Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Always moving

Well, moving ahead anyhow....... I like to knit, can you tell?

So last night when I was out with the knit night crew, I made progress on my scarf. 2 1/2 more stars! I really like this double knitting stuff, it is so easy to get into the flow! I have to say that I did make a few errors, but oh well, that's the way things go! I also released a new bookcrossing book yesterday! James did the same, but he passed it off.... I love that site (check my links)
Today I have decided to get some errands done this morning so this afternoon I can watch movies, or listen to a book on tape and knit away on the Mariah sweater..................... or the hats that I want to donate to the fundraiser Friday.................. maybe both. LOL who knows what I will get done!

It snowed this morning, not enough to cause panic for the lower mainland, but enough to be a nice dusting! YAY snow, and hot chocolate and knitting!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Here we are!!!

Told you I'd be back!!!!
First a picture of the new double knitting scarf that I started last night! I had to make one..... from Crafty Chick.....(her link is on the list of blogs)
Cool isn't it I just love it already, and I still have about twelve stars to go!
So how do you like that???? LOL I am so excited! So next up we have three progress shots! The Purple sweater! made from Eco-fil yarn, and inches away from being a worn garment!

The sleeves for "Mariah" in Patons Classic merino....... yum, woolly! I have to say that it does get easier as I have been going, now that I understand the cables it comes along faster. At the beginning however it was not so! I am hoping that I can finish at least the sleeves for this month! maybe more but I won't hold my breath! I am knitting both sleeves at once however so I will have them both done at the same time! That is the good news, you can see the second sleeve peeking in the bottom of the shot there.

My friend Cathy has been waiting so patiently for her blanket..... and it's done!!! LOL (thank goodness!) time consuming! a vibrant pink just for her!!!
So, that is the end of the pictures! No more time consuming downloading of this post! I do have a few other things that I am working on but haven't posted.... a few more of the white hats for a charity event, I am planning on starting the "Buttony" sweater that has a thread on craftster..... aka "Sweater of many buttons", and I am trying to gauge swatch for a top down raglan...... in a totally inappropriate weight of yarn! LOL I hope that I can make it work, I think that it will be great! No knitpicks package yet! That means that I cannot show you the goodies that I have ordered.
I did make a stop myself at the post office drop off the last swap packet of this month. Once kistchkween has it I will post pics of all the lovelies that I sent OUT this month!
So I hope that this meets your expectations..... I have no idea how fast I will get all these projects done! rest assured I may have a few posts light on the pics in the following that the download isn't that long! LOL let me know what you think!


I mentioned posting pictures today, and I have some, but they are on the camera and I am running out the door. So I will leave you with this and I will post properly when I get back from wing night! LOL
I was thinking, once I post images of all the FO's I think I will remove them from the "On the Needles" bars, that way I don't have to manage so many! (although I am proud of them!)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

As promised

I said that my next post would be a bit less photo centered.
Here you go! I hope that this make the page easier to load........ because before Monday I am going to have two sweater updates to add kids!
You may have noticed that I have the Sweater a month KAL on my list of blogs that I visit....
I am trying! I have started February's and am eagerly anticipating Marches fiber to arrive!

Yes I ordered more yarn....................... I am a bad stash reducer! I know that this will be well worth it! I have some great projects to make and I need to test out potential types of yarn. So I will also show off that box when it arrives.......
I KNOW!!!!
but we all get to fall off the wagon once................. I want to keep up with my resolutions I swear, but I have no green yarn, and March means green in the craft-a-long.
I have two thoughts on my yarn splurge.

1. I have a gapinng hole in the colour spectrum of my yarn, and I am obviously needing project spectrum, and the craft a long to keep me from being totally clothed in blue!!!! LOL

2. I agree with knitty knitter................. my brain has issues stopping the massive ideas rolling around my head, for example on the weekend we were staying at a friends house and I couldn't sleep........ I was planning touques to knit for the entire household! (four other half, myself and our fabulous hosts.) So I can't try to make these things while I am stuck with no pallet!

If that isn't enough justification, I can't knit my sweater in the car...... or with anything distracting happening like chatting with friends...... or I mess up on the cable chart, so I need easier, more portable work......................
dam, I don't really even need an enabler, I can enable myself thank you! LOL
we shall see................... I think that this may be the free pass I allow myself, as I did pick up several projects worth of yarn. Now I have no free pass, thank god I lasted at least this long! LOL

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

oooo goodies!

So I was fortunate enough to get mail today!!!! I have pics..... let me show you what I got!
oooooo so much fun!! As a warning, there are four pictures in this post and I know that I have a few more on the blog, so be aware, I don't want to have anyone upset over download time......
I seriously love swapping!!! I have reasons.... LOOK......
This is Benson, my very own pincushion!!!! LOL is he not the funniest thing that anyone could get in the mail! LOL I think that he is great! I have been waiting for him for a while! I guess, judging by the customs tape................ that he spent some time with the Canadian officials, because seriously, what customs officer would know what this guy was!!! LOL the colourful dots on him are his pins!!! LOL I wonder what he looks like going through an X-ray machine! no wonder he has a hole in his bum and some of his pin decorations appear to be broken! (incidentally he is filled with cotton batting and plastic pellets.......) oh man LMAO!!
So that was my first joy!! ( in all honesty, I don't think my family understood the joy on my face when they beheld Benson in all his glory.........)
Moving on......
This fantastic array of goodies is from another swapping partner.....
I got a PURSE! with SKULLS on it!!!! how fun is that! the lining which I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of, is a red snakeskin! It matches the skulls bandannas.... YAY!
In addition to that I got a spindle and some roving that was kool-aid dyed so I can try out spinning!!!! She is awesome!!! I have already thanked all these great swap partners in the proper galleries on craftster. I swear.

But wait.................there is more! yes I have received from my fat quarters swap! LOL aren't these nice!!! I have to think of something to make, I can't let them be stash, they are way to fun, and I know that I will never have this fabric again, so why not have some fun with it!?!?! Pillows maybe? I have no clue! LOL Too bad I don't quilt. You may have noticed that I have 7, not 6 that was what I was supposed to have, but she wasn't sure that I would like the golden fabric, so she gave it to me and made sure that I had 6 other anyway! Good thing this happened to me too, I have an extra for each of my partners.....
This final image is not a swap..... I knit it this weekend.... you can see it on my noggin in the top picture, I used a squash here, and it doesn't do the stitch justice........but it was all I had, the family is in bed so I can't model it on my noggin right now, and I really wanted to post.... so maybe later. I was trying to make sure that I had something done for Project Spectrum..... So I went with white as the colour, to challenge myself, I don't usually use white! This is Patons Classic Merino knit in the round into the Maple Seed Stitch hat I found on craftster.... I am now going to make several more as they only seem to take a few hours...... I love that!

I think that I may try to have a less picture oriented post next time. I realise that for some it takes a while to load this up, and that can be a pain and frustrating..... sorry about that. I will keep it light for a little while...... talk at you later!

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little one!

So, I was a swap angel for a ATC swap.

Today I was notified that the first card has arrived, so I thought that I may as well share the images with you. I have no idea if the second person will in anyway see this before she gets her card, but I doubt it! LOL

The Hierophant:

And The Emperor:

The first was sent in Canada, and the second to Israel............... I hope that one gets through ok. I had fun making them. I tried a new technique, and other than the smell in my house from the blending markers, they worked well!

Hope you like!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

well this will be a downer

It's true...... I have no FO's
I did finnish a baby blanket for my sister..... so that counts. But it means that the purple sweater is still on it's needles and it TAUNTS me!

I have worked on it! I swear....... I think that I like this yarn, but I will not be using this gauge again for anything but socks for a while! (oh wait I have three shawls to knit.......nevermind)

So I am dissapointed, because I know that there are folks out there who love seeing my pics. I feel the same I love a blog with pics. It is so nice to see someone who can get stuff done!!

Sadly, I can't show you what my swap partners have sent, as I think that the border gaurds may have taken a liking to my stuff and kept it. *le sigh*

I do have news on that however....... I was picked up as a pinch crafter in another swap! O this month in addition to the Feburary Wishlist swap, and the 1/2 a Dozen Fat Quarters Swap, I am also making an apron! I think it's title is Worth Your While Apron Swap...... I think. LOL
So I will post pic's next week sometime, as the yarn is coming to an end and I have got to be close to finnnishing off the sleeves!!! Plus I have to send out goodies, and I want to have pics.....maybe I shouldn't post those.......hmmmmm we shall see! Questions, comments, strange remarks? LOL

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wha? well I have some stuff done.....

So it's been a few days since I've posted. I can report that I have spoken to the bride in question, and she says that she woul love a knit shawl. So there we go, not a suprise, but I suppose as soon as it's a tradition, it really won't be any-how! LOL

I was on Crafster today and I am please to report that I am in two new swaps this month. YAY! I really like swaps. I am in the Feburary Wishlist, and a 1/2 dozen fat quarters swap. I think that both will be nice! I already have a plan for the first wish I will grant, and I have to wait to see what my partners in the 1/2 doz. will request. (we all submitted our prefrences and have the possiblility of having more than one partner)

I can also proudly report that the last wish I granted for January has been recieved! So now I can show you a few pics......

So, this is the needle roll that I created for yamwam. Her response was fantastic! She loved it, colours and everything! There are a few other goodies in there too, as in most swaps. Sweet! yay.................making others smile is great! I am pretty excited to get the last two packets from people who picked me to grant a wish!!! ooooo yes I am excited!

Here is an action shot, and her pics are in the swap gallery for Janurary Wishlist. Rolled up, and doesn't it look nice! LOL I really like it. This is the third one that I have made, I needed to work out some kinks, as with all new endeavors! So, I am glad that it meets her approval! I have some other ideas that I need to work on, a circular needle roll, and a few other things that can be done with the fabric that I can find at my LFS. I need to keep my stash of that really under check or it will rival my yarn stash! That does NOT need to happen just now, maybe in a few years when I make more money! LOL So I hope you like too, comments are always welcome! I will post again later. OH! and a progress shot of the PURPLE SWEATER!!!!!
It is getting there! I have actually finished the front, and have started on the sleves, but I don't have pics of that......sorry.

Until next time!