Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey there.... I have been knitting I swear! See...... this is almost done!!

So here I am, busy and not really near a computer too often.
The DF and I are begining a renovation project on his uncle's house..... which we will then move into! YAY!! So exciting! There is a lot of work in the forcast so bear with me! I am getting to knit nights when I can..... and am not yucky sick. Things can get a bit funny! This is my pal knitting her first
Clapotis........ as a matter of fact it's the first one for our whole group! Yes, not one of us has knit this pattern before. There are 8 of us who usually knit together. Yes it's true. I think I may have to try one once my Christmas projects are done. Or do what she is doing, and make it one of my gifts.

I have finished the two-tone pink scarf, and have begun another!! LOL I know you guys must think I am crazy!! I think they make fantastic gifts! These two are for a mother and daughter I know! So the lighter pink is for the daughter and this one is for her Mommy! I hope they like them, I do so love to knit these scarves up!I have also cast on for an Icarus shawl from IK.
I am excited! Lots of pink lately! Funny that none of it is for me.... or telling! LOL I don't really do pink that often, except to knit......

Oh and If you haven't been by
Lotus Knits today, I would go check it out! She has the most amazing sock yarn...... and contests!! Thanks Lotus! Have a great week!


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Arrrrr!!! Ye hat looks grrrrreat, mate! lol.

Another D.K scarf?? Yowza! Props to you! I have to get my act in gear!

Chrissy said...

That's one good looking pirate hat!

Sam said...

I love the pirate hat!

You'd left me a comment on tangled yoke but I wasn't able to reply to the email, so I hope you don't mind me leaving an answer here. I've had no issues with the pattern. I did make the body a touch longer. But that's about it.

Angela said...

The Pirate Hat is one of my favorite patterns, and yours looks great!

I think you've knitted more stars than anyone else I have heard of!