Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a great idea!

Hey there gang... I am so happy that it is cooler here in the Lower mainland! Summer is great but heat is not my thing! Don't get me wrong, I love the sunny days, I just enjoy the cooler days too!
So I am happy to also report that I am making good progress on the baby kimono, I don't know if this pattern is the best way to do this, but hey.... gotta try things out. I am using way more yarn than the pattern sggested, and as you may know that is a bit of a concern. I don't feel like the size of the kimono is extrordinary so I don't think that I am making the "amazing humongous baby jacket" I promise to update on if that happens or not.
I was also making great headway on a purple blanket that I was knitting, and then I ran out of a yarn.... but a friend of mine is going to be saving my ass from having to buy more yarn! This is going to be a gift blanket, and it knits up so quick... as I am using huge needles and double stranding the yarns. A great baby or child blanket. Honestly it is a great blanket, and I have made several for gifts, they have several great things going for them..... washable, cushy, and warm. Double stranding means that I use up more of my stash in less time!
My plan for stash busting, is going okay. The last couple of months I have felt that I have not made as much progress as i wanted to. Som months were really slow! I have a few projects that I am knitting in pieces so I don't finish a ball as I finish a piece..... so I am making progress on my projects but not knocking down my stash. Oh well I am keeping up with my goal for knitting my stash down.
Now that 2009 is half through (yikes!) I am going to count all yarn used. purchased recently or not. I will start that next month. I don't think that it will have much bearing on my tally, as I am still planning on knitting from Stash primarily. the link in the title and the image at the top.
I have been listening to some new podcasts, and the KIPing It Real podcast is a new one for me.
(more on new podcasts in another post)
Anyway the host mentioned an intresting project that she had hear of. The 3-50 Project is basically an idea for supporting the local Brick-and-mortar stores in your local area. You budget 50 dollars each month and split it between three local shops that you would HATE to loose in this economy. Thereby supporting the locals but not breaking your monthly budget! I encourage you to pop by and check it out. I have already tried to begin this idea, but I wasn't supporting three stores..... just my LYS. :D Let me know what you think.. I would be intrested.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying to keep up...

but the world is going so fast!!!!


So here I am again with cute animal pictures!

I have several things to babble about, but I have no idea if I will hit you with it all at once. I am having a mini vacation this weekend. I am off four days in a row. We were camping this weekend already, but there was much rain so we came home this morning instead of tomorrow morning.... well that is sometimes how it goes!

We do camp in a lovely area.


Pretty. Aside from the sad state of the dead pine trees due to the pine beetle infestation here in BC. This area is about 2 and a half hours north from home here in Langley. The spike buck you see in the upper photo thought we were pretty intresting to look at, he visited every day! LOL Even the dog didn't bother him.

Okay enough of that. I have completed the Crimson and Coccoa baby Blanket. Thank goodness! I am seriously falling out of love with this blanket style, but I have to admit they look great and don't take too much time. I think the verrigated yarns are the best to use though, they keep your interest longer. When I finally got to the border, I felt very put upon! lol but I wanted to finish it off so I can get it in the mail soon.

Speaking of mail... I have several packets to get out. Sorry guys, I suck and I have a small amount of play money at the moment. The will be gone before the next month. I apoligize profusley, and you know why!

I am working on a Baby Kimono for my niece at the moment as well as the Central Park Hoodie, Hunters Vest and the other straggler projects! The Kimono pattern is one I have never knit, so it has been intresting so far. I think the pattern is very clear and so far so good.. seperation for the fronts and back is mere centimeters away.

I think that I will be re-starting the blanket for my pal James. I don't know where I am in the thing, and I think that is what is keeping me from completing that paticular project. oh well.

I am feeling a bit of Startitis coming on... two shawls are calling to me. That may be bad! LOL oh well, gotta knit for myself a bit this year! I plan on using the rest of tonight and a bit of tomorrow to get ahead on the CPH I think, and maybe cast on a new shawl! :D

I am a bit tired so I will leave you with that update. Hope you are all well and more productive than I!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Getting things done!

No really!!

I steeked the Hunters vest and I have knit on one arm band, and the second is on it's way.... Yes I cut my knitting up the centre too, and if I had remembered to bring my camera to Splynk's house, I would have pictures, but we did the steeking together and that made it better!

Thanks Splynk! More chips and alcohol next time.

I am almost done the red and brown blanket for a baby cousin.

The CPH is moving along well, I am back to working on the right fromt, after frogging back to the ribbing... I forgot to change needle sizes! The back and the left front are done already.
Plus I am totally shipping stuff off to a couple of people and I will update with pics later, before they leave!

This is just a quick update! hope you are well!