Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did somebody say Kitty?

Hello, we interupt your regular knitting schedule to bring you a great disturbance in the knitting force...... the Simon!!!
Seriously, it's hard to keep knitting with him around, I just want to play with him all the time.......
I have to say naming him was hard.... I kept thinking of Chrissy's kitty Redd! He is a gorgeous marmalade guy! I love this little guy to bits although he hasn't really melowed out yet.... but hey he's like two and a half months old! He get's to be easily distracted for a while! LOL
So good progress on the Hunters vest, no pics of that today.... but maybe next post I will share some stagette pics!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well hey there funny seeing you here....

Hello gang! glad to be able to share with you some great images of a FO and a WIP.... YAY!!

This is Simon... our new addition... he is super cute!
First, here is what the Spring Fever Blanket with my complete portion looked like....

And with the goodies for the next knitter...

I belive one of the Stitch It podcast charity blankets has made it's way to another podcast's charity donations. Stash n' Burn has one of the blankets made in the charity knitting for the childrens' ward of the hospital that one of the hosts works at. YAY spread the yarny love!! I really have to ask our resident Chindren's hospital staff member if we knitters can get anything together for her work......

Here is a detail of the completed Flower Bud Shawl... sorry I have no pics of the bride wearing it.. It did not match her dress so I didn't feel right insisting on her wearing it! LOL

And the second begining of the Hunters Vest for my man.

So in other news.. my wedding is coming up... I have no idea how time has crept up on me so ast. I also have a friends wedding the week before mine... wow talk about your jam packed weeks!

Oh and here are the amazing ladies who made my suprise shower so fantastic!

Seriously it was great!