Sunday, January 16, 2011

Plans for the Dog

He looks so forlorn. Poor Sam, I made him a jacket.

Before Christmas I pulled out some fleece and did something I have been meaning to get to for a while. I made my dog a new jacket. To some this may sound ridiculous, or crazy. "But why would a dog that size need a jacket" or "You didn't knit him a sweater?"
To answer these unspoken but possibly considered responses; my dog Sam is a German Short haired Pointer they are a good sized dog, but lean. In Sam's case quite lean, we can't seem to get much fat on that little body. So he, hates to get wet, loves the snow and really can get cold. Knitting him a sweater is something I may consider once I finish my goals this year (another post to come). Right now I just want  a sweater for me done! LOL

Anyhow, the jacket we purchased for him is too small this year. He may be lean, but he has a broader chest than he did at 1 year old. I found a pattern in a fleece sewing book that I thought was genius. Then I cut it out....

and realised quite quickly that with his lean little frame, Sam would swim in it!So I modified it very heavily using the old jacket as a base. Snaps along the little base strap and Velcro and snaps to the front, and Voila!

This okay jacket that I know I can make work for my dog better. There are a few things about this jacket that I don't really like, so when I have made a superior jacket I will share how I did it with you. I learn best when I make mistakes. That is why knitting is such a good hobby for me. I am on the third incarnation of fingerless gloves for my husband! Hope these ones are the winners!
I mentioned above that I finally mad a bit of time to sit down and consider goals for this new year. I have 12. I will post about that when I have considered how to word that post. I think this week. I have somethings going on, but I really want to share it. Hope your crafting is going well this week. I know someone who has committed to finish over 100 projects this year! Go Toni! I have committed to 100 balls of yarn used up for sure, but other than that.... next post! I swear! LOL