now more than ever.

Thank you. From those who won't forget. Ever.
(we will return to our regular knit posting tomorrow)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Time loss!

Wow, can't belive that it's November already.
I have a few new thing on the needles.... but no pics of the top-down, it seems like it and the camera are never in the same vicinity!
Oh well, I have a vest on needles now too, and some lovely Christmas gifts! :D I did get some great news! My swap packet arrived! YAYY!!!!
I had fun making it and here are some pics for you!

Dang it! it won't let me!!!!

More later, I promise!
Have a great week!