Friday, August 31, 2007

It's done!!

There she is! Another bridal shawl complete! Thank goodness!
No seriously! I finished the shawl! here is a few images for your parusal, I hope to update tomorrow with pictures of the bride wearing it! LOL Soooo, above is laid out to block this morning.

Down here is a detail of the pattern while blocking! I think it turned out quite well if I do say so myself! LOL So thanks fo looking and I hope to have another image for you tomorrow! It's a zig zag vine pattern. I will give the full details together next post! Gotta go!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yay closer to done!!

Here is an update of the shawl I think I will be adding two more balls of cotton on and then finito!!

I promise to give you that info as soon as I get it, and if the bride decides to wear it, a picture of that too!

I am super excited to try some new things, and I will keep you updated to all the knitting and crafting things too!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lacy little number

Here is a nice sight. The begining of a project........

Thought I would give a close up of the lace shawl from the other day, it is making it's way done, so hopefully FO or action shots soon!

I am looking at making similar shawls with different lace " filler". I am actually also going to try several fiber types too...... I picked up a Merino in laceweight from the LYS for the shawl in October. They also carry Fiddle Sticks silk/merino blend..... mmmmmmmmm.

The hemp that I am trying to get my hands on will be available soon, so I need to get cracking!

OH!! I also started something that a few others have mentioned on their blogs...... holiday gifts.

Yes, I started knitting and making holiday gifts. I ran out of time last year to knit all the lovely things I wanted for all the people I wanted! To knit scarves for my family, I have to have 15 done. That is immediate family. No, seriously. So I thought a bit of proactivity would be in order. I am usually a procrastonator, but lately I have learned a valuable life lesson about that....... it really isn't good for me. So I will be trying to deal with those things that I really don't want to tackle as fast as I can. I don't want to have myself backed into a wall again!
So that means cleaning, taking UFO's into that FO stage or frogging them, handmade presents, and stashbusting....... as well as taxes, paperwork and getting my own buisness up and running.
I will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello out there!

So, what a crazy summer! How fast it has gone!! I thought that I would get way more done! I have lofty aspirations I guess............ so I have to stop worring about the projects I haven't finished or started! LOL

Here are a few of the mitered squares that I have been trying to stashbust with! I have made so many baby blankets I have tons of leftover baby yarn. So I have to do something with it, and this is my solution.... LOL

This is what I have been trying to concentrate on lately!

The shawl! One wedding was yesterday so I totally missed that deadline, but I will make her one to have this fall... something in a trendy colour. This one will be done soon though, I have been working on it, and this update photo isn't up-to-date! oops!
So I have another wedding coming up on September 1 and I think this will do nicely.
The next one is in October after this one, which gives me another month. I am using a cotton crochet thread for this. Size 3 "Royal" in Bridal White...... I pick it up at the WM or Zellers. I was really wanting to use something that my LYS carried so I popped in ther and asked, but I really don't want them to be "fuzzy". By that I mean that little hairy halo that some fibers give off, it gets on clothing, and I don't want to cause issues with tuxedos! So this cotton is great, but all the laceweight that my LYS ( Knitopia btw) is fantastic merino, or silk wool blends........... sooo lovely, but not fuzz-free.
The great thing is that LYS sells hemp for knitting! But they have just moved recently and don't have it they are pulling it out for me in a week or two. I will let you know! It's the same hemp that is in the new pattern in the summer Knitty check it out!!
If they have a few colours I think I may make one of them too!
So much for stashBUSTING!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thereis life here!!!

So....................... I am fine!

I realize that if you have been popping by there have been no new posts for ages!!
Sorry about that!

Had a few "life events" happen, people engaged, a birthday, planning a stagett, moving my sibling, and sadly a death.
These have kept me exhausted and away from my computer.....
So I will be posting more knitting content in a day or so! I am knitting frantically on a shaw for a wedding next weekend! I was really hoping to have three done, but last weekend I couldn't move my arm!!! It was the worst ever! IT HURT TO KNIT!!!!!
I was ver unproductive while I tried to heal, and I ended up playing pokemon pearl on my DS because I could place it on a flat surface and use my left hand! LOL
Well, I am on the mend..... so I am knitting a bit, but I don't think three shawls will be possible.... but you never know! I do have some progress pics, so I can post those in a bit... it's nice and lacy like the last shawl I knit for a wedding. I like the way it is turning out! Simple cotton though, I didn't want it to be to "hairy" and leave fiber allover whatever it touches.... that isn't the greatest! I have two more weddings in the next two months, and at the very least I will be trying to get a shawl for the brides done. The extra ones will have to wait!

I did get some amazing, and fun news this week! My favorite knitting store moved.... right down the street!!!!! YAYY now I can spend amazing amounts of money on yarn and not have to drive really far..........oh, wait.... is that good? *le sigh*


So folks I hope that your summer thus fr has been fun and enjoyable, and that it continues to be so! Looking forward to reading your blogs!