Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hi there


Hope you are all well.....

Just a quick note to say Hi and to assure you that I really want to continue with my update.

I assumed that I would have more time after this wedding business............ HA!

Busy bee that I am.... but I do have some fantastic and exciting projects on the go to tell you all about. New things, and plans.

Meanwhile, check out my list of Blogs that I read, and see what they have to say. :D

Talk to you soon. Can't wait to see you knitting!

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Kathy said...


THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL Prize gifts that surprised me in the mail today. I Love love love the note cards, the tiny green book!, the tin of incredible stitch markers, crochet hook, or beading hook, the cute cute cute sweing/kit! I ALWAYS need another tape measure. THey hide everywhere inmy house. MAny many thanks. Glad you are back to posting often!