Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting there, I think!

I am still trying to get that purple sweater done!
Man, jut when I think that I am getting to the point where I can decrease for the arms..........I still have more to knit! I love this fiber, and I think that the pattern will be a winner, but it feels like it is taking forever!!!!

I have more patterns to try, I have a yarn stash to reduce, I can't do that if I am stuck on one sweater! I still have the arms to do!
I decided that I will be knitting those at the same time, so at least it will be done together.

On a side note, I'd like your opinion....... a friend of mine is getting married this spring. His wife-to-be is fantastic, and I had decided that all the brides that I feel I know well are going to be getting a handknit shawl from me. She was mentioning to me the other night that she is not the crafty type at all. I was wondering if this is an appropriate gift, a handknit lace shawl, sor someone who is not a crafter. I only worry because, there are some horror stories out there about people not appreciating gifts like this. I think I may be over analyzing, but you may have a thought or two, any experiences or comments? I will probably knit it anyway, because I like the tradition........ but............... hmmmmm?


librarylass said...

I love the idea of the shawl for the bridesmaids, however,unless you know them really well, I'd advise asking the bridesmaids / bride if they'd like a handmade gift. I tend to ask people outright if they'd like something handmade, whilst it may ruin the suprise, they will me stoked when they see the quality of the shawl...

hope this helps!!

Knittyknitter said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by on my blog :)
I think that it would be a great idea to make her a shawl. I would just pin a creative note to it mentioning why you did that lace motif or whatever, and i'm sure she'll appreciate it even more. It not only was a gift, but handcrafted personally with her in mind, and maybe a "heart" mofif or whatever to symbolize their new marraige filled with endless love or whatever. You can come up with almost anything. :-) I hope this helps some.

Ashleah said...

Hi! I'm darkpaintedrose, you commented on my We Call Them Pirates hat WIP entry on my wordpress blog.

I did knit a liner in, but not like the pattern suggests. I start out the hat by knitting the lining in 1x1 rib for however long the pattern suggests the lining to be, instead of using a provisional cast-on and then adding it in later. This way makes much more sense to me. The gray ribbed part at the bottom of my WIP is the lining.

Ilix said...

Thanks for the thoughts! I appreciate them!

Angela said...

I've made lots of handmade gifts for my non-crafter friends, and everyone has always loved them. While they might not always know what you went through to make them something, they seem to always appreciate the thought.