Sunday, November 09, 2008

Husband away.... more crafty time!

I am getting some movie and knitting time in with the man away... I have a few more update pics to show you....
but first a esential kitty shot......

Hello out there!! Hi Redd and all other kitties! Hi Static! I rule the yarn!!

Let me see what else do I have for showing off... ah, Endpaper mitts that I just started knitting in a Kal with a good friend, Love the colours! I think that this will be a great project to knit up for my sister and mom too.
The Ocean socks are done!!

I have another charity blanket that I am knitting with the Stitch It podcast group on Ravelry......

This one is called the Barnyard Dance.. it is pretty cute so far and I got a few lovely goodies from Chelsea who sent it to me! Thanks again!!! Now to figure out what the heck I am going to put on it!!
Ah I have the Sea Shawl that I am knitting as a thank you gift for a friend.... Iit is totally her colours, and Feather and fan could not be an easier pattern for me!

I am knitting another pair of slippers for my sister, but I have no camera this weekend so I have to update that for you later. I am going to felt the two pairs at the same time so the other pair is done and waiting felting. That is great to have done, but I really want to give them to her so I really want the other pair done, I knit the first one already today and I plan on having the second done before bed!

I started a new shawl (another friend gift too) but that is not far at all so the pic is not intresting... sorry. Well, obviously it's black and beady, but I haven't even started on the lace part yet! So this is the shot I have!

I am really far into the vest for Hubby but I have to say that I am going to the LYS for advice this week, I am getting close and want to get the shoulders right.... I would hate to have re-knit it this far and then screw up! It is so close to being off the needles that I reall want to get it done, but I am afreaid of improper shaping. Oh well, I will get over it this week and get it done I have a CPH to knit for myself! Maybe the Olive Branch Yoga hoodie too.
The gals that I knit with at the coffee shop and I are going to do a Rogue KAL in the new year after all the holiday knitting is over. I think that it will be a blast. I already have the Rogue kit, so I am set to go and I hate the fact that it is just sitting there... I know thaq we all buy yarns that we intend to use, and sometimes don't get to but I really want to get it made. I think that I will make it a cardigan, I am really using them right now, intrestingly enough the 3 sweaters I have mentioned knitting are all to be cardigans.....
We met and did a mini stash swap at a friends house on Friday night. I went with two bags and came home with one (and half of that was some of the stuff that I went over with). We all kinda decided that if we had had it a few years it was time to re-evaluate! Mostly it was the yarns that I bought when I was a newer knitter and a student... affordable and washable acrylics. Now I can wash with care and be a bit more picky on what I buy. So I passed on my sleeping yarns to friends who are students and have something in mind for the yarn! I think that we are going to do this again in the new year also... I want to get some things made!
So that is my mini update, hope to have some good FO news for you later this week. Hope your weekend was good, and take some time on Tuesday to do a bit of remembering for our war vets.


Aesderina said...

Oh my, that pictures of Simon is too cute!

Endpaper mitts are looking awesome. Absolutely love the colours you chose for yourself. They are perfect!

Kathy said...

Im in love with Simon. WE have 3 beloved felines in our house: Radar, deaf all white, Fiona, and Rosalyn. As in the First Lady !

I get more knitting done when Fireman is on duty for 24 hours, hands down!

Fairisle mitts gorgeous. Shawls, just jealous I am!

Susan said...

Endpaper mitts are going to be great. Love your yarn choices, too!