Sunday, January 21, 2007

Well, then......

So, there are a few of my knitting companions. We knit at a local cafe.........not the 'bucks. ours is a bit more, homegrown, LOL.
We knit we talk and we enjoy each other's company. It's nice to be able to access a fantastic community of like minded individuals. That night was paticularly nice, Amie had just come back home from visiting in Nelson and she was kind enough to pick us up hemp! (see it on the table at the base of the first picture.......I shall be making socks!) It is lovely stuff, and it seems to be a local company. Well, local to BC anyhow!
Let me see, I wonder if I can find the link again.....oooo, I remember now!
YAY! I am so excited, this means that I not only get to try out bamboo fiber, but now also a hemp-wool blend and a hemp-cotton blend. We got the fingering weight so I can double them when knitting, I hope that this will give the socks all the great qualities of these fibers: warmth from wool, breathability from cotton, and durability from hemp. We shall see, I have a few WIP's at the moment and I am working on getting them gone! So I finnished a baby blanket that is one done! I have to get that eco-fil sweater done! I really want to wear it! If it works, then I will make another for sure!
I had the privelige this week to also knit with another group. (My regular companions knit on Tuesday) So on Thursday my friends wanted to go out to a new wool shop, but unfortunatally we were not going to make it out there in time, so we checked on a few more stores that we don't usually frequent (especially if we are all broke and trying to stash diet!) One was closing too soon for us to get there too............ but would we like to come by and join their knit night? wow! would we ever! It just ended up being me..........that was okay. I love yarn stores! This one is called Knitopia and is run by a wife/husband team, they stash together! YARN! Glorious yarn in all colours of the rainbow! Bamboo, wool, hand spun and dyed..............even shellfish. No really! they make it out of crab shells! Talk about recycling, the owner was starting a demo sock with it........................... it felt soft! I will get the name next time! LOL
I think that it was a great experience! they were all around my mothers age (over 45) and that is a new thing for me, I knit with people my own age generally! (between 20-30) I felt so young, but I pulled out a project, asked questions, answered questions, listened and laughed! I was thrilled when a couple showed up..........because she sat down to start a pair of socks....... and HE started spinning! It was fantastic, I want to learn how to spin, last year I was given the gift of fleece, and I want to use it! He was just using a drop spindle, but oh, how facinating! He was happy to answer my questions too! I will definatally be back there this week! wow!
In other news..................... well, I guess ther really isn't much. Let's see what happens tomorrow....LOL.

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