Sunday, November 23, 2008

Endpaper Mitts.....

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Sooooo dam close....... ah yes I am..

This is fine, I will complete them today and move on to my next crafty endeavor!

I have also completed the baby blanket that is due today, for a shower. It has the Simon seal of approval. LOL So with that done I cast on for another baby blanket, this one has a farther due date howver so I can get my othert hings done.... but it's started so if I need a bit of easy TV knitting then I can pull this out and have some relaxking knitting time.

Othere than that I hae a pitful lack of goodies to show off. ah well... shopping for a bit today and the I think a book, some knitting and tea are in order!! Have a great weekend!


Heather D. said...

The mitts are gorgeous!! Stranded is one area of knitting that I haven't ventured yet. It doesn't really interest me all that much actually, it's think it's just not really "me", so I live vicariously through pretty much everyone else who turns out these beautiful colourwork projects!

Nat Red Knits said...

Your Mitts are turning out great. I like a little play in mine too. I need to be able to move my fingers.

Aesderina said...

Love it!
Both of them:)
End Paper mitts are so gorgeous!

Toni said...

Tag! You're it! Details are at my knitting blog.

Hope married life is truly fabulous! And I am loving those mitts!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Hey Silver,
Can I call on a super-duper favor? Can you post something about this to your blog?
I'm trying to get this charity-project word out. It's simple hand-knit ornaments that I'm trying to make/get enough made for a certain nursing home. I need to do this before Christmas, so you might see my dilemna. It would be amazing if you could help! :)

Thanks a bunch in advance!!!! :)

Ilix said...

Thank youuuuuuu.......(takes a bow)
you should try them!