Sunday, April 08, 2007

Got swap swag!

YAY! I was the happy happy girl who had two swap packet arrive this week!

So after a few very, very tiring days at work...... I got goodies! YAY!!!! LOL

So this first one is a packet from the March Wishlist swap on craftster....... thanks to AsphaltQueen! Sari yarn! eeeeeeeeeeee!!! A great journal, a gong (desk sized), lovely hand made cards and a bag of rings from her wedding that she kindly sent so that I may have them for my wedding if I need them! YAY! Thanks so much..... I already posted in the swap gallery so she knows that I have it! Too great!

And this second one was from last month's swap..... a giraffe on a t-shirt made just for me! She was totally great! SO you see what the giraffe is made of? All the spots are SKULLS!!!!

LOL!!! Such a cool touch! she knew that I liked giraffes and skulls! LOL Thanks Bigmouth!!

April wishlist is in full swing with myself organizing again. So far last month was HUGE but this month is shaping up nicely! Stop by...... check it out......

Thanks for the well wishing.... I was sick all last week, but I went to work cuz I really don't have to worry about passing it on to others. Another benefit of working outside! I have some lovely pictures from this past week and I will share them later. So much sunshine!! Makes things move right along, and work a pleasure! I will have a tan in no time, I better pull out the sunscreen soon.

So my brown sweater had to be put aside for a bit due to a swap project that I have been creating, no sleeves yet, but I am hoping to get that remedied tonight! I am still trying to get some work done on Mariah, as well as plan the next sweaters. I have decided on Sonnet and Sesame for the next two, swatching has commenced but other than that I am sad to say I have nothing to report. This week I have all my swap packets to send out though, so I will have some pics of the finished goodies in those and have time to get back on track on my own projects! I did get some dyeing in this weekend, but I was coughing so hard all night thother night, I barely slept and didn't feel like tacking my other projects this weekend! Oh am I glad to feel better today!

Hope to let you know this week! have a great one, and I hope your long weekend was nice!


Jan said...

I'm glad you finally started feeling better this week. Colds are the worst! I'm impressed you got your swap projects done. I love the fabric she used on your giraffe t-shirt. That would be neat fabric for a quilt of some kind wouldn't it?

erika said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Love the giraffe - and a desk-sized gong? I totally need one of those!