Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wha? well I have some stuff done.....

So it's been a few days since I've posted. I can report that I have spoken to the bride in question, and she says that she woul love a knit shawl. So there we go, not a suprise, but I suppose as soon as it's a tradition, it really won't be any-how! LOL

I was on Crafster today and I am please to report that I am in two new swaps this month. YAY! I really like swaps. I am in the Feburary Wishlist, and a 1/2 dozen fat quarters swap. I think that both will be nice! I already have a plan for the first wish I will grant, and I have to wait to see what my partners in the 1/2 doz. will request. (we all submitted our prefrences and have the possiblility of having more than one partner)

I can also proudly report that the last wish I granted for January has been recieved! So now I can show you a few pics......

So, this is the needle roll that I created for yamwam. Her response was fantastic! She loved it, colours and everything! There are a few other goodies in there too, as in most swaps. Sweet! yay.................making others smile is great! I am pretty excited to get the last two packets from people who picked me to grant a wish!!! ooooo yes I am excited!

Here is an action shot, and her pics are in the swap gallery for Janurary Wishlist. Rolled up, and doesn't it look nice! LOL I really like it. This is the third one that I have made, I needed to work out some kinks, as with all new endeavors! So, I am glad that it meets her approval! I have some other ideas that I need to work on, a circular needle roll, and a few other things that can be done with the fabric that I can find at my LFS. I need to keep my stash of that really under check or it will rival my yarn stash! That does NOT need to happen just now, maybe in a few years when I make more money! LOL So I hope you like too, comments are always welcome! I will post again later. OH! and a progress shot of the PURPLE SWEATER!!!!!
It is getting there! I have actually finished the front, and have started on the sleves, but I don't have pics of that......sorry.

Until next time!

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