Saturday, February 10, 2007

well this will be a downer

It's true...... I have no FO's
I did finnish a baby blanket for my sister..... so that counts. But it means that the purple sweater is still on it's needles and it TAUNTS me!

I have worked on it! I swear....... I think that I like this yarn, but I will not be using this gauge again for anything but socks for a while! (oh wait I have three shawls to knit.......nevermind)

So I am dissapointed, because I know that there are folks out there who love seeing my pics. I feel the same I love a blog with pics. It is so nice to see someone who can get stuff done!!

Sadly, I can't show you what my swap partners have sent, as I think that the border gaurds may have taken a liking to my stuff and kept it. *le sigh*

I do have news on that however....... I was picked up as a pinch crafter in another swap! O this month in addition to the Feburary Wishlist swap, and the 1/2 a Dozen Fat Quarters Swap, I am also making an apron! I think it's title is Worth Your While Apron Swap...... I think. LOL
So I will post pic's next week sometime, as the yarn is coming to an end and I have got to be close to finnnishing off the sleeves!!! Plus I have to send out goodies, and I want to have pics.....maybe I shouldn't post those.......hmmmmm we shall see! Questions, comments, strange remarks? LOL

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