Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Sunday gone.

But I have a few things on the go and I thought I would take some time to share!
I am trying not to spend the rest of my life on Ravelry! LOL...... it's seriously addictive! There is so much to see and do on there!
However, I have to stay off it and knit to actually get some FO's on there! LOL! Otherwise my queue will never get smaller! 0.O
So here are two of the projects I have been working on. The Quant from Knitty.
My friend Arzu mentioned that she used it to try out enterlac this past holiday, and so far I have to say that I agree with her, it is easy to understand and I feel confident going forward with it. It is a bit wider than I thought it would be. That was part of the reason for my phone in the shot. Yes that is some of the yarn from my cone! LOL So far I like the looks of it, so I think that after this project I will go ahead with the shawl for my Mom! YAY!
So the next one I want to share is a pair of socks for a friend of mine, Carina. She loves socks, and I bought this colourway in a bamboo blend yarn from my LYS just for her! So I hope she likes them, but if she doesn't then..... I won't make them again for her! ;)
So here they are, from the same book I have used for the last three pairs, "Sensational Knitted Socks" YAY! These are a toe-up style, I am still using the dpns as I am comfortable with them and for the magic loop technique, I am planning on asking my friends to give me a hand, but I didn't want to chance it while trying a totally different sock style too. So my trusty dpns will do!
I hope to have at least the one sock done and the Quant finished this week.
I do have a treat coming up this week, and you will appreciate it.... we are thinking of having movie night this week at the LYS (Knitopia) fiber night. Guess what is on the menu? EZ's Knitting Workshop! LOL.... I have never seen it! This really will be a treat! So have a great week!

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erika said...

Ooooh - Knitting Workshop!!! I am so jealous - you have to post how it is, I keep thinking of buying it! I love the entrelac - it looks so intimidating to knit, though...