Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knit on!

Fantastic week... very rainy but knitting has happened. That is a good thing!
My knitting is moving forward, and I keep adding to my pile. Startisis? I am not sure.... I am not just adding random things. I am knitting small gifts and finishing projects that I have had sitting as I mentiond in my last post. I plan on having more progress on my projects this week too. I am looking forward to completing gifts for family and friends, so much that I keep casting on these gifts.  Here is a neck cowl, only missing the buttons.

So I don't seem to have other images of the projects on the go. I think I shared them all last post. I will tke more for the next update.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A good fall weekend

Hello... I just keep wondering how it got to be the middle of November! So much to do and only so many hours to do it in. I am very certian that I am not alone in this! LOL

I have been considering a few things lately and I think that I will be giving myself a personal challenge this December. I have been pretty slothly on the 100 Ball challenge so you you may wonder why I would consider a new challenge. Not that I haven't been knitting for that challenge. I never seem to record it. I try to wait until a project is finished before I actually add it to my tally and several big projects like my
CPH sweater and a baby blanket are progressing a bit slowly, so I have a really low count so far. It is a bit discouraging. I think that I will take this challenge on again in 2010, but with a modification on my record keeping. Stickers or something in my daytimer I think... not really sure yet. Any way the challenge I am going to set for myself this December includes all aspects of my crafting. I have to say that I kinda keep thinking about Toni's method of working through a project that she has on the go until her WIP's are gone. She bagged them, and pulls a new one out each month. Congrats Toni on being 4 project away from your goal!!

So I took my own steps..

Say hello to my WIP's bin. All kinds of things from knitting to embroidery. Looks pretty packed huh.. but it isn't really. Some things are a bit bulky, like the extra dog bed I am making. My December goals will include working through this bin. Now... I am not excluding working on new projects in December, and gift knitting will be happening as well. I just don't want them hiding in my wardrobe, or some corner of my room.. until I totally forget that I ever started them. I want to work on them. I spend my money on crafting supplies, and sometimes I never get around to the project. I want to make sure that I am making use of, and creating the thing that I have been inspire to, not to wast money on a project I will never get around to. So working through my stash of WIP's is going to help with that. I do want them done by the end of december... and if I start now, maybe that will happen.

Some knitting I am currently working on is the Magic Yarn ball project. It's a bit akward. I gotta admit, I unrolled the ball and got all the goodies out....... because the stuff kept getting caught and snagging me mid-stitch! MMMM chocolate.

I am knitting an Yvaine but I have no idea how much yarn it's going to take up. Luckily there are two skeins of the Araucania... so I can choose later. So far I really like the look of it! Seems simple doesn't it... but there is some garter and some stocking sts in there too.

So that is in the works, which I think will be ideal work knitting... easy to put down and pickup.

I also started a Minimalist Cardigan and a new pair of Endpaper Mitts. The cardigan is for me... I am knitting the body in one piece, back and forth... as I have totally relised my seaming dislike! LOL Next sweater... maybe back to steeking! The mitts are a gift. I see myself making a few more pairs again this year for those who didn't get them last year. At leas it's fast. I am rocking on mitt number two and I have really only been working on them a couple of nights this week... good progress. Having the pair done by tonight or tomorrow would be great!

Oh and I did a bit more dyeing. With koolaid. The picture really isn't exciting. I am knitting a gift with that so I will update you when there is progress. I did get up to one thing yesterday morning that I totally reccomend, Pumpkin Muffins. The recipe is from the Stitch It podcast blog. I did not add the fruit or nuts... I may try next time, but I usually don't like that in my muffins. I also did not make the glaze...... but the muffins were yummy! Funny thing though.... in Canada Pumpkin comes in 14 oz. or 19oz........ oh well. no 150z can for me! Happy weekend everyone, and bake something yummy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Time of Remembrance

Remembrance Day, to Canadains

Vetrans Day, to Americans

Armistice Day, to UK folk

A time for remembrance......
Lest we forget.