Saturday, May 16, 2009

Long Weekend update!

Happy Victoria Day Long weekend gang! I plan on being productive, since our camping trip fell through. Since my last post was so heavy on the rambling... this one won't be.

So some updated things for you...

A new detail on the Stitch It charity blanket that I have had for WAY TOO LONG

My Neice Arabellas' blanket

made in Linonbrand Homespun... totally washable and care-free, my sister picked it out.

Riely Foremans' blanket

All cotton, all the time.

The Blanket for Sebastian that I have just begun.

Bernat Satin, again mommy colour preference. I think this one is going to look so fantastic, just wait!

Completed Endpaper mitts for my gal-pal.

Knitpicks Pallet wool, totally economical for this type of gift, the brown was leftover from another gift and I only used half the ball of blue!

oh and a pet pic.....or two,


Have a great long weekend if you have one, and if not, enjoy anyway!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Good gracious

My life is busy.

Sorry about that..... I know that you all understand. You too are busy.

I have a few posts in the future that I have notes on, so I will go off that and get some mindless thoughts and some great ideas up. You decide. Happy PS4 Yellow! East!!

I have knitting to update you on, but no pics at the moment..... so I will get to that later.

I was thinking that I would muse about the
Creative Commons Licencing that you and I encounter in our journey through the internet and multipe things published on-line.

I have been listening not only to the posdcast previously listed somewhere on this blog.... but also to pod-books. audiobooks that are written and read by their authors. One that I really enjoyed was
Playing For Keeps by Mur Lafferty. Some in an effort to get into the publishing world (and some have been sucessful you can now order Playing for keeps for your Kindle on amazon), others releasing books that have had their copyright expire.

In the case of the copyright expiration, it's pretty obvious why the books can be offered for free online. No one holds the rights to these books anymore hence sites like
Podiobooks and Librivox. places where you can download classics like Alice in Wonderland or Frankenstein.

Because I appreciate hearing classic books when my hands are busy knitting or driving... whatever, I really appreciate how this sharing of ideas is working. In reading over the site I linked above on Creative Commons... it gives some great ideas. We are a race with so much shared culture in this electronic age, many people know as much about other cultures as they do about their own.... Japan, Africa, India are all being explored and explained for those who would not be able to go there and observe a culture. Also on that train of thought people can accept and adopt other cultural viewpoints on religion, art, and any number of other ideas. Now this is just a rough sketch of my thoughts splayed out over the screen, as many of you know...... so hope you have time to check it out and think about how great sharing can be.

It doesn't always mean that the artist has their idea taken away, it can mean that they choose to share it. In the knitting community and many artistic areas the sharing of ideas is fluid, and really not even thought about.... having a great brainstorming session with peers, classmates, or the buddies you have coffee/a beer with can be refreshing and even enlightening.
I love that about being part of a community, that has a great idea and shows the world.
Thanks to all the great designers of free knitting patterns, who help to inspire the rest of us and all they want is to see the FO!

Let me know what you think about my rambling.... have a great Friday!