Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enterlac is so easy!

Why didn't I do this before???

Why isn't everyone doing it???

You should try it, it's addictive!

This is knitting up so fast! I can hardly belive it, and I still have to block it out too! I have just attached the third cake of SWS wound from the "CONE" lol and I will have to wind off some more today I think.

Check out my progress on the shawl...... with my phone again for reference!

I have had a few people ask me to teach them how to do enterlac..... and I have to agree with sheepkeeper, just read the instructions. I tried the Quant first, and it all was clear after the first set of diamonds. Now granted I know that instructions can be written in a way that is confusing, but I have to say that I trusted the Quant directions to teach me enterlac, and even though I reallllllly had doubts that it would work, they did.

Optomistically I think that I will be done before my Mother's birthday. However, as I am on a roll, it makes me want to get it done before I work on any of the other WIP's! To make sure that it is done on time. So even thought I have been thinking about stopping to work out the heel on the socks for Carina, I sort of hesitate. Have a great weekend gang! Enjoy the sun (well, I will here in BC)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I thought I would be sharing a completed project with you by now, but I am not.

Sadly I have to frog the new "We call them Pirates" hat that I was making....... it is too small for the recipient for sure! It is looking spectacular, and I knit it mostly in one day (Sunday) in between breakfast, shooting and all the other things I did that day. It knit up super fast!! So Monday I was getting reay to do the decreases for the top, and I thought I would try it on to see if it would be big enough...... it fit me snug.

That is not the plan!

My DF is bigger than I am, his head included. So having a hat that fits me, means it will not fit him! LOL..... so I had to order more yarn! Unfortunatally when I bought the yarn it was only one ball of each other and the modification that I have planned to make this hat work for him is to add a full fifth panel of skull pattern. That is alot more yarn. So, hence with the ordering!

Oh well, at least it has a purpose and I can frog back and re-knit until the extra arrives, hopefully the dye lot won't be totally off, but I did order the original Telemark last spring! LOL

So I do have some other intresting news, I have started an enterlac shawl as planned. I was planning on basing it off the Lady Elanor stole that has been so popular, but the book is taking so flippin long to come in to my library branch, I decided on another plan of action!

I have the Spring 2007 Interveave Knits with the enterlac socks in it...... it also happens to have a fantastic instruction on basic enterlac. So I am using that to make a new pattern! YAY!! no waiting! so as you can see it is in the colourway that I have already showed you, and it is knitting up quickly as well! Thank goodness, I hope to get this done ahead of schedule! (March 26) So far, so good.

I also cast on for a blanket for a friend. I have called it Embers and Ashes, as it is double stranded red and grey. This yarn has been taunting me for a while now, and it is time to get this project doen and to it's new owner! I have no pictures of this, all it is at the moment is 9 rows of moss stitch as a base border! I promise picstures once I have gotten a bit farther into the pattern, at least one repeat so I can make sure I like it! LOL

On the UFO front I am sitting down in the next little while to get this heel done! This weekend at least! It really bothers me that I have let this lovely pair of socks sit this long, I do not want this to be another UFO that I have to frog and re-start! I am going to figure out this heel and get these babies done so I can move on to other socks! The Icarus shawl may be suffering the same fate! I liked the pattern, but I put it down ages ago.... so now I have to get re-aquainted with the pattern. I didn't find it difficult at the time, but sometimes when you put something down.... you can have gauge issues when you pick it back up. That is my main concern. I wonder if I will have to re-start that one too......
Oh well, I will keep you posted as ususal ,LOL. Hope you all have a productive and great week!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

All done one!

Yes indeed the Quant is done!
No pics at the moment because I do want to felt it! so I will keep working on my sock. It is a short row heel and it is a bit intimidating, but I have to get it done! ;)

I cast on a couple more thing too. A blanket for my friend James and a hat for the other half!
Pics when there is progress. Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working away...

So I may have been optomistic that I could finish a sock and the Quant. I haven't decided....
I am plenty into the Quant... as you can see, it really does work up quick! I am still thinking it will be a bit wide for my small melon, so felting may be the way to go when it is done.
I got a bit sidetracked on Monday with the socks.... I realised that I didn't have enough information about the recipients feet!
I thought I would be okay with the measurments I had, but because this sock is toe-up, I needed to know more than I had. So I e-mailed her. She sent me the info and now I know, in the meantime, I knit the Quant, and small squares in baby blue to help out a friend. I dont' really consider the squares a project of mine, so that is why I haven't mentioned it or posted it on Ravelry. A friend of mine is trying to make a baby blanket out of many squares in different colours. She found it wasn't progressing as fast as she was liking so I suggested she ask for help. She did. My knitting gals and I each have a different colour and are all dilligently working on an aspect of her pattern.
I have the blue squares, they are garter stitch. So easy, sooo boring. Oh well, at least I can knit them in the dark or watching a movie and know I won't screw up a pattern! I am gald to be helpful. Hope you are all having better luck with your knitting goals this week, I will keep you posted! Have a great one!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Sunday gone.

But I have a few things on the go and I thought I would take some time to share!
I am trying not to spend the rest of my life on Ravelry! LOL...... it's seriously addictive! There is so much to see and do on there!
However, I have to stay off it and knit to actually get some FO's on there! LOL! Otherwise my queue will never get smaller! 0.O
So here are two of the projects I have been working on. The Quant from Knitty.
My friend Arzu mentioned that she used it to try out enterlac this past holiday, and so far I have to say that I agree with her, it is easy to understand and I feel confident going forward with it. It is a bit wider than I thought it would be. That was part of the reason for my phone in the shot. Yes that is some of the yarn from my cone! LOL So far I like the looks of it, so I think that after this project I will go ahead with the shawl for my Mom! YAY!
So the next one I want to share is a pair of socks for a friend of mine, Carina. She loves socks, and I bought this colourway in a bamboo blend yarn from my LYS just for her! So I hope she likes them, but if she doesn't then..... I won't make them again for her! ;)
So here they are, from the same book I have used for the last three pairs, "Sensational Knitted Socks" YAY! These are a toe-up style, I am still using the dpns as I am comfortable with them and for the magic loop technique, I am planning on asking my friends to give me a hand, but I didn't want to chance it while trying a totally different sock style too. So my trusty dpns will do!
I hope to have at least the one sock done and the Quant finished this week.
I do have a treat coming up this week, and you will appreciate it.... we are thinking of having movie night this week at the LYS (Knitopia) fiber night. Guess what is on the menu? EZ's Knitting Workshop! LOL.... I have never seen it! This really will be a treat! So have a great week!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Burnt Socks are done.

So here is the shot of them all done!
And here is a shot of the biggest dam cone of SWS by PAtons that I have ever seen, let alone aquired!! I got it last month from a gal on Ravelry!! Wow, wine glass for scale gals!

Seriously, I want to live next to this knit shop! Dang! I snatched it up for a great price, so PM me if you want to know who I got it from on so you can see what else she has. I can't wait to make a Lady E inspired shawl for my mom out of it. First I have to learn how to enterlac, so I will be trying out a Quant from Knitty. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Project Spectrum Begins!

Yes indeed kids!

That is what will inspire us for the next two months! The flame ignights our creativity
So I do have at least one red project on the go..... you all have seen the star scarf. It is double knitting yes..... love it!

I do have all the colours of the rainbow in my stash at the moment, so finding red, orange, yellow, gold or pink is not a problem. As a matter of fact the Icarus shawl is pink! Wow, two projects that I want to get done that fit into the Project Spectrum colours!

I do also have some more pumpkins to create for a friend! Man I hope I can get everything done in time! LOL That was really not what I was planning on having as my statement for fire! I was thinking of taking on a flame pattern shawl, or starting a pair of socks in the pumpkin gloss I have or the garnet from Knitpicks. Oh prehaps actually getting to use the bamboo that I picked up at Fiberfest two years ago.....

it may still happen the colours are perfect! LOL Well, I guess this colour compliment in my current stuff will really help me get some of these outstanding UFO's done (which was what I have been trying to do as my resolution!) LOL ah, PTB thanks for the aid! LOL

Honestly with the wide parameters for this baby, I don't know how I could ever run out of fire!

From shirts, to fibers that I have to knit with....... I have tons to do! Or tons I could do! LOL
Happy planning, and don't forget to check out the group on Ravelry! everyone seems to have such great ideas! See you there!