Saturday, February 20, 2010

The knitting continues.... again

Olympic excitement is in my life.... my knitting is going great.  This is what I began with ....

and here is where I am now.....

Two mittens! I have ends to weave in on the one I just finished... which is all inside out to show off the crazy ends. I also have thumbs to put on them. That may be a challenging or lots of fun, but I don't know yet.

Hope all your knitting is going well.... I am off to weave in ends and keep this momentum up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympics 2010

Well, they are here. I thought the opening ceremonies went well!
Things around town are getting intresting.

This is the banner that is up around Surrey, where I work. As you can see, the blue and green theme that is going across the events is all around us!

Here is my Ravolympics cast on. I have finished the cuff, but it's going to get complicated. Fun fun.
We were at a friends house watching the opening was fun and funny. We heckled, we clapped and laughed. What a great time. I was so glad that they used multiple people to light the final torch.
I am super proud to have the olympic here, so I have to get out around the town and get some more pictures to share some of the intresting things that are going on here. Happy knitting and good luck to your countries' teams.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Knitting cotinues.

Well, I have completed three baby blankets in the last two weeks for showers that my sister is going to. I think I may take a break, but I still have some things left unfinished like a sweater or two and some socks that i do want to get some use out of.

The olympics are almost here and I plan on getting some info and pics to share up here. Can't wait to see what is up. The torch is coming throught the area tomorrow, and there is a big celebration and concerts just down the street from my work on Friday for the opening ceremonies. Should be neat. Now to convince my lovely husband that we should check it out! LOL So much to do! yay! I am excited!

Sorry to make this short and sweet, and lamely without pictures, but I have to get off to sleep and work tomorrow. I also have to put the final touches on the baby blanket in my lap. Have a grea night, and good times doing whatever you are up to.
Later guys!