Saturday, May 08, 2010


Here we are! I will be posting some of my goodies from the swap soon..... some seem to have been eaten... hmmmmm

Anyway I just wanted to reply to the lovely comments I got from my post on the gifts I gave. Thanks for the ego bost gals. I appreciate it.

Btw.... the Multmoma previously mentioned is a very easy introduction into small shawl/scarves of this triangular type. This was the third one that I have knit, and I highly reccomend it, I in fact may knit up a few more for gifts because it was just that satisfying to have it loved!  It's a fantastic way to work with verrigated yarns of the lace and sock weight variety. So if you have something lovely that you just are not sure what to do with... this could be the pattern you are looking for.

Seriously. It's great, and easy to take along.

Enjoy your weekend, I am. Be happy and well guys!

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