Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Look what I can do!

Today was a good, productive day. I finished my swap gifts for yamwam, so I can mail those tomorrow. (YAY!) and I did a little dyeing!

Yes indeed. I decided to dye the cleaned fleece that I have. I used the link as a guideline, but it was so easy that I feel comfortable doing it again soon! I have to get more vinegar! LOL

So my sister was kind enough to lend me her cake decorating kit as I wanted to test only so that I could gauge the reactions and find out if I like it. I do this with Glaze testing too, beter to test and have less worries. I know that all things are maleable, and I may not have the same results next time, but I have better chances if I know what I am up against! LOL

Of course the first thing that you have to overcome is the dirty fleece! ewwwwwwwww see it soaking in the tub to get out the dirt and yucky stuff. Thank goodness sheep are vegitatians! LOL

So It takes a bit to clean it. I still have two green garbage bags full of fleece, that I have to clean! I think that I will try the washing machine method mentioned on craftster! So the fleece is clean and a bit grassy still, but I decided to dye it anyway! I don't have carders yet, so I have to wait to do that, but it has to dry any-way! So I started with a "Cornflower Blue" because it isn't a colour that I would thinkto buy, and DS had it in her kit. This is the result...

Not really a solid, but I hear that happens with Red 3 in the dye. Oh well, I like it! It was an experiment. Her dye is a bit old, and the fresher ones worked much better! So I will have to go and get my own dye to keep fresh! LOL Here are the colours that I made.......

Not including the photo above, and a " Lemon yellow" they were in seperate baskets. I think it went well as a test! Thanks to Angela for the tips. I will let you know how it works out, once it gets carded and I get to a spindle! LOL I am looking into joining aour local Spinners and Weavers guild, I hear they have tools that they loan out or that you can rent! Hmmmmm


Aimes said...

I like it way better because as your reading you can see the pics! your fleece looks great! WOW you're so productive!! the dyed yarn lots BEAUTIFUL!!

oh... that picture you took of Steph, Sharon ( i think was her name) and me.. i don't even remember you taking it... lol.. i'm in another world

tehwhitebunny said...

What colour of violet do you want for you progress bars? XD

LOL BTW: Looooove the colours!

Oh, and send me a photo of the carders, I'll send it over to my Grandpa and see what he can do! XD

tehwhitebunny said...


When I say: "Love the colours!" I'm talking about the fleece. I think the Wilton cake dye went fabulously! XD I really wanna try it now with my GIANT BOX OF DHOOOM Fleece! XD

LOL, yes, it's an official title.