Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wow, I stink this month!!!

No, seriously! What the heck have I been doing?!?!!?
I'm not truly sure! April is shooting past and it's almost done and dash it, if I haven't really finshed anything except for the skirt for instar......
Yes, I knit a skirt for a swap! :D She loved it and is hoping for warmer weather.
In return she sent me the lovely handspun with beads that I posted previously.

I don't actually have a full picture of it.......... I have the shots I took in process, but no FO shot! Dang! I am trying to find the image, but photobucket is being a pain..... oh....there we go. This is basically the lace begining, as you can see. There is about 12cm of ribbing at the top, and 12 cm of straight stocking knit, then I began the lace. As I didn't want to have a fit issue, I crochet a simple loop line on the top of the skirt and gave her three ties... an i-cord in the same cotton, a black ribbon, and I think I added a spool of "cherries" ribbon as well.
I knit it in Eco-fil a 75% cotton, 25% acrylic recycled blend that you can find here in Canada at the WM.
So my Buttony sweater is sitting in my lap, each side has about half a sleeve. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE IT HURTS!!! I will finish it tonight so that I can move on to other sweaters for the KAL. I WILL!
I really want to post some pics for you too........ahhhhhhh finally!
So....... I did some creative painting for a sweater in another swap........ I loved the idea that she loved robots..... so I had some fun!

A detail of the Big guy on the back! All the "white" paint you see is really "glow-in-the-dark" LOL, she said that someone thought she had glue on her sweater at school and tried to pick it off! Yikes!

This is the right sleeve, she is right handed, and a front pocket. I have no idea what is wrong with the bottom of the pic, but oh well! I had fun with it and I think that I may have to make one for me! I like robots too! LOL
Comments? thoughts? Hope the weekend is treating you well!


Knittyknitter said...

dang girl, you do soo many swaps! That is awesome!
Finally! I have found someone who shares their enthusiasm for "..."
I thought I was the only person ever to use more than a couple of them in a row per writing/post. lol... you probably think i'm weird now- hee hee.

The sweater looks great! Is the red one the "Sweater of many buttons?"

Ok, on to do my own blogging. I'm debating whether or not to watch one more episode of will & grace to knit a few more rows before officially posting a pic of my new sweater-tee. Raglans always look funky when they are at the point i'm at (a few inches below the armpit).

see ya. :)

Arzu said...

Hi Silver,

Ever since you inspired me to sign up on craftster with your awesome space invaders scarf, you're one of the people on there whose posts I 'recognize', and little did I know you had a blog! (Ok, so maybe I never checked your profile....)

But anyways, how cool is it that you live in Langley!!!! I'm moving there in the fall for grad school. It's nice when you know there are other knitters around. And speaking of knitting, that sweater looks lovely. I hope your swap partner posts more pictures!

Arzu said...

Err....sweater = skirt. Darnit, my brain is on vacation this week :S

Stephanie said...

I love the robot clever girl, you!

Jill said...

The knitted skirt looks great, you should get your partner to take a "finished" picture of it because I want to see!

Jan said...

Love all your crafty bits! You are being very creative this month! Mine has dried up lately, I think I could use some of yours!

Knittyknitter said...

ha ha ha-- you caught me. lol. Yeah, it's the whole "I wish i had time to work on this for hours" feeling mixed with the unconscious impulsion to start new things to act like I have some sort of control over my schedule... something like that. Hee hee.

p.s- i really dont knit that fast. I wish I did. I have to learn how to do continental well, so I can knit like speedy gonzalas.