Thursday, February 22, 2007

As promised

I said that my next post would be a bit less photo centered.
Here you go! I hope that this make the page easier to load........ because before Monday I am going to have two sweater updates to add kids!
You may have noticed that I have the Sweater a month KAL on my list of blogs that I visit....
I am trying! I have started February's and am eagerly anticipating Marches fiber to arrive!

Yes I ordered more yarn....................... I am a bad stash reducer! I know that this will be well worth it! I have some great projects to make and I need to test out potential types of yarn. So I will also show off that box when it arrives.......
I KNOW!!!!
but we all get to fall off the wagon once................. I want to keep up with my resolutions I swear, but I have no green yarn, and March means green in the craft-a-long.
I have two thoughts on my yarn splurge.

1. I have a gapinng hole in the colour spectrum of my yarn, and I am obviously needing project spectrum, and the craft a long to keep me from being totally clothed in blue!!!! LOL

2. I agree with knitty knitter................. my brain has issues stopping the massive ideas rolling around my head, for example on the weekend we were staying at a friends house and I couldn't sleep........ I was planning touques to knit for the entire household! (four other half, myself and our fabulous hosts.) So I can't try to make these things while I am stuck with no pallet!

If that isn't enough justification, I can't knit my sweater in the car...... or with anything distracting happening like chatting with friends...... or I mess up on the cable chart, so I need easier, more portable work......................
dam, I don't really even need an enabler, I can enable myself thank you! LOL
we shall see................... I think that this may be the free pass I allow myself, as I did pick up several projects worth of yarn. Now I have no free pass, thank god I lasted at least this long! LOL


Stephanie said...

A sweater a month?!! Wow, what a challenge!

Can't wait to see the fiber for March's green sweater.

It's fun (and sometime's hard) to break away from favorite colors. You have blue, I have purple.

It's funny because if you asked my favorite color, I would say orange before purple. Weird.

Ilix said...

Thanks for the note! i promise to update!

Aimes said...

i love the pictures!

Jan said...

Funny, I'm knitting green and thinking of buying blue. But I'm not going to fall off the wagon yet. It will be fun to see what you bought. A sweater a month! I am impressed!

Marie said...

I can't wait to see your sweater pics!

I never understood why I'm always drawn to the green yarn at the shop--when in doubt I go green. Must be a Muppet influence from my childhood kicking in or something!

Karin said...

Hey, are you making Mariah? I've made that before, had a few issues with it. If you have any questions let me know, I'd be happy to help.

Ilix said...

Thanks so much! I will send you a message if I do!