Sunday, October 17, 2010

Now that the whirwind is done....

I can tell you that Yarn Harvest Yarn Crawl was great!
A Blast! Thanks so much to Anna and Catlin for hosting me at Baaad Anna's!

We had a busy and exhausting day. It was great! I bought nothing! How crazy is that!?

Find out more at the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild Blog

On a personal note..... I finished a few things. YAY!

My Old man of Storr, I knit it in Unwind Yarns in Licorice Alsorts so I call it my Treat of Storr. Came out really well and I really like the pattern!
This may seem wild, but the colour is true. I love it! How could I hide it in shoes? The pattern was easy and intuitive, once you got it..... no worries, you could pretty much pick it up and put it down. Fantastic.

I also completed another shawl, this one in Silk Crush by Sweet Georgia. I love the colour, it's called Saltwater! The pattern is Travelling woman, and I used the whole skein. I did make the centre section a bit wide and had to stop before the final lace chart was done (I wouldn't do that again) but, it's cozy and colourful. I wear it out and the Silk Crush is just fabulous.

Finally I am completing some little hats. There is a call out in the Lower Mainland for purple baby hats, so I have made a few, and will continue until the deadline, or my Guild meeting... whichever. LOL
They work up so quick that I have made a few for the little people in my life too.

Oh and the Bitterroot shawl is progressing quite well. The pattern seems daunting, but it's really straightforward. I can get through a chart in a hour or so. That being said, it's more than 300 stitches wide now and the chart I just began is the one where the beads begin too. I am not sure I will be whipping through it so fast now. The other reason or two that it may not be progressing as quick is that I have both made progress on other projects and I am beginning a KAL with some friends for the Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole. It will be so pretty! I am using laceweight malabrigo in Polar Morn. Pictures of that when you can actually see something more than squished up stitches! LOL

Hope that Thanksgiving was good to you all and that your projects progress well! Talk at you soon. Tell me what you think.