Monday, February 11, 2013


How did I get here?
I should be knitting... or tidying the mess I made trying to get things in order around here.
But, since I'm here and your here.....

I finished my Steampunk Cowl. Yes I did. It's soaking...... a better, more complete photo next time.
I used some very brassy beads on Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca Lace in the lovely blue here.

Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing! Thanks for Family Day Christy Clark, we really are enjoying it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

What I worked on today!

Here is what I worked on today.... just a quick overview of the items I am trying to get finished up. All of these are UFO's....

Meaning I have had them going for a while. The Socks don't have a Ravelry project page, as I am always knitting socks..... and it seems pointless, but I was thinking of making  a "Socks 2013" project as a catchall.

So the small green object is a sweater I call Green Magic. I love the yarn, and I have a bit to say about the pattern, the Prospero Hoodie, but I will post about that later. The blue is a second Jeweled Cowl that I was persuaded the other night to not rip out as my preferences about bead weight may not be those of others that would love to own one. Of course, as I mentioned ..... socks. Both are the second of a pair. Honest.
More posts to come! Thanks for stopping by comments and questions are always welcome!

Saturday, February 02, 2013


I was very inspired by the shirt painting that I did for a gift, mentioned in a previous post.

I decided to keep it up, and painted one for myself too.

The black paint you see is the previously mentioned glitter paint. This is by Martha Stewart's craft line. The paint container says it's good for wood, metal, glass and fabric. Wow...... impressive stuff.
So this is a test you might say as I have plans for future projects that will need a nice fabric paint.
I bet you're wondering if it worked.... well I painted it and tossed it into the dryer a few times. Then I wore it and then I washed it.