Tuesday, December 23, 2008

OMG.... it's almost here!

So....... knitting gifts......

I'm on it!! LOL I can share a few things..... I feel safe with these.

Mitts for some lovely ladies.MY MIL among them.

Finished slippers for my sister from her birthday..... belated.

And of course..... WIP"S!! LOL

One last shot...... out the front door. Hope you have a Merry and maybe White Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vistiting for Inspiration.

Hello Holiday Knitters and crafty-types!! It is a winter wonderland here and we may have a white Christmas after all! That is not something that happens alot here in the Fraser Valley!

I am well into knitting my gifts..... in fact tonight I stop by the post office to pick up a box of supplies for myself and a pal. Yay!! More wool..... yikes. Luckily now that I have a few patterns that I like, I think the gifts that I bought the wool for will be knit up reasonably quickly and I will have no stash addition after all is said and done. I am hoping to have some pics of "Safe" gift FO's here for you...... as I have given my wish list for family and friends on this blog, I have a few more people that I have to hide stuff from. Sorry gang, I know that at this time of year, we all want to see the knitting!!

Today I wanted to quickly turn you on to two podcasts that I find help with my creativity and get me inspired, hopefully to get you in the same frame of mind!

First is CraftyPod. A podcast and blog about ALL things crafty, from knitting and scrapbooking to making ornaments and macaroni art! Seriously!!
So I have not caught up to all the episodes of the Podcast, but the topics vary so greatly, and the shows can be as short as 20 minutes. My favorite lately was the #79 Episode, Crafting with Neckties!! My brain felt like it was on FIRE!!!
Right now if you pop over to Sister Diane's Blog then you will get a mass of all thing Christmassy from years gone by, and not all of it is fantastic, but it is kitchy and fun!
My second creative inspiration podcast..... is Craftlit. "A podcast for crafters who like books"
Heather Ordover is a former English teacher who runs a literature class through a podcast and also loves to knit and craft.
I am unsure what exactly about this I find so inspirational specifically, but I enjoy having someone discuss the literature that she provides, I did so love English Lit class..... and here it is for me again! The book currently begining is "The Curious Tale of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" which I have read recently in a literature class, but I am very keen to hear what Heather has to say. I am currently listening to episode 58, which is "A Tale of Two Cities" which I have never read, and honestly am plodding my way through....... and finding out intresting things through. (You may ask yourself WHY I would be listening to a piece of literature that I am not enjoying...... when I don't HAVE to...... because sometimes what you gain from literature has very little to do with how much you like it.)
Any way I hope that you will all catch a few of these podcasts, you can listen from the blog sites in both cases. At least I hope you can. ( I checked both sites, they have the widget...)
Or just pop into the blog and poke around. I have also left another link in the title of this page.... a good site for inspiration. Happy crafting and see you soon!

Monday, December 15, 2008



The Holiday wishlist…… at the request of my family….

How fun!!

>Amazon.ca books from my wishlist (some books may be cheaper through Knitpicks)

>Drop Black Pearl earrings

>Holiday Mug

>Knitting Goodies

> Small cookie cutters for clay-work

>Lovely Photo frames for the multitude of pictures I have!

>Registy stuff is always great.... but not the spice rack, I have that.

I hope this is helpful, I have no idea sometimes how to express my good fortune at having such fantastic friends and family.... so Thank you! This is in no way an expectation list.

Happy Christmas and Holidays! More knitting content to come!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dang.... I got Tagged!

A Little Yarn On the Side tagged me yesterday with the Six Things Meme.
The rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random, arbitrary things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Hey at least it's only six... there are usually fun. Check
Toni's out... they are neat! The first one almost made me spit out my tea!

My 6 random, arbitrary things:

1.I like baths, but usually shower, because I can't do anything that relaxes me in the tub.... the knitting or the book could get wet!

2.I would rather be playing in the mud.

3.I own two game consoles and two handheld game players.... three of which are Nintendo.

4.Scrapbooking and I don't get along. It takes too long! LOL

5.I want to sketch and draw more, so last week I went to the art store and picked up some supplies. Pen nibs, India ink, my favorite lead of pencil and a kneadable eraser among them... I have some great plans!

6.My favorite three teas are Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey and Hawaian Colada Roobios. Yum

And I now tag.....


Please feel free to play along.. tagging isn't always nessecary!

Monday, December 01, 2008

That's what we're here for right?

To make the world better for those that we love and cherish... and to pass it on!

So there are a few charity things happening around me. The Boomer project at the LYS.... makes hats, sweaters and all sorts of warm things to be distributed by the Canadian soilders in Afghanistan to the children in the middle of this conflict we find ourselves in. None of the objects are for adults... just the kids, in memory of a fallen Canadian Medic.

My good friend
Star Gazer is gathering warm woolies, and all sorts of useful things like toliletries, and those comforts that can't be knit to give to a home for recovering adicts. She soes this with a friend of hers, who lost her brother a few years ago, much too young and honors his memory by aiding others.

Also a Blog-pal
Knitting Up A Storm is having a knitting bit of charity over at her blog. Please pop over and read her tale. She is gathering ornaments to send to a care facility.... anonomously (LOL I hate that word... it never looks right... I give up) I hope that we can all make time to do some good this season, even if it is simply a visit and a hug....

I am thinking of doing some volunteer present wrapping to help the Centre for Child Development fundraise. They are at my local mall and hey... I can give four hours.

Let me know what you are up to.

Do you do something every-year?

My sister and her sorority always adopt a family or two and act as "Santa" making a hamper of food, and presents for a lower income family, to help out. Last year they even had enough to give the kids nintendo DS's Talk about fun!
I think that charity knitting may not be on my list of can do...... so many things on my list as it is!! But I have a box of things that I have from last holiday and I am giving those to Star Gazer.
Have a great week guys.................. BTW the mitts are done and I am on to pair two... for the MIL.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Endpaper Mitts.....

Originally uploaded by silverilix

Sooooo dam close....... ah yes I am..

This is fine, I will complete them today and move on to my next crafty endeavor!

I have also completed the baby blanket that is due today, for a shower. It has the Simon seal of approval. LOL So with that done I cast on for another baby blanket, this one has a farther due date howver so I can get my othert hings done.... but it's started so if I need a bit of easy TV knitting then I can pull this out and have some relaxking knitting time.

Othere than that I hae a pitful lack of goodies to show off. ah well... shopping for a bit today and the I think a book, some knitting and tea are in order!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gift Knitting???? Am I Crazy?


I think that these are turning out well…..

I may knit one on larger size needles, to see if I like the fit better, these don’t stand up on their own, but they are snug. I am not sure that I enjoy the snugness. It is however supportive.

So they are pretty, a successful knit, and that means they will be a good quick knit to get a few of the ladies in my life gifties. I already have some yarn, and I am unsure if the colours will be appropriate for those that I wish to knit for. A quick stop at Knitopia will fix that, but that means I have to choose new colours. LOL

I do plan to knit for the family men too. Some will get fingerless gloves, and some more elaborate knitting. My brother has asked for socks, cool I also have a good idea for a new hat for him. My BIL always seems to get left out when the knitting comes around. This year I have begged Sarah for her Mario inspired chart and I am going to knit him a great scarf…. He will love it! I want to make sure that everyone gets something that they love, so I checked with my brother about what type of theme he would like…… video games. LOL

I do have another holiday project this year. My knitting pals and I have decided to do a “Secret” gift giving. The short story behind this is that for the last few years we have all pledged to hand-make the gifts that we give to each other…. and that takes time. Especially since we gather more friends to us every year. So this year we set a dollar value and drew names…..

So I have to plan for that, and since a good many of our group is online and knows this blog….
I am not sharing anything here. Sorry. Updates when we exchange in January. I promise.
I am going to give more updates on the gift knitting underway for other though, so I will have active stuff to share pictures of. I can’t wait to see what you all are up to!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great knitting in the future.....

So knitting is going great this week already.
I am happy to report that I am getting to the end of the first Endpaper mitt! I hope that I can start the next one tomorrow. I have to say that I am pretty proud of these, they are looking so good. So I have to say that the designer is fantastic.... and it is an easy to follow pattern! Did I mention last post that this is the test for making some family gifts for this season? I think that these will be great for my mothers and my sisters............. from my side and the hubby's. I do want to make some of the men in my life fingerless gloves too, but hey those will be a bit less decorated. LOL

I have my sisters slippers done and ready to tie in ends, and almost time to felt.
I will share pics when I have some actually FO's.

The other things on the agenda are of course the hubby's vest and getting the shawls done.
So I hope that you are happy with my update............ I am pretty happy with my progress.
Have a great week.

Lest We Forget. Thank you to all the Men and Women who serve in our armed forces.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Husband away.... more crafty time!

I am getting some movie and knitting time in with the man away... I have a few more update pics to show you....
but first a esential kitty shot......

Hello out there!! Hi Redd and all other kitties! Hi Static! I rule the yarn!!

Let me see what else do I have for showing off... ah, Endpaper mitts that I just started knitting in a Kal with a good friend, Love the colours! I think that this will be a great project to knit up for my sister and mom too.
The Ocean socks are done!!

I have another charity blanket that I am knitting with the Stitch It podcast group on Ravelry......

This one is called the Barnyard Dance.. it is pretty cute so far and I got a few lovely goodies from Chelsea who sent it to me! Thanks again!!! Now to figure out what the heck I am going to put on it!!
Ah I have the Sea Shawl that I am knitting as a thank you gift for a friend.... Iit is totally her colours, and Feather and fan could not be an easier pattern for me!

I am knitting another pair of slippers for my sister, but I have no camera this weekend so I have to update that for you later. I am going to felt the two pairs at the same time so the other pair is done and waiting felting. That is great to have done, but I really want to give them to her so I really want the other pair done, I knit the first one already today and I plan on having the second done before bed!

I started a new shawl (another friend gift too) but that is not far at all so the pic is not intresting... sorry. Well, obviously it's black and beady, but I haven't even started on the lace part yet! So this is the shot I have!

I am really far into the vest for Hubby but I have to say that I am going to the LYS for advice this week, I am getting close and want to get the shoulders right.... I would hate to have re-knit it this far and then screw up! It is so close to being off the needles that I reall want to get it done, but I am afreaid of improper shaping. Oh well, I will get over it this week and get it done I have a CPH to knit for myself! Maybe the Olive Branch Yoga hoodie too.
The gals that I knit with at the coffee shop and I are going to do a Rogue KAL in the new year after all the holiday knitting is over. I think that it will be a blast. I already have the Rogue kit, so I am set to go and I hate the fact that it is just sitting there... I know thaq we all buy yarns that we intend to use, and sometimes don't get to but I really want to get it made. I think that I will make it a cardigan, I am really using them right now, intrestingly enough the 3 sweaters I have mentioned knitting are all to be cardigans.....
We met and did a mini stash swap at a friends house on Friday night. I went with two bags and came home with one (and half of that was some of the stuff that I went over with). We all kinda decided that if we had had it a few years it was time to re-evaluate! Mostly it was the yarns that I bought when I was a newer knitter and a student... affordable and washable acrylics. Now I can wash with care and be a bit more picky on what I buy. So I passed on my sleeping yarns to friends who are students and have something in mind for the yarn! I think that we are going to do this again in the new year also... I want to get some things made!
So that is my mini update, hope to have some good FO news for you later this week. Hope your weekend was good, and take some time on Tuesday to do a bit of remembering for our war vets.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hi there


Hope you are all well.....

Just a quick note to say Hi and to assure you that I really want to continue with my update.

I assumed that I would have more time after this wedding business............ HA!

Busy bee that I am.... but I do have some fantastic and exciting projects on the go to tell you all about. New things, and plans.

Meanwhile, check out my list of Blogs that I read, and see what they have to say. :D

Talk to you soon. Can't wait to see you knitting!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello there... back again.

Well, with the wedding over, I actually have time for things again.... like knitting, sleeping and blogging... LOL

I hope you are all well and I can say that the wedding was fantastic! I have great friends and family who made it a breeze! Thank you guys!

I don't have any pics of the wedding to share, but you can find one of me wearing a beautiful hand knit shawl on Star Gazer's blog. I know what it is like to knit lace on a deadline. It is an amazing gift. Thank you so much again. It kept me warm all day!

As I said I have had a bit of time to actually work on things.... so I have some FO's and a few new projects going to show you.

My sister's birthday was a few days after the wedding, so I didn't have time to do her gift justice. I am knitting her some Fiber Trends felted clogs... she liked my mother's so much! I have decided to knit her two pairs, but here is the first pair almost done. I am using Patons Wool this time.... I understand how it felts better than the B&L

I finished off a pair of socks from that fantastic purple and grey alpalca blend. They are toasty, and I have enought to make a second pair for sure. You can see Simon in the corner terrorizing my socks....

Since I finished off one pair of socks, I started another............. and then found out it's socktober!! Good think I have been knitting some socks. I hope that I can get this pair done too and cast on a third.... who knows. Sometimes socks just fly! Here are the Ocean Socks. Using another handyed from my LYS owner.

I have been working on completing the GIANT ball of cotton. I am pleased to say that it is almost done!

I am to the point in the vest for the DH that I am going to get the arm holes begun. I am glad that this is turning out to be a quick knit, and I am trying to keep going while it still is intresting. You know how guys can be. I am lucky it's a dual colour yarn! There really is no stitch pattern. But I do like how it is knitting up alot, and so now I am considering the Cobblestone, or the Big Thaw for the next DH project.... heck I may knit him both.

I have to get a sweater done for me first! LOL That is next to cast on I hope.... with time on my side now, I have to do my Thank You cards... and then I can have another flurry of Startitis! I can feel it coming on! Hope I can get this other stuff finished up soon. Othe news about a few more projects oming soon.... update time! Can't wait to see what you have. Go and visit Star Gazer and praise her fantastic, loving, little self! Hope the fall is treating you right!

Oops gotta go the cat ran away with some yarn!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did somebody say Kitty?

Hello, we interupt your regular knitting schedule to bring you a great disturbance in the knitting force...... the Simon!!!
Seriously, it's hard to keep knitting with him around, I just want to play with him all the time.......
I have to say naming him was hard.... I kept thinking of Chrissy's kitty Redd! He is a gorgeous marmalade guy! I love this little guy to bits although he hasn't really melowed out yet.... but hey he's like two and a half months old! He get's to be easily distracted for a while! LOL
So good progress on the Hunters vest, no pics of that today.... but maybe next post I will share some stagette pics!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well hey there funny seeing you here....

Hello gang! glad to be able to share with you some great images of a FO and a WIP.... YAY!!

This is Simon... our new addition... he is super cute!
First, here is what the Spring Fever Blanket with my complete portion looked like....

And with the goodies for the next knitter...

I belive one of the Stitch It podcast charity blankets has made it's way to another podcast's charity donations. Stash n' Burn has one of the blankets made in the charity knitting for the childrens' ward of the hospital that one of the hosts works at. YAY spread the yarny love!! I really have to ask our resident Chindren's hospital staff member if we knitters can get anything together for her work......

Here is a detail of the completed Flower Bud Shawl... sorry I have no pics of the bride wearing it.. It did not match her dress so I didn't feel right insisting on her wearing it! LOL

And the second begining of the Hunters Vest for my man.

So in other news.. my wedding is coming up... I have no idea how time has crept up on me so ast. I also have a friends wedding the week before mine... wow talk about your jam packed weeks!

Oh and here are the amazing ladies who made my suprise shower so fantastic!

Seriously it was great!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I have the best friends and family!

This weekend was a suprise bridal shower for me!!! Thanks so much you guys. It was awesome, I had a great time and you totally spoiled me!
I will upload pics soon.... my computer is now out of therapy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello again....

Hey gang,

So my computer had to be re-formatted. Dang. So I have no real way of giving you pictures at the moment. I will give you the “what’s new” snipit though… and hope to be publishing at home(not at work, on my lunch as I have been lately) Then I CAN give you pictures.

I have joined and am knitting through the third ball on the flower bud shawl. I have one more left and although I don’t think that I will be adding it to my ravlympic total, I hope to be on the fourth ball this week. It is really all I am knitting right now. Yes I have other things to finish, but I have a wedding to get this done for people!!!
In other news, I got a kitty. YAY!! He is a marmalade, and his name is Simon. Wait until you see him! Take car,e happy knitting, and for the love of Pete, stay cool!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Had to share a few things....

So I would love to share with you the blog that links to my title.

A blog friend... who has just started her own shop up called Yarn Sprout.


I think that I will add the button to my side bar later, but I said that I would help to spread the word so here it is! She is creating some lovely handyed yarns over ther so check her out!

I also wanted to spread around an idea that I have gleaned from other online sources and my knitting pals and I have chatted ourselves to a good state of excitement over. I can't claim total personal inspiration for this idea, but it cam about in a neandering way.... here is the story. LOL I will try not to babble.

Over on Foxy and Crafty (see my blog list) She and her gal knittas go on a yarn crawl for birthdays, and I think just for fun.... sounds great. So I have had that idea bubbing in my head, that we need to treck back out to Vancouver for a bit of yarn store adventure. This summer as you may have gleaned has a few wedding in it for me. Showers and Staggets are coming and going.... this leads to talk of previous showers/stagetts and the ideas that have been used. One that I went to a couple of years ago was lengthy and I could only make it to part of the day. We met up a a lingere shope that was booked just for us... the bride to be (to her horror) did a fashion show for us of the items and outfits that we picked for her. She claims that the only saving grace was the wine tasting before hand, so she was less self-concious. Any how, the idea was that we would all pony up fifteen bucks and then she could buy whatever she liked the best there. From the bedroom to the pool stuff....... so can you see where I am going with this?

I think we could have soem real fun yarncrawling for a birthday. Go to the store, pitch in ten, fifteen, twenty dollars.... whatever is affordable. The birthday knitter gets a to pick and choose, and we can all go out for desert after! So... for those on a budget who still want to celebrate, they may get away with a twenty dollar birthday "gift" and get to hang out with their knittas! LOL and the recipient gets some great new stash.... no guilt attached! This does apply for the non-knitters in your group too.... either they are helping to support a friends birthday, or you take them toa store they love and pamper them there!

Thanks Foxy for a great inspiration.... and I hope that we all get spoiled (or spoil our knitting buddies) on our birthdays! Have a nice day.... yes I am still knitting.... oh, what I forgot to mention in yesterday's quick update was that the Stitch it blanket is done and gone on to it's next knitter. I am not sure if it is there yet, but I hope so! I am on the third ball of the flower bud shawl too.... here's hoping I can addit to my WIP total! LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I live!!!

This has been a busy summer for me... and the oylmpics are here and that can only mean one thing..... Ravelympics! Yes indded I am a competitor... in the WIP Wrestling event.

I have too much to finish to get new things started!

I did finish the rainbow socks.. and I have to get back to that shawl now... more info and pics later. Happy knitting!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick update.

I am unsure if I will have time this weekend to do another big update, it will be a busy one!
I wanted to share a project that I am working on for charity with a group of like-minded west-coast folk.

This is the Spring Fever blanket from the Stitch It! podcast group on Ravelry. The podcast is one of my favorites, and Meghan proposed charity blanket knitting... we all jumped in. I am second to last knitting this blanket. I have to add four inches and send it off by next week. I am pretty sure that I will add a few goodies to it, but I am not sure what yet.

Speaking of goodies. I had a contest ages ago and I have to confess that my runner-up hasn't gotten her packet yet. Never fear Kathy.... I have it ready.... and I will post pics after I get that in the mail (probably Monday) I am horribly embarrassed that it has taken this long... my only defence is, I just moved into a new house, and I'm planning my wedding for this fall. Sorry excuse, but that is it.

I continue to knit on the Flower bud shawl, the Watery Root (if I can find the pattern that I have my notes on.....) and my socks. Nothing done yet, but I am hopeful. This weekend promises to be busy, I don't think that there will be much knitting done.

Locally I wanted to remind you that there is a Picknit at the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale on August 9th. I will add a link in the next post. The general idea is you bring a picnic lunch, can shop local vendors, see the textile exhibit and meet up with friends outside for some public knitting. Hopefully we can meet up. Have a great and sunny weekend!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Startitis.... meet Finishitis (a battle for the ages)

So I have come to the conclusion that I need to stop casting on new projects...... it is getting bad. I am unsure if I am procrastinating or just getting bored easily. If I keep this up all my needles will be used and I will have no where to put every thing!! Startitis is sure hard to shake.

Le Sigh......

So I found a few other like minded people on Ravlery, and one has decided to spread her finishitis...... awesome.
Check it out at Yarn on the Side.... her blog should be linked to the title of this post.
I have no idea if I can do this, as you know I have a few weddings this summer, and I have a personal goal of knitting shawls for most if not all of them. This is not good for a begining case of finishitis..... as it means that before I complete the items I have I may have to cast on another shawl. I am still going to try. I posted a comment on her blog, but I think that I missed my purple alpalca socks... here is a pic of a few of the latest new projects....

And a better shot of the new FLower Bud Shawl.

This was the swatch I made to test the pattern

and a couple more just for good measure.... I do have a few more this summer right?!

I think that all the swatch tests were great! I am so glad that I did them, now I can plan shapes and sizes better. This is going to be great!

I am undecided with what to do about the Watery Root, not because I don't want to complete it, but because of the time frame of the shawls. It would be the quickest to the finish line, but I have no idea if the will put me really behind on the shawl or just a little bit...... dang. Thoughts? Suggestions? Hope if you would like to catch finishitis, you can get it from us.
Oh, but here is the finished blue socks.... a bit short, but hey, thats what happens when you test a new yarn.Hope you are having a great weekend and I can't wait to see your fantastic projects. I know that some people don't have issues with too many WIP's.... lucky.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting along with summer.

I am not really a hot weather fan, but I have always loved walking out of a building in the evening to the warm breezes of summer. Just warm enough to be comfortable and yet still refreshing. Thank goodness that BC is not really humid! I hope you are having great weather where you are.

I have triumphed, the blue socks are done! I am now doing some swatching for the next few shawls... pictures to follow in a day or two. I am going to try on the watery root again and hopefully keep knitting away this weekend, so that I can add that to the FO anouncements!
YAY, that would be good. Tonight is fiber night at Knitopia. So good company and tea tonight.

Soak up that summer weather! Let it inspire you!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Update images.

So a quick update on the wonderous knitting that I have been up to LOL.

The Rusted Root is coming along well. I am in the body and I am still on ball two. I am going to have to buy more f this bamboo when my next oppurtunity arrises.( I think that wil be at the Pic-knit August 9 in Surrey) This brand is going along way. I think that the gauge, although correct for the pattern is not the most optimal for the yarn. It means that I will be wearing a cami under the top, but that is okay. I am glad to be getting this littl project father along. I still love this colour.

As promised completed shawl pic..... and a bit of news, I am trying to cast on the next one, and I have pulled the Icarus out again. I need to sit and knit it only, to focous on the charts, and this summer that t may not happen. I will take it up again, but this shawl thing is easier when I can take it to knit night and get some work done on it wherever I am.

It is strawberry season... so this week I picked, jammed and baked! Yummy.

I found out about this Strawberry Bread from Team Knit. Boy is it worth it! It will not last long here! LOL

Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a long weekend....

So I don't get a long weekend. Canada Day is tomorrow..... but today is monday and work must go on (for some of us)

I am supremely happy to report that I completed the shaw on time, but with out blocking..... she loved it! The size was perfect, the colour was perfect and she was trying to find one!!! Squeeee I am a happy knitter... I even got a hug (she is not a hugger)! I hpe to swipe a picture from her and show you later. I will pull up a completed pic for the next post.

Happily that means that I have again been able to work on my Watery Root. I have seperated off the sleeves and am knitting the body. I have decided to be very picky with the shaping, I do want to be able to wear this, it is so soft and lovely.... plus I adore the colour. I must be able to wear this!! LOL So an update with pics the next time.

James' afghan is not progressing, I still am without needles.... I will check at Knitopia on Thursday. The socks are evil and I am planning more shawls for other weddings this summer. Dam. I can't stop. Happy Canada Day. And for those of you south of the border.... Have a Great Fourth of July weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Woe thy name is lace on a deadline.....

Yes indeed.... woe.

I added another ball last night... I picked it up last friday to make sure that I had an extra one "just in case" and it is a totally different dyelot!!!

I didn't see it last night, but in natual light... hoo boy! What a stripe! Do you see it? I bet you do. the part on the right is just a bit more creamy yellow.... V here.

So thankfully I have my final ball from the stash... so I must remove this imposter "bridal white" and return the proper one to it's siblings....

I guess that is my update. I have to have it done tomorrow.... I truly wanted to block it tonight... but if I try that I may not function at work tomorrow!

So here are some details about this shawl. I am using Royal Fashion Crochet cotton bought at my local Zellers (except for the imposter ball) I have a total of 4 balls, and it should be a good length after blocking. This is the same cotton that I have used on the other two bridal shawls that I have knit. It blocks LIKE A DREAM! I kid you not. and it costs about $4.00 a ball. I prefer to use 5 but 4 will have to do. (see I was unsure about the length... le sigh) I am using my basic shawl recipe. Garter stitch border and lace insert. I always base my calculations on the stitch pattern, and go from there. The first time I cast this on it was WAY to wide.

I am using a lace pattern form one of Barbra Walkers' stitch dictionaries A Treasury of Knitting Patterns the stitch is called "Vine Lace", it is a repeat of 9sts plus 4. I cast on 97 that gives me 6 sts on each side for garter stitch border. I knit garter stitch for 12 rows before I began the pattern and I will conclude with 12 rows as well. Without a back up ball I will have to be pretty careful. Hey, who says knitting is without thrill?!!? I think that this is a great stitch pattern.

This is not as easy as I thought though, I picked a 4 row repeat pattern that I thought was simple, and it is. This is not mindless knitting however. This is also not stressful lace knitting. This pattern requires you to be mindful, and yet still allows chatting and a movie or audiobook. but you can't be totally forgetful of what you are knitting. As lace goes, this is an easy pattern. If you have never done lace knitting this may be a nice stitch pattern to try out. (I am thinking of you Janey)

So once that is done I can finish my socks, and the Rusted Root, then I can finally cast on a vest for my honey, and finish the other two shawls!!

LOL I am crazy......
Hope you are having a great week so far. Feel free to leave me a comment and ask questions, I will do my best to answer. I have a hedache... time for tea and reading.....then off to knit with my gals at the coffee shop. Thanks goodness for Tuesdays!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great sunny day!

WWKIP was a great day for being outside and knitting in a park. It was fabulous! New faces, passersby who were intrested and free cookies!! LOL

Sadly I forgot my camera, but a friend had one. Check out our pics at Star Gazer's place.

I knit on a new project that day. A bridal shawl for a co-worker. I think that although I would like this summer to be a "getting ready for winter" knitting time, I am going to be cranking out lace for the four other weddings coming up. Oh well, at least it won't be last minuite. I hope. LOL
This little gem is knitting up super fast though.... that is the great thing. I started it at the KIP and I added the second ball on Sunday. I will be knitting it at Knit nite tonight for sure, I hope to add on the third ball. It may take four or five, depending..... this is a new lace pattern.

I am still knitting the blue bamboo rusted root, but I want to try it on again, before I worry about it fitting again. I am pretty close to the sleeves being done. I will get an update pic.

I am trying to get the blue socks done too. (no they aren't done yet) dam.....

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hello weekend!

So here we are... some update shots on some of my current projects.

Here is the
Rusted Root in a blue Bamboo., I haven't gotten to the end of the first ball yet and this lovely is almost 6" long! I love that, I may have to do some more work with this bamboo... it's silky, drapey, soft, smooth and lovely, and it comes in a great red! See... told you I liked it. I just hope that it holds up okay as a top, I hear around the bloglines that if something is too drapey then it can be not cool for garment shaping over time.

Also here are the socks that I have made for my Mom... in a new wool
Knit Picks Palett, I thought I would like to try it out so I have it for a small project. Not bad, a bit splitty. The heel is done and I want to finish the cuff this weekend.

Last but not least on the project front, my slipper collection... I am using a pair as I type. Knit from Briggs & Little Regal and felted up nicely. I used the
Fiber Trends clog pattern and loved it! The blue ones are also for my Mom. She knows about the slippers, but not the socks a nice suprise.
As you can see I am totally NOT in the proper colour ranget his month for Project Spectrum, but hey I do have an Icarus shaw in white happening... I just want to get a few other things finished so I can have less WIP's. So much to knit, so little time lately. I feel like I have to keep putting stuff on hold because all the knitting time that I get needs to be easy so I don't mess something up. For example, my Embers & Ashes blanket fro my pal James must wait until I get a new pair of addi turbos..... as my pair broke. Dismal, but true. I am using the 12mm size in 120cm, which means that it is a flexible tube of plastic.... and it pulled right out of the metal needle tip as I was shifing stitches to finish a row. Bummer. I will have them into my LYS this week to be replaced, but I have to root through the boxes of unpacked crafty stuff to find the envelope. oh well... the afghan isn't ruined and being stalled is where it's been for the last month at least, so it's used to it.

I am getting some fantastic free yarn tomorrow from a ravelry pal, on her way home to Nanimo. I am super excited... I want to make a CPH out of some of it... I may donate a bit to the Knit in Public day. but I think I am making a tea cozy for sure right away. I do have some other yarny news, but it must remain covert for a little while... you never know who may be reading.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to show off some more progress next week. Have a relaxing Sunday!