Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wow, I stink this month!!!

No, seriously! What the heck have I been doing?!?!!?
I'm not truly sure! April is shooting past and it's almost done and dash it, if I haven't really finshed anything except for the skirt for instar......
Yes, I knit a skirt for a swap! :D She loved it and is hoping for warmer weather.
In return she sent me the lovely handspun with beads that I posted previously.

I don't actually have a full picture of it.......... I have the shots I took in process, but no FO shot! Dang! I am trying to find the image, but photobucket is being a pain..... oh....there we go. This is basically the lace begining, as you can see. There is about 12cm of ribbing at the top, and 12 cm of straight stocking knit, then I began the lace. As I didn't want to have a fit issue, I crochet a simple loop line on the top of the skirt and gave her three ties... an i-cord in the same cotton, a black ribbon, and I think I added a spool of "cherries" ribbon as well.
I knit it in Eco-fil a 75% cotton, 25% acrylic recycled blend that you can find here in Canada at the WM.
So my Buttony sweater is sitting in my lap, each side has about half a sleeve. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE IT HURTS!!! I will finish it tonight so that I can move on to other sweaters for the KAL. I WILL!
I really want to post some pics for you too........ahhhhhhh finally!
So....... I did some creative painting for a sweater in another swap........ I loved the idea that she loved robots..... so I had some fun!

A detail of the Big guy on the back! All the "white" paint you see is really "glow-in-the-dark" LOL, she said that someone thought she had glue on her sweater at school and tried to pick it off! Yikes!

This is the right sleeve, she is right handed, and a front pocket. I have no idea what is wrong with the bottom of the pic, but oh well! I had fun with it and I think that I may have to make one for me! I like robots too! LOL
Comments? thoughts? Hope the weekend is treating you well!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well it isn't the best post..... and I have no FO's to offer yet.

but I have decided to drop a picture or two to keep up with the fantastic weather that we have been having here in BC.


Thursday, April 19, 2007


So P&J get married this weekend so a big congrats to them! YAY!!!

I have been making a gift for them , so my knitting has suffered! Dang it!
I hope to be posting FO's sometime soon.

OH, and

I promise more info in a few days..... pics too!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pictures anyone?

Some swap fun for ya!
I was the happy recipient of two other packets this week!
I am sucking at getting my projects done, so I am giving you these pics.... hopefully I will have some FO's for you next week. LOL I really want to finish this stuff!
I did get my swap knit item done, and when she has it in her hot little hands I will give you more details..... for now all the packets that I have sent are in the wind (well the post)
They are both from Craftster swaps...... the top is March wishlist swap from superhooker. That stuffie is tall! LOL I think she is great! I should take a pic of where I have her. No name yet..................same for my wee alien. This image below is handspun alpalca lovlieness! From instar and the "Handspun& Handcrafted 2" swap. I made her something fantastic and she spun me these fabulous hanks! The top one is beaded too!!!!!! YAY I can't wait to make a shawl out of it.... she sent the other two as additional shawl details, 500 meters of the stuff total! She rocks... I hope she likes my packet.
I sent out three this week, two in Canada and one to Australia...... that may take some time. dang.
Anyway comments welcome, or whatever.... LOL I should try to knit a bit..... LOL

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Got swap swag!

YAY! I was the happy happy girl who had two swap packet arrive this week!

So after a few very, very tiring days at work...... I got goodies! YAY!!!! LOL

So this first one is a packet from the March Wishlist swap on craftster....... thanks to AsphaltQueen! Sari yarn! eeeeeeeeeeee!!! A great journal, a gong (desk sized), lovely hand made cards and a bag of rings from her wedding that she kindly sent so that I may have them for my wedding if I need them! YAY! Thanks so much..... I already posted in the swap gallery so she knows that I have it! Too great!

And this second one was from last month's swap..... a giraffe on a t-shirt made just for me! She was totally great! SO you see what the giraffe is made of? All the spots are SKULLS!!!!

LOL!!! Such a cool touch! she knew that I liked giraffes and skulls! LOL Thanks Bigmouth!!

April wishlist is in full swing with myself organizing again. So far last month was HUGE but this month is shaping up nicely! Stop by...... check it out......

Thanks for the well wishing.... I was sick all last week, but I went to work cuz I really don't have to worry about passing it on to others. Another benefit of working outside! I have some lovely pictures from this past week and I will share them later. So much sunshine!! Makes things move right along, and work a pleasure! I will have a tan in no time, I better pull out the sunscreen soon.

So my brown sweater had to be put aside for a bit due to a swap project that I have been creating, no sleeves yet, but I am hoping to get that remedied tonight! I am still trying to get some work done on Mariah, as well as plan the next sweaters. I have decided on Sonnet and Sesame for the next two, swatching has commenced but other than that I am sad to say I have nothing to report. This week I have all my swap packets to send out though, so I will have some pics of the finished goodies in those and have time to get back on track on my own projects! I did get some dyeing in this weekend, but I was coughing so hard all night thother night, I barely slept and didn't feel like tacking my other projects this weekend! Oh am I glad to feel better today!

Hope to let you know this week! have a great one, and I hope your long weekend was nice!