Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Hello, and hopefully yesterday was a good Mother’s Day for all you awesome Mommies out there. The un-sung heroes of many a family or child, except once a year it seems sometimes.
I often think that I don’t tell my Mom enough just how fantastic I think she is and was as I was growing up. If it weren’t for her, so many things would never have happened in my creative life. I painted a Dragon mural in my bedroom when I was 14; she was the chauffer for craft shop trips and wandered the isles with me. Encouraged me to draw, paint, knit, play with clay, bead, use fame, and sew and so many other things. Typically she was right there with me trying new things and learning some new type of craft with me, often she picked up some fantastic tool for us to “share” and never expected to be the primary user. Self-less and loving, I know I exasperated her often but she is always on my side thinking of my welfare.

Mom, I love you! I am trying to be the best grown up I can be so everyone knows what a great family I come from, and how awesome my Mom is.

I made you something!