Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, the stocking went well. I have been given rave reviews and lavish praise, which is great for my ego, but honestly I am just glad that my sister liked it. My niece won't care for a few years yet.

I guess I just want what all aunties and knitters who create things for children want. To create something that a child feels is special. Maybe they drag the blanket you knit around forever, or maybe the toy you make is the one that makes car rides go smoothly. To knit comfort into an object. In a way I have jumped that hurdle with this project and again in the new year when I knit the matching one for my nephew. It's a Christmas stocking, you only get one, and you know what it means when every year it gets pulled out of the decoration box. On that thought, I guess I should give her something to keep critters away. I would hate to see it ruined by little moth mouths.

A note on the pattern. The toe notes I found on ravelry I mentioned last post, but I didn't see any notes on the finishing method. This pattern calls for a turnover row and hem edge. Not a problem, except it wants you to continue in the box colours so there is a bit of a scalloped effect if you are not careful (I thought I was, but apparently not enough) and it asks that you fold it inside and tack down the live stitches. Not really possible using DPN's. So I turned the stocking out and tacked down the stitches that way. I felt that this was a good solution to the finishing, but that tacking down live stitches left a bit of waver in the end result...... so I may try to cast off then tack next time, that way I can pin it into position and hopefully eliminate any bunching.

 I don't think the scalloping of the edge is really any worry, at least not for me, I like it. If I hadn't told you it was an oops, the only way to know would be to find other projects. Any how, to finish it off before I gave it away, I rolled up a towel, stuffed it inside and gave it a good steaming with my iron. Worked like a charm. Hope your Christmas projects turned out well. I will have more next post. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Traditions

Last week saw me begin a new project. The first of two for sure……………Fireside Stocking (by Kate Gilbert) for my niece and nephew. Kettle dyed purple yarn, done with Wilton food dye, and white Patons Classic Merino Wool.

Any Knit Wits listeners can be assured that so far this stocking experience is not a pain in the behind (this is not a DREAD stocking), but it did start out a bit rough. I began this little number about six times. I had real problems with the toe chart. As soon as I was four or five rows in, the stitches began lining up oddly and the white/ purple dispersion was all wrong. Thanks to some helpful Ravelry folks I got around the problem. In the toe chart the increased stitches are marked on their respective rows. For the toe, an “M1” box in the pattern grid means the made stitch only, not a knit stitch plus a made stitch. Thank you aufildesjours for this notation.

That note on Ravelry saved this project. I seriously love the notes that people leave. Thanks for all the help you give when you make detailed notes!
I have liked this pattern since I picked up the Interweave Holiday Knits 2007, I am pretty sure it was the “tipping point pattern” that sealed the deal on my purchase of this magazine. I try not to buy magazines or books if I won’t make more than one pattern from them. I want value for my money! So naturally when my sister asked if I would be interested in knitting the Christmas Stockings for her kids I thought of this pattern. It means a lot to me that she asked me to make them. My sister has always been knitworthy. She always asks about care of gifts, and to my knowledge she uses what I give her and my niece all the time. My BIL I am unsure of, but he got a hat I was pretty proud of last year. So when a knitworthy family member asks for a knit item, I do my best to get it done for them. Stockings are a big deal. They have always held a special place in my heart and I think my siblings hearts too.

When we were kids, it was the only thing we were allowed to open at whatever crazy time we got up. Santa is an amazing stocking filler. Even now, if we are good we get a stocking filled. So to be part of Christmas memories from the beginning, to create something that will be part of the magic for years to come…… awesome.
I hope she likes it.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Planning for a Bounty.

Last year my parents' apple trees were overflowing with apples. My Dad made pies, but eventually ran out of things to do with them. This year in preperation for another large  harvest I began looking over my preserving books ernestly in the summer to decide what we would most likely eat and what I could do with a bounty of apples.

This year there was no apples. That sounds dramatic, there were a few apples but not nearly as many as last year. After the 2010 Winter Olympics we had a cold snap! LOL and alot of plants and trees that were budding early due to the lovely weather in Feburary, lost buds to the cold. Simple as that. 

What is a girl with apple plans to do?

Buy a box of apples from a school fundraiser of course! LOL

Here they are sitting in our cold room. 

And here is what I got up to today.

Apple pear crumble

and apple chips.

Yummy. It`s sad but I am unsure what apples I purchased. I am about 90% sure it was Gala apples. But honestly it could have been another type. They have been the same colour the whole time.
So I still have more apples, I will be making more ships, and I think I will have to make more crumbles, as I already have 3 places that I am taking a desert, and I only made 5 of the little guys! That will be great and I have not decided about apple butter or a apple pie filling. I was certian that I wanted to do canning, but I really don't know anymore. I hesitate as I have not tested a recipe for either I hate to waste my apples.

More on other parts of my weekend later. Hope you had a good one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now that the whirwind is done....

I can tell you that Yarn Harvest Yarn Crawl was great!
A Blast! Thanks so much to Anna and Catlin for hosting me at Baaad Anna's!

We had a busy and exhausting day. It was great! I bought nothing! How crazy is that!?

Find out more at the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild Blog

On a personal note..... I finished a few things. YAY!

My Old man of Storr, I knit it in Unwind Yarns in Licorice Alsorts so I call it my Treat of Storr. Came out really well and I really like the pattern!
This may seem wild, but the colour is true. I love it! How could I hide it in shoes? The pattern was easy and intuitive, once you got it..... no worries, you could pretty much pick it up and put it down. Fantastic.

I also completed another shawl, this one in Silk Crush by Sweet Georgia. I love the colour, it's called Saltwater! The pattern is Travelling woman, and I used the whole skein. I did make the centre section a bit wide and had to stop before the final lace chart was done (I wouldn't do that again) but, it's cozy and colourful. I wear it out and the Silk Crush is just fabulous.

Finally I am completing some little hats. There is a call out in the Lower Mainland for purple baby hats, so I have made a few, and will continue until the deadline, or my Guild meeting... whichever. LOL
They work up so quick that I have made a few for the little people in my life too.

Oh and the Bitterroot shawl is progressing quite well. The pattern seems daunting, but it's really straightforward. I can get through a chart in a hour or so. That being said, it's more than 300 stitches wide now and the chart I just began is the one where the beads begin too. I am not sure I will be whipping through it so fast now. The other reason or two that it may not be progressing as quick is that I have both made progress on other projects and I am beginning a KAL with some friends for the Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole. It will be so pretty! I am using laceweight malabrigo in Polar Morn. Pictures of that when you can actually see something more than squished up stitches! LOL

Hope that Thanksgiving was good to you all and that your projects progress well! Talk at you soon. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New goodies to show off.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been planning a Yarn Crawl called Yarn Harvest in the Fraser Valley. It is now available for viewing in detail on the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild Blog sweet! Pop over, join up... it's this weekend and it is shaping up to be a blast!

On a trip to stop at the shops, we did a bit of yarn shopping. (oops)
Since I will be staying at Baaad Anna's  most of the day... I won't really be shopping, but hay... Yarn Crawl!
Anyhow... this was what I got on my mini crawl. "Research"

A lovely skein of Fleece Artist Nyoni. I love this colour. Picked it up at Gina Brown's in Vancouver.

Organic and low impact dyed cotton from Plum Project Studios..... can you believe that this is over 800 meters! I so have plans for this!

A Yummy skein of lace weight baby Alapaca By Diamond. Picked up at my weekend host Baaad Anna's. I just love this colour, and it was so soft...... I was powerless. Mine now.

And last but not least, from the fantastic sale at Three Bags Full........

Beautiful Kauni. The colourway is ET. It is fantastic..... and yes I have plans for it. In fact as I confessed to my companions that day, I have been planning this purchase for a while. I have to say, checking out the colours on the site ELC is looking pretty appealing too! Well, I can always have more plans! LOL.

We actually hit two other yarn shops that day, and I did not buy anything. One was rude..... well chilly in their reception and the other..... I didn't see anything that made me take it home, but I think I was just scared to start shopping because they had some lovely stuff! Woo!

So, nest post a few projects that I have been working on...  some Bitterroot progress, and two other shawl/stoles that take up my time... but are sooooo worth it! I finally knit with my Sweet Georgia Silk Crush Yarn that I picked up at Fibres West in um..... March? Yikes!  Wait to see what I made, I love it! Have a great week. Hope to see you yarn crawling Vancouver and the Fraser Valley!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here is a recently completed object. This is my second Swallowtail Shawl. I used Knit Picks Shadow laceweight. It is 100% wool, and has been in my stash for ages! I was glad to use it, but this only took up one skein of the three in the Oregon Coast colourway that I have. The photo does not do the yarn justice. It has so many fantastic colours in it. I highly reccomend it, lovely soft and warm. I have put aside this colour for the moment however as I have more vibrant shades in my stash.

This is my recently begun Bitterroot Shawl. Designed by Romi for Knitty..... I knew that I needed to use some colour. I have quite a bit of the Knit Picks Shadow. It's very affordable and the yardage is very reasonable so I went a bit crazy a few years ago and bought 12 skeins or so LOL. I was purchasing them with lace in mind, but I was looking at shawl patterns that called for at least 1000 yards a shawl. For each colour I bought three skeins to have enough to make the larger shawl patterns. I have indeed knit a few of that size, but with the recent amounts of smaller shawls I have found that I have a great lace stash that is going very far! I haven't decided how large to make this shawl, it has instructions for a shawlette and a full shawl size. This pattern also has beads in the shawl, so I love that!

And since this seems to be a lace themed post, I will now include a Calais Shawl that I knit for a friends' July wedding......Yarn escapes me at them moment... I think it was a Diamond Baby alpaca Lace.

Also a shawl that will most likely be worn tomorrow, by another bride. The Shetland Triangle in Malibrigo Lace. Natural colour.

I hope to post pics of the bride wearing it too! That will be fantastic, she was very excited when I gave it to her tonight, said it was perfect! Fantastic, you have to love it when you knit for someone and they really are worthy! LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a great weekend. I don't think I really got much rest in. Rest will be for the week. LMAO. I amuse myself  some days.

Yesterday was a Yarn Crawl to check in on shops that had signed up but didn't have flyers or signup sheets for the Yarn Harvest event next month. It was great! We hit 6 shops, and we could easily have done at least one more, but we started a bit late. This wasn't go in say hi and leave either....... there was shopping. We browsed in each store, chatted to staff or customers. This crawl is going to be fantastic! Want to see the goodies?

 I would love to show you but Blogger isn't letting me. That's no fair. I wanted to show off the Organic fair trade laceweight cotton, the Fleece Artist Nyoni, the purple blend Kauni, and the Blue baby alpalca laceweight too!

I also planned on showing off the beautiful peaches that I spent most of this afternoon-evening canning. They are beautiful, and will be yummy! Sad really, it's not often that I have image issues. I wonder why.
Well... anyway have a great evening and week. If you are not familiar with the Yarn Harvest yarn crawl that I am organizing and you want to know I will shamelessly plug it, or answer you if you let me know you want info. I thik I will be going to be and dreaming of what to do with my lovely yarns..... yay!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yarn Harvest Comes!

September 25, 2010 is when The Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley gain a yarn crawl of our very own!
Yarn Harvest will be fantastic, great! I don't really get to play because I am organizing.... but who cares, we get a yarn crawl! Let me know if you want more  specific information... I will post more deails soon.
For sure Black Sheep, 88 Stitches, Gina Browns' and Kitopia are in. Along with some amazing local artists of the fibre persuasion! (Sweet Georgia) I am super excited!

Hello, I had plans... and then they changed!

So I had plans and then things went sideways on me.
I planned to jam and can.... not so much.
I planned to blog one a week..... that worked out well huh? lol
I did get a bit of knitting and sewing done though. I need to take some FO pics... but for now.
Hope you are all well. Can't wait to browse what you are up to.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Wide Knit In Public Day

I was at 88 Stitches yesterday for the first of the WWKIP days. It was a great day to be outside. Beautiful weather, not too hot, lots of sun, perfect. There was a great group that and our lovley hostesses had coffee, snacks and cookies. Thanks so much gals! I had a great time, and made some good progress on my Ox Blood sweater.... and then I had a yarn issue so I had to switch to my Essential Cardigan sleeves, until I could get home to check out the dye lots.
I had started a new ball, and the red was a bit different.... oops. Thankfully, I did a check at home and it was only the one that was a different dye lot. Whew! So ripped the odd one out and started a new ball again.

I did post up on the main WWKip website a Langley gathering for next week. The Tuesday group had been talking about paralelling it with the Langley Community Day, as we did last year. Last year was a fluke, but this year, it's a plan! LOL Check out the site for directions and details.

Bring whatever you want to work on, not knit exclusive. Hope the weather will be just as good as this weekend was. Hopefully I will be alot farther on my sweater.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunshine finally.

So today was sunny, I baked some muffins and bread, ran some errands with my husband, knit a bit and had a really long walk at the local dog park with my Sam.
Pretty good for a Saturday all in all. Now it's hot tea and knitting on the couch with my husband.

Just wanted to stop in, say hi and hope you are all having a good weekend too. More in depth later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I have some Fo's

Really I have a finished object or two kicking around. It is not just a rumor that I have been perpetuating.

The Blue Sedum I have mentioned is complete... and a button shopping expidition may be called for. I agree Aesderina. So no more new pics of that.... I will wait for buttons.

I did also complete some fantastic Mittens! My Canadian Pride Mittens by Vicky Taylor-Hood. I can't link to a site other than Ravelry, my apoligies if you are not on it. The pattern is available  free through Ravelry if you want to make them yours. She calls them  O Canada Mittens I love them... the pattern is easy, and it added a new skill to my repitoir. The braided edging. A technique that I have already put to use on a new mitten project. This I think will kick off my year of mittens... not that I will be knitting 52 pairs or anything, but I have many patterns that I want to make and they are small and portable.... just like socks, but intresting in a different way. Anyway more mittens are coming but first let me show these off.

Yes there is a dog foot in the shot... he really wanted to know what was up.
Back to the mittens, as I have small hands I used the modification provided, and went to town. They are lovely, and just in time for spring!
I used Patons Classic Wool....  about half a ball of each colour. So, affordable, quick and warm... go knit a pair! LOL

So currently on the needles I am in sleeve purgatory. The Ox Blood pattern knits the yoke to the sleeves and then you knit the sleeves before continuing with the body. Very cool, so I went with it. So, one project working on sleeves.

The second is the Iron ore sweater.... waiting to be steeked at the arms so I can begin sleeves. Since I am trying a new steek reinforcement I am not sure if it is the not wanting to cut or not wanting to knit sleeves.....

Last but not least I began the Essential Cardigan from the latest Interweave Knits. The Tangled Yoke wasn't working fot me and The stars aligned.... so I cast on and decided that I really should get the sleeves out tof the way if they are something that I really don't like knitting...... riiiight.

I do have the pair of mittens that I mentioned, but I began them once and they were huge, so I ripped them out and have started again, so Ihave no reall progress to show you. Two pairs of socks, one of the circular needles I do majic loop with snapped off in a filing cabinet accident and I am sharing the needle for both pairs. The Coastal Swallowtail is also still on the needles, but i just took a refresher on the beads and I think that after this post is done I will sit with it on my bed and make some progress. I think that's it for my current projects. I guess I just really want to be knitting new things..... spring startitis. I can say proudly that all objects are using yarn from my stash! I love my stash..... and I have so many thoughts on what to knit next. More on that in another post. Enjoy your weekend. Knit on, create more, make art!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Loooong weekend....

Happy Victoria Day!

Hope you are all getting some fun in the sun with family and BBQ's and stuff like that.
I will direct you to a cool contest I was made aware of....
Jane Richmond is planning on giving away her entire pattern collection to one lucky winner June 10th.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. Sweet deal.

You may remember that her Mustard Scarf is pretty popular I made a few at Chistmas as gifts....

Great quick gift knit! Actually recently I finished her sweater Sedum too......
No seriously... It's finished. I just need to find better buttons.... the ones that I have don't really work.... hmmmmm, I may have some in my button stash though. More on that later.

Anyway, go enter the contest and then get back to sunshine, wine, ice cream, knitting, woodworking, or whatever you were up to! I will have some FO information next post. I have seen some of the other FO's out there.... it makes me want to knit more! LOL Too bad I have to work!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Here are some neat things....

As I mentioned I was spoiled in our group gift swap.
Here is the proof. First a fantastic hand quilted Bodum cover. The fabric is devine and she did swirls for me! I love swirls.... lol They came with 5 matching cup cozies... for travel mugs and home cups. They are just as pretty!

Next up is.... my amazing baby ice dragon. Isn't he amazing. He is about the same size as the Bodum.... and at the moment he is nestled  in a nook in my book case with some lovely yarns... to keep him safe from the live furries that I have in my home. Sam took one look and then folowed me around the house trying to talk (imploring eyes ) me into giving up the stuffie.... No way. Mine! This picture doesn't do him justice, his tummy is sparkly white and his tail is fantastic! I will have to sneak him into the sunshine and take some better pictures... without the dog noticing! LOL

He hasn't been named yet... nothing has been apropriate, I will let you know when I do.

This all came in a fantastic black and white project stand/ basket, with a copy of Jane Austen's collected works, chocolates, cookies and really cool teas. I think it was the best gift! She knows me well!

Thanks very, very much to my gift giver..... Dragon Rhapsody

Amazing stuff gal! Pop by her blog and see her pics of it... he is super cute in her picture!
(The baby and the dragon!)  ;)

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Here we are! I will be posting some of my goodies from the swap soon..... some seem to have been eaten... hmmmmm

Anyway I just wanted to reply to the lovely comments I got from my post on the gifts I gave. Thanks for the ego bost gals. I appreciate it.

Btw.... the Multmoma previously mentioned is a very easy introduction into small shawl/scarves of this triangular type. This was the third one that I have knit, and I highly reccomend it, I in fact may knit up a few more for gifts because it was just that satisfying to have it loved!  It's a fantastic way to work with verrigated yarns of the lace and sock weight variety. So if you have something lovely that you just are not sure what to do with... this could be the pattern you are looking for.

Seriously. It's great, and easy to take along.

Enjoy your weekend, I am. Be happy and well guys!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So, wow... we did our gift exchange .

Yay Christmas gift giving has completed! No seriously...... we did our swap for our group of friends... it was great! Here we go, for gifts that I gave today... and the goodies I was gifted later.

Mitts for Julia, inspired by her dog Strider......

She squeed... it was very gratifying. I really wanted to make sure that the fingerless gloves that I made for Julia were perfectly suited for her.  I did begin with a pattern that I was familiar with, but it didn't work out, so I had to make it up as I went along. The dog I found in a Selbu mitten book, and I tweaked it to look more like her furry big guy. I really like how they turned out.

I made her two tea cosies, and I only got one photographed. The first one, was begun out of recycling a sweater..... it was a great adventure, but I had total swap anxiety about it..... so I tossed it in the pile of fix it later, and went with a back up plan of lopi yarns and knitting..... and the lopi made me break out in cold sores! So I had to get a pinch knitter... Thanks Jen! When I was discussing my trouble with Jen, she got a chance to see the recycled sweater project, and was sure that Julia would love it.... so I finished it off too....

As you can see I felted a sweater and did some embroidery on the front. And lined it with some great botanical fabric. She liked it, I also liked it, and I think I will be making a few more. Seriously this was a inspiring project, I have so many notes on new ones that I plan on... and one cut out sitting beside me now. LOL

Sorry about not having the other cosy photographed, but I also like that pattern so much that I am on my third one... really easy and so easily made to match other peoples tastes. I will have pics of the others.

Finally I knit a Multnoma in a colourway that I thought she would love. And she did! YAY!
Here it is on a blocking board.
It looks great around the neck, I may see if I can get her to model for me....

On my needles.... two tea cosies, a sweater or two, socks and mittens. More on that later. Have a good Sunday.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Hello... how are you?

Hi there! Busy long weekend in the works? Not for me.
At least, I hope note.
So far this morning I was at 88 Stitches for a nice sit and stitch with the owner and a pal of mine. Lovely muffins and coffee on a blustery day.
Then on my way home I stopped in at a favorite nursery for potting soil and two new house plants.
Now I am blocking shawls, blogging and spending sometime getting back on line. I seem to be exhausted when I get home from work lately, so I avoid the computer altogether ..... but hey, What can I say. I really want to see what everyone is up to so I really can't stay away. LOL

So news. Fibres West was a great day last Saturday. Jane has a great little synopsis on her blog ... go check it out. There was a great vendors area, althought no presentations that we wanted to see while we were there. Lots of local yarnies, and some great hand-dyers.
We saw some friends grabbed some lunch and spent some money. I wish I had planned a little better, last year I had notes on the patterns I was intrestd in and the yardage i would need..... not so much this year. I was just happy to have some time out with the gal pals.

The Three purchases.
One: Soak Unleashed I was out of wool wash, and this was at a booth, YAY!
Two: Sweet Georgia's Silk Crush Sock Yarn ..... yummmy. The color is named "Saltwater" and this photo does not do it justice. It is beautifully deep and a lighter shade of blue. Not softer, just lighter, if that makes sense.

Three: Licorice twist from Unwind Yarns, which I have been stalking for a year. I wished that I had bought it last year and so this year I found it and took it home.

I was wearing my completed Central Park Hoodie! YAY  I finally finished it. I love wearing it! It Is so warm and comfy, so I am considering making a second ..... we shall see.

I have started a new sweater and I am not really  along enough to show it off, so I will save that for another day. In short it's a design by my friend Jane, mentoned above, called Sedum. I did have much in my stash that would work for it, so I was doing some swatching, and  finally settled on a yarn that I already own. That makes the process way easier, so I started, and I am almost to the arms which makes it just a strip of knitting at the moment. As I said pictures when it is a little farther along.

Hope you are well and getting up to something that intrests you. I look forward to reading about it. I think my next post will be about something neat to get up to on rainy days......

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The knitting continues.... again

Olympic excitement is in my life.... my knitting is going great.  This is what I began with ....

and here is where I am now.....

Two mittens! I have ends to weave in on the one I just finished... which is all inside out to show off the crazy ends. I also have thumbs to put on them. That may be a challenging or lots of fun, but I don't know yet.

Hope all your knitting is going well.... I am off to weave in ends and keep this momentum up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics 2010

Well, they are here. I thought the opening ceremonies went well!
Things around town are getting intresting.

This is the banner that is up around Surrey, where I work. As you can see, the blue and green theme that is going across the events is all around us!

Here is my Ravolympics cast on. I have finished the cuff, but it's going to get complicated. Fun fun.
We were at a friends house watching the opening ceremonies...it was fun and funny. We heckled, we clapped and laughed. What a great time. I was so glad that they used multiple people to light the final torch.
I am super proud to have the olympic here, so I have to get out around the town and get some more pictures to share some of the intresting things that are going on here. Happy knitting and good luck to your countries' teams.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Knitting cotinues.

Well, I have completed three baby blankets in the last two weeks for showers that my sister is going to. I think I may take a break, but I still have some things left unfinished like a sweater or two and some socks that i do want to get some use out of.

The olympics are almost here and I plan on getting some info and pics to share up here. Can't wait to see what is up. The torch is coming throught the area tomorrow, and there is a big celebration and concerts just down the street from my work on Friday for the opening ceremonies. Should be neat. Now to convince my lovely husband that we should check it out! LOL So much to do! yay! I am excited!

Sorry to make this short and sweet, and lamely without pictures, but I have to get off to sleep and work tomorrow. I also have to put the final touches on the baby blanket in my lap. Have a grea night, and good times doing whatever you are up to.
Later guys!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

My geek cred.... and the first offical 2010 FO

Seriously... I knit a great project for my Brother in law

Just finished it today. It's the only Christmas project that I didn't finish on time. At least it's done.
here ya go.....

Thanks to my hubby who provided the head- model!

The first official FO of the new year was a second Multnoma shawl in the fantastic hand-dyed Berroco that I showed off in the fall HERE .

Here is the FO I really like it... but I am unsure if it would make a better gift...... I have someone it could be great for. However I have so much other great yarn that could work.

There it is.  The flash does have something to do with the colour... It isn't quite so "brassy" lol.

Maybe this is a better image...

Well.... I guess so.... I do like it. I did a larger middle section as reccomended by Hello Knitty. I think that I like having a longer lace section. I was also compelled to do some frogging. I had a Minimalist Cardigan on the needles, but I started it in a wool and it wasn't draping well, so I ripped it out and began a plain cardigan base. K2 P2 with a centre steek. I will just knit it in the round, steek the centre and arms, then give it a k2 p2 button band.
Nothing fantastic, just simple and useful. Nothing really spectacular, so no image at the moment it's just red wool. I was also going to knit up a acrylic sweater too, but I have never steeked Acrylic. I think that it can be done, but first the wool one, then the purple with some patterning. It is just sitting in my stash anyway. i may as well. I think that is the way I feel about several stash yarns that I have. I like it, I am not waiting to use it... why not use it.

I have re-thought the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I will knit it... I just need to get a longer needle, I have the size I swatched on, but I tried to cast on the required stitches..... and it was very inadequate. LOL Oh well. I really want to make that cardigan too, so why not.
Maybe that is what I will keep as my goal the year of "Why Not?" LOL

I hope all is well in your knitting, I haven't quite decided what goals I would like to have for the year. Some people have decided to knit 52 projects in 52 weeks, there is also a goal of 100 projects a year from blogger-pal Toni ,go Toni! That would be fantastic. I really haven't given myself adequate time to think it through, or write a bit of a list. I like lists... 

So, I have been considering a goal of 50 books this year. I also want to consider lots of other things.... listen to me, vauge and off beat. I can't wait to browse the blogs and see who has what. I will add my own when I can.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hello 2010

I anticipate this being an exciting year.

I have plans.... and goals.
I know you probably do too.

I think that I need to start small though.
I have been using too many "I's" lol
Hope you are well. Ther is no snow here currently, but that doesn't mean it isn't coming and with the Olympics only a month and a half away..... we would love it.