Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello there... back again.

Well, with the wedding over, I actually have time for things again.... like knitting, sleeping and blogging... LOL

I hope you are all well and I can say that the wedding was fantastic! I have great friends and family who made it a breeze! Thank you guys!

I don't have any pics of the wedding to share, but you can find one of me wearing a beautiful hand knit shawl on Star Gazer's blog. I know what it is like to knit lace on a deadline. It is an amazing gift. Thank you so much again. It kept me warm all day!

As I said I have had a bit of time to actually work on things.... so I have some FO's and a few new projects going to show you.

My sister's birthday was a few days after the wedding, so I didn't have time to do her gift justice. I am knitting her some Fiber Trends felted clogs... she liked my mother's so much! I have decided to knit her two pairs, but here is the first pair almost done. I am using Patons Wool this time.... I understand how it felts better than the B&L

I finished off a pair of socks from that fantastic purple and grey alpalca blend. They are toasty, and I have enought to make a second pair for sure. You can see Simon in the corner terrorizing my socks....

Since I finished off one pair of socks, I started another............. and then found out it's socktober!! Good think I have been knitting some socks. I hope that I can get this pair done too and cast on a third.... who knows. Sometimes socks just fly! Here are the Ocean Socks. Using another handyed from my LYS owner.

I have been working on completing the GIANT ball of cotton. I am pleased to say that it is almost done!

I am to the point in the vest for the DH that I am going to get the arm holes begun. I am glad that this is turning out to be a quick knit, and I am trying to keep going while it still is intresting. You know how guys can be. I am lucky it's a dual colour yarn! There really is no stitch pattern. But I do like how it is knitting up alot, and so now I am considering the Cobblestone, or the Big Thaw for the next DH project.... heck I may knit him both.

I have to get a sweater done for me first! LOL That is next to cast on I hope.... with time on my side now, I have to do my Thank You cards... and then I can have another flurry of Startitis! I can feel it coming on! Hope I can get this other stuff finished up soon. Othe news about a few more projects oming soon.... update time! Can't wait to see what you have. Go and visit Star Gazer and praise her fantastic, loving, little self! Hope the fall is treating you right!

Oops gotta go the cat ran away with some yarn!